Review Blitz: On the Edge by Julia Connors ~ 5 stars

Release Date: May 18

A steamy second-chance romance set in the world of competitive skiing…

Once upon a time I had it all: an Olympic gold medal, a career as a professional ski racer, and a happily ever after so close I could almost touch it. Then my perfect life imploded in one tragic weekend. 
Five years later I’ve rebuilt my life with the best girlfriends, the perfect new boyfriend, and a new career. Now my ex—the one who wrecked everything five years earlier—is back as the newest member of the National Ski Team and I’m forced to be his physical therapist. 
My days are filled with him. He’s constantly shirtless and sweaty and sexy as sin, and trying to make me fall in love with him again. 
But I built these walls around my heart for a reason—and his presence is threatening to undo everything I’ve created without him. With the stakes this high and the sexual tension this hot, this could all go so very wrong. 
Or, maybe we’re on the edge of getting everything we ever wanted.

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“Without love, there’s little purpose to life.”

Jackson has spent the last 5 years getting over her ex, Nate. He left her when she needed him most, breaking every single promise he’d made to her. When she finds out that she has to work with him as he trains to race on the National Ski Team, she is livid. She’s sure she’s moved on, but whenever he’s near, her body and heart become traitorous. When she finds out that things didn’t go down the way she thought they had, will she make the necessary moves to ensure their HEA? Her heart says they belong together, but her mind has other ideas.

Nate knows he did Jackson wrong when he left her 5 years ago, but he’s hoping that this time around, they have a fighting chance to right all the wrongs that happened in the past. But has he left things too long? Will his past and his budding career work against him, too?

This second chance romance was moving. A slow-burn that burned just the right amount with a healthy dose of push-and-pull, pain and angst, it was a pretty good read.

“I promised you a long time ago that even though you weren’t my first, you’d be my last.”

I really liked the cast of characters introduced here, and I definitely look forward to more from Julia Connors.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Julia Connors

Julia Connors grew up on the warm and sunny West Coast, but her first decision as an adult was to trade her flip-flops for snow boots and move to Boston. 

She’s been enjoying everything that New England has to offer for over two decades, and now that she’s acclimated to the snowy winters and finally found all the places to get good sushi and tacos, she has zero regrets. 


You can usually find her in front of her computer, but when she stops writing she’s most likely to be found outdoors, preferably with a pair of skis or snowshoes strapped to her feet in winter, or on a paddleboard in the summer. 


To learn more about Julia Connors and her books, please visit here


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Release Blitz: Stone Cold by Winter Renshaw ~ 5 stars



From #1 Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Winter Renshaw comes a scorching hot forbidden romance …
The most humiliating moment of my life begins with an early morning message from my ex’s notoriously heartless best friend.
In no way does this mean my opinion of you has changed.
I’m reaching out because sometime in the middle of last night you tagged yourself in Jude and Stassi’s engagement photo.
I don’t care if you were drunk or it was unintentional. I suggest you remove it immediately since the wedding is in two months (which I’m sure you know since you were clearly FB stalking them). The damage is done, but no reason to make things more awkward.
You’re welcome.
I waste no time removing my accidental tag before the sharp-tongued novelist in me fires off a response to the man who harbored extreme and inexplicable hatred of me during the three years I dated his best friend in college.
Only I didn’t expect him to respond.
And nothing could have prepared me for what he would say …
… or for all the ways this gorgeous villain with cruel icy blues would become the biggest plot twist my life had ever known.


The Hannaford Supermarket is packed on this Friday afternoon. I imagine we’re all doing the same thing; ditching work a couple of hours early, grabbing some dinner items, and heading home to kick off our weekend. I wonder if this is what Paul meant when he told me there’s no such thing as a unique experience.

I tuck a six pack of Heineken beneath my arm and head for the meat counter to grab a porterhouse and half a pound of stuffed mushrooms.

“I mean, what would you feed a dog if you had one?” A pony-tailed blonde in neon blue yoga pants asks a pimple-faced butcher.

“I don’t have a dog, ma’am,” he says, his Adam’s apple bobbing.

“But if you did though,” she says.

“I’d probably feed him kibble, ma’am.” His eyes shift toward the long line forming behind her.

“I guess I’ll just take two sirloins,” she says. “The eight ounce, not the five.”

The young man wraps the steak in brown paper for her before sealing it with a sticker.

“Anything else?” he asks.

“That’ll be all, thank you,” she says before taking the package, turning on her heel—and walking right into me. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there.”

In her defense, I was probably standing a little too closer, but the little old lady behind me kept inching closer to me, which made me inch closer to her and it became a big circle jerk of inching.

“Jesus,” I mutter under my breath when our eyes catch.

I’d know those Pacific ocean blues anywhere, the ones so effervescent they almost make me forget it’s been about a week and a half since I ignored her last message.

“Jovie,” I say.

“Stone?” She squints, as if she doesn’t believe her eyes. Then again, I imagine I look slightly different than I did five years ago. Shorter hair. More muscles. Dressier clothes. Bigger big dick energy …

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

The little old lady behind me clears her throat, and I motion for her to go around me.

“I’m watching my neighbor’s dog and he’s refusing to eat. I think he’s depressed. I thought maybe if I got him a steak …” she shrugs. “What are you doing here? I thought you were in Baltimore?”

She remembered …

Our senior year in college, I was accepted into the University of Maryland School of Law that upcoming fall.

“Yeah,” I say. “I was offered a position up here from one of my law professors who was opening a practice here.”

Her lips inch into a wistful yet friendly smile. I’m sure it’s strange seeing me here—of all people. Or maybe she’s looking at me but thinking about Jude. It’s hard to tell. I imagine seeing me all these years later rustles up some old memories she wasn’t prepared to think about at the grocery store on a Friday afternoon.

The last time I hung out with Jovie was before the ill-fated Tulum trip. We were sitting around eating burnt frozen pizza from the campus convenience mart and downing cheap beer. And if that weren’t enough, Jovie forced us to play some God-awful card game where we had to shout certain phrases and clap and make fools of ourselves, but by the end of the night I was drunk enough to actually enjoy it.

The last thing I remember before passing out on the living room couch that evening was Jovie covering me with a blanket before adjusting my pillow so I wouldn’t have a kink in my neck.

I mumbled something to her about not being half bad.

She replied with a coy, “Yeah, I know.”

Everything turned black after that.

Who’d have ever thought that would’ve been the last time we’d hang out, the three of us?

Certainly not me.

I doubt Jude did either.

“You know, I’m still waiting for you to reply to that last message,” she winks and crinkles her nose. “You left me on a cliffhanger.”

“I didn’t feel like answering it.” And it’s the truth.

“That’s your prerogative, I guess.”

I’ll admit, I debated sending her another clever deflection last week, but then I got busy with work and decided it was best just to leave it alone. Besides, some things are better left unsaid.

“You know Jude lives here too,” I say, leaving out any mention of Stassi because it goes without saying.

She lifts her brows. “Okay …”

“You haven’t run into him yet?” I swear he’s never home. Stassi’s always got him running to this festival or that concert or this new restaurant.

She shakes her head, her ponytail flicking over her shoulders.

“I’ve only been here about a year,” she says. “I moved here with my ex … and I guess I haven’t gotten around to leaving yet.”

My chest tightens at the idea of Jovie being with someone new, some faceless pencil dick who probably doesn’t deserve her. From the second time we met, I knew she could never be mine. But even after Jude left her, I never once stopped to picture her with someone new. No need to torture myself.

We linger in silence for a beat, as if neither of us wants to go, yet there’s nothing more to be said.

Her full mouth curls at the sides, flanked by two perfect dimples as she stares up at me through a fringe of curled lashes. I’ve known far too many people who let themselves go after college. The stress of a corporate gig, a robust travel schedule, and a social life that revolves around drinking on the weekends tends to do that to a person. But Jovie looks even more beautiful than she did the night I first saw her.

There’s a calmness about her, as if these last several years in the real world have given her the kind of education she couldn’t get from a four-year institution.

Jovie waves her package of steaks. “I should probably get home and feed Domino.”

“Right.” I rake my hand along my jaw, taking her in for what very well might be the last time.

“It was nice seeing you though.”

Most of the time, when people say that, they never mean it.

“You too,” I say.

She walks away, turning back once more. “You should really think about answering my question …”

“Not a chance.”

She laughs before spinning on her heel and heading to the front of the store to check out.

A moment later, I realize I’m standing there wearing a dopey grin. I’m sure I look like a damn lunatic.

I wipe the expression off my face, get back in line, and order my filet mignon.

Years ago, I used to wonder what would be worse: Jude and Jovie getting married and me having to spend the rest of my life watching my best friend live happily ever after with her? Or Jude sending Jovie packing and me never having to see her again.

It never occurred to me that there could ever be anything in between.

Now I know.

Only I don’t know how I feel about it.

None of these scenarios end with me getting the girl.


This book pulled me in and wrapped me up in it pages.

This forbidden, ex’s best friend romance will surprise you with not only its plot, but its sweetness. The flashbacks, the tension and conclusion make for amazing reading.

You will alternately groan at the what-could-have-beens and cheer while Stone & Jovie navigate the newness of their relationship. I definitely recommend this read!

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author Winter Renshaw is a bona fide daydream believer. She lives somewhere in the middle of the USA and can rarely be seen without her trusty Mead notebook and ultra portable laptop. When she’s not writing, she’s living the American dream with her husband, three kids, and the laziest puggle this side of the Mississippi.
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Release Blitz: Killer Moves by Tawna Fenske ~ 5 stars

He’s a hacker. A high-tech hitman. And now…a daddy?

When Matteo skips prison with a clean record, his conscience is anything but. Guilt hits him like a sack of marbles when he spots the woman he jilted. The clincher? A child who looks like him.

Renee’s son may have Matteo’s eyes, but she won’t say who fathered AJ. She’s also mum on what sent her into hiding or why guys with guns are after her. But when Matteo blocks an attack, he persuades Renee to appoint him their protector.

Keeping them safe means faking they’re a normal family road tripping with s’mores and snuggles and possibly a sniper rifle. Toss in a potty-training toddler and temptation from the woman he still craves, and it’s officially Matteo’s toughest mission.

But with danger nipping their heels, the only way to save his family may be to leave their lives for good.


I enjoyed this book, and am more eager for the next in the series.

Matteo has just been released from jail after being framed by a dirty police officer. Though he’s been accustomed to hunting bad guys and doing not-so-nice things in the name of justice, he’s now at a crossroads in his life where he must decide what he should do next with his life. But when he meets up with his sisters, he’s surprised to find the one woman he never forgot – and her son who resembles him. Matteo soon finds himself protecting his new family and falling in love again.

I just loved this romance. In-between all the action, Matteo, AJ & Renee’s insta-family unit had me swooning. Matteo knew he had done Renee wrong and made sure she knew how sorry he was. I liked that Renee was strong, but knew when to ask for help.

Though this can absolutely be read as a standalone, I recommend that the series be read in order, so you get a good idea of the sequence of events, as well as the recurring characters.

I recommend Killer Moves unreservedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

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Release Blitz: A Rival’s Kiss by Maya Hughes ~ 5 stars

A Rival’s Kiss by Maya Hughes is now live!


Walking away would be the smartest decision, but no one’s ever accused me of being smart. Cold, determined, brutal, but never smart. 

Willa’s mine from the moment I rescue her. I protect her from a brawling crowd and she stares up at me like I’m her prince charming. No one’s ever looked at me like that. No one has ever dared to come that close. 

I didn’t know she was the little sister of one of my biggest rivals. Her brother and I have both drawn blood on the field, dislocated joints, broken bones, but I’ll never want to show her that side of me. 

I long to be the man she believes I am, but there’s only one way I know how to win—how to survive—and that’s ensuring my enemies lose. 

Once he finds out who his sister has been dating it’ll be all-out war, and I might lose the only woman who’s ever looked at me like I’m not built only for destruction. 

Changing my ways won’t be easy, but I’m willing to risk it all for her.

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This is a moving, heartfelt story.

Ezra has worked hard to get where he is. He’s faced a lot of obstacles, but his end goal is to play professional football. And he’s so close; he just has to focus. But when he saves a girl from a nasty fall, he finds himself falling into a different kind of trouble: love. Willa feels suffocated under her family’s protectiveness. But with Ezra, she feels a freedom she’s only dreamed of having. If only Ezra could see himself the way she sees him.

Ezra is the kind of tortured hero that you can’t help but love. I fell for him almost immediately. My heart broke many times for him, but Maya Hughes did a great job putting it back together for me. Willa was perfect for Ezra. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better partner for him. Even with her own insecurities, she was able to light up his life. I really enjoyed their story. Their connection was simply electric.

I recommend this read wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Maya Hughes

Maya Hughes, that’s me!, can often be found sneaking in another chapter while hiding in the bathroom from her kids! 🙂 I’m a romance writer who loves taking inspiration from everyday life, namely my husband and biggest fan. Inspiration also strikes when I hear a song, meet someone new or daydream while at soccer practice.

I love writing stories that capture the possibilities of the paths less travelled and enjoy experiencing life through my characters’ eyes.

I’m the mom of three little ones, the wife to an amazing husband and also work full time. Some of my favorite things are cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, white wine, laughing until I can’t breathe, traveling with my family and Jeff Goldblum.

Connect with Maya
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Review Tour: Ten Trends to Seduce Your BestFriend by Penny Reid ~ 5 stars

Title: Ten Trends to Seduce Your Bestfriend
Author: Penny Reid
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Release Date: April 12, 2022
Winnifred Gobaldi and Byron Visser are not best friends.
Yes, they’ve known each other for years, but they’re not even friendly. Winnie considers them more like casual, distant acquaintances who find each other barely tolerable, especially when he’s being condescending (which is all the time).
The truth is, they have nothing in common. She’s a public school science teacher with stars in her eyes, and he’s a pretentious, joyless double PhD turned world-famous bestselling fiction author. She loves sharing her passion for promulgating women in STEM careers and building community via social media, and he eschews all socialization, virtual or otherwise. She’s looking for a side hustle to help pay down a mountain of student debt, and his financial portfolio is the stuff of fiduciary wet dreams. So why are they faking a #bestfriend relationship for millions of online spectators?
When a simple case of tit-for-tat trends between nonfriends leads to a wholly unexpected kind of pretend, nothing is simple. Sometimes, it takes a public audience to reveal the truth of private feelings, and rarely—very rarely—you should believe what you see online.
Ten Trends to Seduce Your Bestfriend is a full-length, complete standalone, adult contemporary romantic comedy.


This book will surprise you. It was nothing like I thought it would be, but it surpassed every expectation I had. This is a really interesting, captivating read. Byron & Winnie were a couple I enjoyed reading about.

Winnie is a sweet soul. A full-time schoolteacher, she uses social media to introduce young persons to science. She gets offered an opportunity to extend her reach and increase her income, but is told that her follower count is too low to meet the initial application criteria. Her best friend suggests using TikTok challenges with a romantic undertone to spice things up. Despite the whole ‘fakeness’ of it, Winnie agrees. Her original partner flakes at the last minute, and her practise video with Byron – the man she considers most irritating and infuriating – gets posted accidentally. With no choice but to continue the charade with Byron, she braces herself to tolerate his company. Surprisingly, she finds herself not having to pretend to have a good time with him as the two begin spending more time together.

“This feels like fiction.” His stare was absorbed, a little frantic, like I might disappear if he blinked. “This feels like something I’ve conjured from my imagination.”

“Because I surprised you?”

“No.” He pulled in a shaky breath, his eyelashes flickering. “Because it’s perfect.”

It is impossible not to fall for Byron, even though the story is told mostly through Winnie’s POV. We do hear Byron’s side – albeit briefly – but he shines throughout the book. His personality is layered and a bit complicated, but his loyalty, devotion and consideration for Winnie made me love him harder. This slow-burn enemies-to-lovers is one I wholeheartedly & unreservedly recommend. Please don’t be intimidated by the page count. You will love it, and like me, probably be smiling long after you read ‘The End’.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

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Penny Reid is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Selling Author of the Winston Brothers, Knitting in the City, Rugby, and Hypothesis series. She used to spend her days writing federal grant proposals as a biomedical researcher, but now she just writes books. She’s also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja.

Release Blitz: Call it Fate by M.E. Montgomery ~ 4.5 stars

Call it Fate by M.E. Montgomery is now live!

Call it Fate is a small town, second chance romance novel set in author M.E. Montgomery’s all new Sterling Mill Series!
Living her life by color-coded lists has gotten Emalee through the past six years. With the support of her small family, she’s raised her young son while bringing her ancestral bed-and-breakfast back to its original beauty and into modern times. She’s comfortable with her role until an unexpected—but familiar—grumpy, green-eyed guest walks into her inn during a late snowstorm. But the weather outside isn’t the storm she needs to be worried about; it’s confessing the secret she’s been keeping for six years.
Temporarily working in a small town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains was hardly how Zach intended to demonstrate he was the best applicant for a coveted internship. But if it proved his loyalty to his boss, he would do it better than anyone, then hurry back home for bigger and better things. He could have never imagined what was waiting for him in Sterling Mill, Tennessee: a parrot for a mayor? Thieving raccoons? Ridiculous, sure, but none of those compared to finding his old girlfriend and the green-eyed secret she’d kept from him.
Painful revelations. Renewed passion. If only there weren’t new circumstances destined to separate them again, they might Call It Fate.

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Emalee has just gotten to the place in her life where she believes things have finally evened out. Her business is thriving, and she doesn’t have to worry about most of the things she worried about 6 years ago… Until the man she spent what she considered the best night of her life with turns up as a guest in her bed-and-breakfast. Suddenly, she’s worried all over again, because she has secrets.

Zach has carried great resentment over the past years where Emalee is concerned. Never expecting to see her again, he is shocked when he finds her and the son he knew nothing about. Initially only caring about furthering his career prospects, he now has a new passion that includes making sure that Emalee and Iain are his family forever.

This tale was a very enjoyable read for me. The story was great; well-written with loveable characters and a plot that was engaging. Full of small-town goodness, this is a book I unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend. You will love it!

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

CIF - PR Teaser

Meet M.E. Montgomery

M.E. Montgomery can’t remember a time she hasn’t had at least one book on the go to read. After years of falling headfirst into the lives and loves of other author’s characters, M.E. decided to write her own. She enjoys creating the kind of realistic storybook friends you wish you could actually meet, and sometimes she finds herself wondering what those characters are up to once she’s delivered their happily ever after.

She’s married to her best friend and has four children and two Boxer dogs. They live wherever the Navy sends her husband, usually the East coast of the U.S., but also once in Japan.

​Whenever she’s not writing or substitute teaching, she often ponders the riddle of how the kitchen sink appears to automatically refill with dirty dishes as soon as her back is turned. On the occasions it stays empty, you can find her with a glass of wine or Scotch outside at their fireplace or curled up inside with a book, binge watching TV, or chatting with readers.

Connect with M.E.
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Release Blitz: The Savage by Daniela Romero ~ 4.5 stars

The Savage by Daniela Romero is now live!

USA Today bestselling author Daniela Romero delivers a steamy new adult romance about a fútbol bad boy and the broken girl he’s determined to love

I wasn’t supposed to fall for him.
I officially cut boys out of my life.
They’re untrustworthy, vicious, and cruel.
So, if you told me this past summer that PacNorth University’s notorious bad boy was going to become my dark knight, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I’m not the same reckless, carefree girl I was three months ago.
That girl was naïve.
That girl was stupid.
That girl was destroyed.

I learned my lessons the hard way.
I’m still picking up the pieces of the girl I was before.
And, I know better than to fall for a sinful smile on a pretty face.
So I never should have given him so much as a second glance.

Gabriel Herrera can’t be my anything.
Only, he tells me I’m his everything.
But putting my trust in the boy with questionable intentions is the kind of devastation I may not survive.
What am I supposed to do?

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This is a gripping story that I found difficult to put down.

“Nothing about living life is easy. It’s hard and messy…”

Cecelia Russo is fighting to stay invisible in a world where the truth doesn’t matter enough. Afraid to be completely honest with anyone herself or her parents, she is barely surviving; time and days pass in a fog. But when Gabriel Herrera begins paying her attention, her world suddenly wakes up. But is it a good or bad thing?

This book, as warned by the author, has a few triggers. Both Cecelia & Gabriel have their demons – Cecelia’s are just more apparent to the reader. Their struggle against them is uphill most days. I wanted to reach into the book so many times just to offer Cecelia & Gabriel hugs. The book ends on a cliffhanger – which I didn’t know until I started the book itself – so we are left waiting on the further development of Cecelia & Gabriel’s journey.

I will say this, though: I recommend the read. Interspersed throughout all the pain and heartache is a story on how friendship and unconditional love can be the light needed in someone’s dark world. I am looking forward to the sequel, while hoping everyone gets what they truly deserve.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Daniela Romero

Daniela Romero is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling Mexican-American author. She writes contemporary romance as Daniela Romero and urban fantasy and paranormal romance as Danielle Annett.
Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she grew up surrounded with vibrant and diverse cultures that she actively weaves into her stories. Her books are known for being angsty, intense, and emotional reads, with swoon-worthy HEAs.
She graduated from Eastern Washington University and now makes her home in Spokane, WA with her husband, their three children, and three rambunctious dogs.
You can learn more about her and her books by visiting

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#ReleaseTour: Love to Hate You by Whitley Cox ~ #5stars

Title: Love to Hate You
Author: Whitley Cox
Genre: enemies to lovers, marriage of convenience, best friend’s brother, road trip, forced proximity, romantic comedy, high heat, erotic romance
Release Date: March 12, 2022
She needs arm candy, he needs her insurance, but first, they need to drive across the country without killing each other.
Since the first day of kindergarten, I have hated Alexandra Hartford.
And twenty-something years later that hasn’t changed.
But she has.
She’s still a tomboy with a chip on her shoulder, but now she’s a hot tomboy with a chip on her tattooed shoulder who can fight like a badass.
I’d still rather have a bath with fire ants than spend ten days in a car with her, but she has something I need.
Once the deal is done, we can go our separate ways.
That is … if I want to.
Eli Evans is my nemesis.
He blames me for his sister’s death, our parents’ divorces, and probably global warming, too.
Why on Earth would I help him?
Because he’s as easy on the eyes as he is the bane of my existence and I need a hot date to a wedding in San Diego.
Can we drive across the country without me leaving him at a truck stop somewhere? I doubt it.
But, I’m willing to try.
Ten days in a car, a wedding, and a marriage of convenience, then I’m done with him forever.
“An irresistible blend of emotion, angst, drama, heat, heart and humor was super enjoyable and made this book a true delight to read.”
– Gladys (Goodreads Review)
“There was certainly some emotional moments in Love to Hate You and a few times where I was on the edge of my seat whilst reading. This book is a little gem and one I thoroughly enjoyed.”
– Erin Lewis (Goodreads Review)
“Their story is intense and poignant at times but it also has a lighter side to it as well. The authors words draw you into a storyline that holds hard and fast to your heart. Love to Hate You is an exceptional love story.”
– Kylee (Goodreads Review)
“The sexy times between them are nothing to sneeze at either: hot, steamy, sensual and drool-worthy. This book made me laugh one moment and cry the next.”
– Silke (Goodreads Review)

The sound of the curtain in her changing room being pulled open echoed into my changing room, so I made sure my dick wasn’t visible, then pulled back my own curtain. 

Jamie was zipping up Alexandra’s dress—the royal blue bandage strapless one—but she whipped around to face me when Jamie was finished. 

Her eyes widened, pupils dilated, nostrils flared. It was a primal reaction that I would have to be an idiot to miss. 

I had a primal reaction of my own—in my pants. 

“Holy fuck,” I breathed. 

She glanced away, but the smile that lifted one side of her mouth was dead sexy. 

“You’re getting that one,” I said. 

She smoothed her hands down the sides, turned on one foot, and glanced at herself in the mirror. “Yeah, I like it, too.”

“You can’t wear those two together, though,” Jamie said. “The blues are too close in color, but not close enough. If you know what I mean?”

Alexandra and I nodded. 

“He should just wear a dress shirt and maybe dark gray pants when you wear that dress.”

“I have dark gray pants in the room,” I said, hooking a thumb toward my changing room and a stack of pants on the bench.

I stepped out and away from my room to get a better look at myself in the mirror outside the changing rooms. “What do you think?”

“I think it’s a perfect fit,” Jamie said. “Doesn’t even look like you’ll need tailoring.”

Alexandra nodded. “Looks good.” I caught her checking out my ass and grinned, but when she saw me see her, her eyes whipped up to the ceiling as if a flock of geese had just flown overhead. 

“You guys got any brown wingtips?” I asked, focusing my gaze on Jamie. 

He nodded. “Sure do. Size?”

I glanced back at Alexandra and smiled as I said, “Thirteen.” 

I did not miss the flare of her eyes or the way they drifted down to the front of my pants. 

“Eyes up here, lady,” I said, catching her gaze back in the mirror. 

Startled, she ditched the surprised look and went with a glare before returning to her changing room and dramatically pulling the curtain closed again. 

“What is the dynamic of your relationship?” Jamie asked, glancing back and forth between me and the closed changing room curtain. 

“She’s my fiancée,” I said chipperly. “But she’d rather not be.”

This was a pretty great read, with characters that I couldn’t help but like because their feelings were so relatable.

Eli & Alex have known each other since childhood but have never gotten along. And as their teens progressed, their childhood rivalry grew into hatred. And as adults, their relationship hasn’t improved, but Eli needs a huge favour, and Alex needs him as a date to a wedding she absolutely must attend. A marriage of convenience seems like a small price to pay for both parties to get what they want.

I truly enjoyed this read. Whitley Cox did a great job. Many moments, I was able to sense the pain, frustration, confusion and wonder felt by both main characters as they tried to reconcile their past opinions of each other with the person they were getting to know in the present. As a lover of enemies-to-lovers romances, I must say that this one is a very good, very well-written one.

“No, our origin story was not a fairy tale, but it was our story, and it was magical in its own way.”

I was totally wrapped up in this read. You’ll love Alex’s strong yet vulnerable vibe, and like how much Eli is willing to work to atone for all the hurt he’s caused. With a great couple with sizzling chemistry, lots of emotional depth and character development, I recommend Love to Hate You.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

A Canadian West Coast baby born and raised, Whitley is married to her high school sweetheart, and together they have two beautiful daughters and a fluffy dog. She spends her days making food that gets thrown on the floor, vacuuming Cheerios out from under the couch and making sure that the dog food doesn’t end up in the air conditioner. But when nap time comes, and it’s not quite wine o’clock, Whitley sits down, avoids the pile of laundry on the couch, and writes.
A lover of all things decadent; wine, cheese, chocolate and spicy erotic romance, Whitley brings the humorous side of sex, the ridiculous side of relationships and the suspense of everyday life into her stories. With single dads, firefighters, Navy SEALs, mommy wars, body issues, threesomes, bondage and role-playing, Whitley’s books have all the funny and fabulously filthy words you could hope for.

Release Blitz: Second Chance Scandal by M. Robinson ~ 5 stars

Release Date: February 22


From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes a second chance sports romance.


 Blackmail isn’t the most romantic way to propose, but with the history between us … I had no choice. 


Long story short–I broke her heart and pushed her away. Years later we reconnected, and this time she walked away. 


Neither of us knew she was pregnant.


So when we had a second chance to be a real family, I led her to believe our marriage was fake— that one football season by my side was the only way to prevent another scandal for my career. 


We were a publicist’s dream. I was football god and she was a world famous romance author. 


The world would fall in love with our story…


But the truth was… 


I was never letting them go.


Grab Your Copy Here!


This is my first M. Robinson read – Jax isn’t the only person going around getting ‘firsts’ lol! Verdict: I LOVED IT!

“After all these years.
All the memories.
I didn’t know…
She was my endgame.”

Jax & Sophie were a couple that shouldn’t have been together, but they couldn’t stay away from each other. Since their teens, when they tried to fight the connection between them, the intense chemistry between them made it impossible for them stay apart forever.

Jax & Sophie ate up every second of my free time; I started reading late yesterday and found it difficult to put down. Their emotions; the tension and angst had me on the proverbial edge of my seat.

I absolutely loved Jax. He was seductive, infuriating, and charming, complete with just the right amount of dirty talk. He knew he had messed up once, and he wanted to ensure that he did all that he could the second time around to win Sophie back, even if it meant losing his privacy.

“I’m going to make you love me again.”

From the very start, I admired Sophie’s strength of character. Like Jax, she had faults, but I understood her reasons. And though she put up a front, you could see right through it; she loved Jax. Her insecurities were a large part of what stood in her way.

“I don’t trust you not to hurt me again.”

I recommend this book wholeheartedly & unreservedly. M. Robinson takes you on a journey that entertains as well as almost certainly seems to reveal certain parts of her own personal story.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.
Meet M. Robinson

M. Robinson is the Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author crowned as the “Queen of Angst” by readers around the world.

Dive into her visionary world that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and leave you wanting more.
She writes everything from contemporary to suspense romance and is best known for her novel, El Diablo.
When M isn’t in the cave writing her next epic love story, you will find her shopping and living on a boat in Florida with her real life pirate, her lobster, her husband Bossman. Sipping on Starbucks and hanging out with their two dogs, a German shepherd mix and a gordito Wheaten Terrier reading a good book. Or spending time with her family, who she is extremely close with.

Above all, M loves her readers more than anything and loves to connect with them! She is on all social media platforms but you will find her in her happy place the most. Her VIP Reader Group on Facebook or her second favorite happy place, Instagram.


Connect with M. Robinson
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube Channel  
Reader Group | TikTok


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Blog Tour: Overdrive by Denise Wells ~ 4 stars


by Denise Wells
Publication Date: February 17, 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Get your copy: Amazon

How do you send a fake relationship into overdrive?
Turn it into something real.
With your best friend’s ex.
Who hates you.

My life is about risk – racing cars for a living. So, a fake girlfriend should have been no more dangerous than anything else.

It was supposed to be temporary, just a few fake meet-ups, nothing too serious.
A small white lie to help fix my so-called “bad” reputation.

Who would have thought I’d want more than a few dates?
Not me.

Or that the girl who was supposed to be my fake something would turn into my very real everything?
Also not me.

The question is, do I let her believe it’s all still pretend?

Or tell her how I feel and wait to see what happens?

Overdrive FB 1


Jace has racked up many indiscretions lately, and needs a quick, believable image rehab. The idea to choose his PR agent as his fake girlfriend seems excellent, but their fake show soon has real feelings. Can he trust these new, unfamiliar feelings?

Charlie is suckered into being Jace’s fake girlfriend. Disbelieving of his ability to keep up the ruse, she is pleasantly surprised when the Jace she gets seems completely different from the man she thought she always knew. Can this bad boy leopard change his spots?

I really, really liked Jace & Charlie – Jace especially. The book was funny and sweet, with just a bit of drama. I would have liked for some resolution for Charlie career-wise, but otherwise, it was a great read that I absolutely recommend.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Overdrive FB5

About the Author

Denise has been reading since before she could talk. And to this day, escaping into a book is her go-to activity before anything else.

She likes to write about sassy women and semi-flawed alpha-esque men (hard on the outside and just a little soft on the inside.) Denise’s female characters always have strong friendships, potty mouths, and like to drink—a lot.

Denise is loyal to a fault, a bit too sarcastic, blindingly optimistic, and pretty freakin’ happy with life overall. If she couldn’t be a writer, she’d be a singer in a classic rock band. Right after she learned to carry a tune. She has more purses than days in the month, an obsession with colored ink pens, and a slightly unhealthy bracelet habit.

Home is in the Pacific Northwest where she lives with five Siberian Huskies and a husband (BW) who has the patience and tolerance of a saint. And, lest she forget, Denise also lives with too many to count characters inside her head, who will eventually have their stories told.

For more about Denise visit her website at:

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Blog Tour: The Mastermind by Dylan Allen ~ 5 stars

This time he’s playing for keeps.

The Mastermind, a standalone novella set in the Rivers Wilde World from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Dylan Allen and 1,001 Dark Nights is now available!

He lives under a golden spotlight.
I’m shackled to a past that must stay hidden.

Omar Solomon is the king of the comeback.
Ten years ago his career as a star athlete ended in injury and scandal.
He may have traded in his cleats for Gucci loafers, but he’s been as victorious in the boardroom as he was on the pitch.

He returns to London, wealthy, influential, and powerful beyond measure.
And he spends every weekend in the pub where I work.
A law student with a night job and a dark past,
I’m hardly the type of woman a man like him would notice.

Or so I thought.

When he offers me a no-strings-attached affair,
I forget all the reasons I should say no.
He’s straight out of my dreams—
with a body and a mouth made for sinning.

Our passion turns my gray existence into a vibrant, colorful life.
But it has an expiration date.

When his time in London is over, we will be, too.
And it will be for the best.
Because he can never find out who I really am.

But my Mastermind has set his sights on a new goal: me.
And this time he’s playing for keeps.

**Every 1,001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Grab your copy today!
Exclusively on Amazon
Amazon Worldwide:


Dylan Allen has been on my TBR list for some time, but this blurb of this novella really caught my attention. It hinted at intrigue and I was hooked.

“Staying alive and living aren’t the same thing, and I’ve only ever been able to do one at a time.”

Jules has been beaten down in life, and she’s always trying to claw herself out of the depressing hole of her life. Working multiple jobs to assuage her guilt and keep her demons at bay, she is blindsided by the attraction and depth of feeling she develops for Omar, former world famous athlete. Though she originally thought they’d be temporary, her heart has already decided that Omar will stay in it permanently. When her past comes knocking, though, their new relationship will be put to the test.

Omar is a hero you love almost immediately. He’s drawn to Jules in a way he’s never been drawn to a woman before.

“…the beauty that first caught my notice has become the secondary driver of my attraction and respect for her.”

Confused and hurt with family issues, he finds peace in Jules, and seeks to become hers, too. But when the woman he’s falling for suddenly begins keeping secrets, he’s worried that he’s been taken for a fool all over again.

I loved this read. It was romantic, with bits of suspense and lots of twists and turns – but pretty inspiring. It was longer than I expected a novella to be, but it was a satisfying read. At the end, I found myself wishing for more of Jules & Omar. I very much enjoyed the author’s references to calypso/soca music; I felt seen!

I recommend this read wholeheartedly and unreservedly. Jules & Omar will wow you.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


He cuts through the crowd of people in glamorous garb, crystal cut tumblers or fragile flutes in their wildly gesticulating hands. Yet they seem to move just as he wants them to so that he doesn’t need to turn sideways to accommodate his broad shoulders or taper his remarkably long strides.
Long strides that are bringing him straight toward me.
I barely have time to spin around before he’s right behind me.
“Scotch on the rocks,” he tells the bartender when he slides onto the empty barstool next to me. I disguise my gasp as a cough, place a hand on the bar to steady myself, and stare straight ahead.
The young man nods and grabs a glass. “We’ve got Macallan 18 for the masses, but I’ve got a bottle of Craigelachhie that might be more to your taste.”
“I don’t really care, whichever,” he responds in a voice that’s not rude but doesn’t match the adoration in the server’s. Undeterred, the young man leans forward across the bar and lowers his voice to a loud whisper. “I know you’ve been gone a while, but I’m still a huge fan, Mastermind. Can I snap a selfie?”
To my surprise, Omar doesn’t rebuff the bartender. “Only if you promise you won’t post it for a bit. No one knows I’m in London yet, and I’d like to keep it that way for just a few more weeks.”
I watched an interview from very early on in his career when he was asked about his dislike of public availabilities.
He explained that he understood it was part of the job. So he did it. “I play for the love of the game, and if I had my way, I wouldn’t do any interviews at all. I don’t even know why you want to interview me. I say everything I need to out on that pitch. I get it. I had sports heroes, too. But when they fall off the pedestals you put them on, you swoop in and eat them alive.”
That interview would prove prescient when he left Chelsea years later. The press tore him to shreds for sitting out an entire season, leaving as soon as he became a free agent and basically abandoning London, his fans, and his team.
He still doesn’t talk to the press regularly, but he doesn’t leave their accusations unanswered. He became his own press secretary and posted videos on social media pushing back on false headlines. And when they lost interest, he started sharing his private pictures. And sued newspapers that used his images without his permission.
I watch the exchange between him and the bartender out of the corner of my eye and am giddy that the wickedly sweet dimple is as deep as I’d imagined. And God, I want to lick it. One day, my pretty.
This has to be a sign. He’s so far out of my league, I shouldn’t be able to see him. And at the pub, I wouldn’t dare approach him.
But here I am, close enough to see and touch. And I look good tonight. I’m glad I took special care to send my most fashionable friend off.
The bustier I invested in makes my otherwise unimpressively small breasts look their very best in the very low neckline of my scarlet red minidress. It’s hugging every inch of a body that even CrossFit and a vegan diet couldn’t kill the curves on.
The lighting in this ballroom sets off the healthy glow of my bare legs, shoulders, décolletage, and back that is courtesy of my homemade sugar scrub. It leaves me smelling like a tropical garden at midnight.
Liquid courage and my heels give me height and confidence that override my nerves, and I shoot my shot.
“Do you want to dance?” I ask loudly so there’s no way he won’t hear me.
Those wolf eyes slant down to look at me, unblinking, the smile he’d given the bartender long gone. There’s no flicker of recognition, but there’s no mistaking the interest as he stares at me. He’s never done more than look past me at the pub, so I don’t know why I’m disappointed that he doesn’t recognize me.
“Excuse me? I didn’t hear you,” he says when he finally speaks. His voice. It’s deep, smooth—no gravel but a lot of bass. And is there anything sexier than an American accent? I smile as widely as I can manage, the punters at the Effra call it my traffic stopping smile. Then I break my golden rule and repeat myself. “Would you like to dance?”
He doesn’t return my smile, and when he turns to look at the dance floor, that scowl reappears. “I don’t dance,” he comments without looking back at me.
I follow his gaze. “Childhood trauma on the dance floor?” I ask with a teasing grin.
His lips tug up a little, but he doesn’t smile. “No. General observation. People look ridiculous when they dance.”
I can’t deny that. But I shake my head in disagreement. “They’re having fun, not putting on a show.”
He shrugs. “That’s not my idea of fun. Like I said, I don’t dance.” He reaches into his jacket pocket, pulls out his phone, and glances at it. He gives me a quick, stiff smile. “I’m sorry, but I have to take this call.” He doesn’t sound sorry at all and doesn’t wait for me to respond before he walks off.
“Ouch,” the bartender drawls, and I want to glare at him and tell him I didn’t ask for his feedback. But he’s so right I can’t be mad.
“I know,” I groan.
“For what it’s worth, if I wasn’t working I wouldn’t have said no.” He grins, and I wish I was attracted to him instead of Omar.
I smile gratefully and take the refill he hands me. But a few sips of it while swaying by myself to a song I’ve never heard before only makes me feel worse.
I put my glass on the tray of a passing server and head to the coat check to collect my things.

About Dylan Allen
Dylan Allen is a Texas girl with a serious case of wanderlust.
A self-proclaimed happily ever junkie, she loves creating stories where her characters chase their own happy endings.
When she isn’t writing or reading, eating or cooking, she and her family are planning their next adventure.

Connect with Dylan
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Release Blitz: The Mastermind by Dylan Allen

He’s the man of her dreams.
But their love has an expiration date.

The Mastermind, a swoon-worthy standalone novella set in the Rivers Wilde World from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Dylan Allen and 1,001 Dark Nights is now available!

He lives under a golden spotlight.
I’m shackled to a past that must stay hidden.

Omar Solomon is the king of the comeback.
Ten years ago his career as a star athlete ended in injury and scandal.
He may have traded in his cleats for Gucci loafers, but he’s been as victorious in the boardroom as he was on the pitch.

He returns to London, wealthy, influential, and powerful beyond measure.
And he spends every weekend in the pub where I work.
A law student with a night job and a dark past,
I’m hardly the type of woman a man like him would notice.

Or so I thought.

When he offers me a no-strings-attached affair,
I forget all the reasons I should say no.
He’s straight out of my dreams—
with a body and a mouth made for sinning.

Our passion turns my gray existence into a vibrant, colorful life.
But it has an expiration date.

When his time in London is over, we will be, too.
And it will be for the best.
Because he can never find out who I really am.

But my Mastermind has set his sights on a new goal: me.
And this time he’s playing for keeps.

**Every 1,001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Grab your copy today!
Exclusively on Amazon

Amazon Worldwide:

About Dylan Allen
Dylan Allen is a Texas girl with a serious case of wanderlust.
A self-proclaimed happily ever junkie, she loves creating stories where her characters chase their own happy endings.
When she isn’t writing or reading, eating or cooking, she and her family are planning their next adventure.

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Release Blitz: Friends with Benefactors by Willow Aster & Laura Pavlov ~ 5 stars

A hot, wealthy playboy. His sexy, down-to-earth best friend. What could possibly go wrong if they kiss?


Having grown up the baby sister to four brothers and with a dude for a best friend, I know how to read men like the back of my hand.

But when I have a sexy make-out session with Beckham, my best friend, all my intuition about men goes out the window.

We never thought we would cross that line, but omg those lips, his scent, his taste–it’s all I can think about … seriously, he could bend me like Beckham, and I would so let him.

So when he offers a solution to my sexual drought with S-E-X, I have to consider it.



Penelope has always been every guy’s fantasy–sexy, witty, and smart as hell. Let me also mention she’s my best friend, and because of that, I vowed to never, EVER go there with her … meaning I will keep my hands and lips and other body parts to myself at all times when it comes to Penelope Layne Taylor.

But lines become blurred when we kiss and it’s the best thing I’ve ever experienced.




And now all I want is Penelope to be more than my best friend.

She’s unsure we can do this, be friends with benefits … but I am here to prove her wrong.

Game on, Penelope Taylor.

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Worldwide:



Beckham & Penelope have been best friends since Kindergarten. They’ve been close in a way that almost defies logic. Beck can depend on Pen, and vice versa. But one kiss blurs the lines so remarkably that the pair are suddenly afraid to trust that their new feelings could be a step in the right direction.

Pen & Beck are both afraid that their friendship is all they can ever have. Deep down, Beck has always loved Pen as more than a best friend, but his model of love and family makes him nervous of finding true and real happiness with Penelope. Penelope is unsure whether waiting for Beck to figure out his feelings is a good idea, but knows that losing him as both a friend and lover would hurt her immeasurably.

This is my first book in the series, and I had so much fun reading it. The Taylor family seems so awesome and fun to be around. I liked the dynamic between Pen & her brothers, as well as Beck’s relationship with them. Everyone around Pen & Beck think they work well together… except them lol.

I really enjoyed this book, and have added the rest of the series to my TBR!

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Willow Aster is a USA Today Bestselling author and lover of anything book-related. She lives in St. Paul, MN with her husband, kids, and rescue dog.

Connect with Willow





Facebook Group:






Laura Pavlov writes sweet and sexy contemporary romance that will make you both laugh and cry. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, mom to two awesome almost-grown kids, and dog-whisperer to one temperamental yorkie and one wild bernedoodle. Laura resides in Las Vegas where she is living her own happily ever after. Be sure to sign up for updates on new releases. Laura loves to hear from readers!

Connect with Laura





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Release Blitz: The Bad Wedding Date by Vicki James ~ 5 stars


The Bad Wedding Date by Vicki James

Cover Design: Lou Stock of LJ Designs

Promotions: Bare Naked Words


A stand-alone fake-date romance—available now. Part of Kindle Unlimited.

#thebadweddingdate #vickijames #contemporaryromance #barenakedwords

“Vicki James has always been a must-read author for me. Her books are addictive, I’ve binge read each one, and I can’t get enough.”

– NYT Bestselling Author Natasha Preston

Add to TBR ➤

Things you need to know:

🥂 Mysterious Man

🥂 Fake Date Deal

🥂 Secrets & Lies

🥂 London High Society

🥂 Revenge & Punishment

🥂 Undeniable Chemistry

🥂 Heat, Angst, & Real Romance


Having to attend my sister’s wedding with a pretend boyfriend had been bad enough, but when that fake date left me stranded an hour before the ceremony, I thought my life was over. No one wore disappointment as poorly as my mother, and I’d already given her a thousand reasons to wish I’d never been born.

Which was why, when a random stranger sat beside me at the bus stop, wearing a crisp suit and a winning smile as though God himself had heard my woeful prayers, I wasted no time in making a rushed deal with the devil:
A night of his time in exchange for money I didn’t have.

It sounded so simple. It sounded easy… if only cash had been what Fraser Scott wanted at the end of the night. A man like him, with his intense grey eyes, hard muscles, and obvious charm didn’t need his wallet filling. He didn’t need anything I was willing to offer freely.

By the time it was all over, what Fraser demanded, in fact, was me…

And it turned out that Fraser wasn’t the kind of man who walked away from a deal without coming out on top.


This is a story that I absolutely adored.

“Some experiences had to be treated like a dream – a well-played trick of the mind that once made you feel alive when really you were fast asleep.”

Fraser & Charlotte’s romance could have easily been a regular fake-relationship-turned-real trope that had a cute ending, but Vicki James made The Bad Wedding Date so much more than a title, bigger than the book’s description, and into a story that made reading it an immense joy.

Charlotte meets Fraser serendipitously, it seems, as she is stood up by her fake date to her sister’s wedding. With Fraser surprising her at every turn, Charlotte must decide whether this new version of herself she is whenever he’s around is one she wants to keep forever, or if her time is supposed to be only a short, sweet memory.

“I promise to be the best mistake you’ve ever made.”

I loved Fraser. He’s all protector on the outside but sweet and considerate on the inside. His tug of war with himself was all the more endearing, since I could tell he only wanted the best for Charlotte. Meeting her has allowed him to focus on something else: truly living life.

“Sometimes, in the middle of chaos lies beauty. Charlotte happened to be mine.”

I liked Charlotte’s quiet, understated and underestimated strength. Unlike the rest of her family, she truly is a good person, with a stubborn sort of determination to be different no matter what it costs. Yet, she is a bit lost. Fraser gives her the confidence to accept herself and find freedom in that acceptance.

This book will shock and enrage you, but still amaze you. I give Vicki James kudos for a book that was very hard to put down; it was thrilling, full of twists and turns, with just that edge of darkness. And underneath it all, sweet and passionate. I recommend it unreservedly and wholeheartedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


Meet the Author

Vicki James is a pseudonym for Victoria L. James, taking her stories from heavy angst to heavy romance and bad boys you can’t help but fall in love with. She is, however, one and the same person so feel free to follow her on any of her platforms, be it Vicki James or Victoria L. James. Most importantly, enjoy the stories she tells, no matter what name she releases under.
Stalk Vicki
Insta: @Victoria_LJames

Release Blitz: Doctor Mistake by J. Saman ~ 5 stars

Doctor Mistake by J. Saman is now live!

He’s my best friend’s older brother. My boss. And now my new roommate…

In the hospital, death always comes in threes. Apparently, so do mistakes.  Mistake number one? My fiancé, who I just learned is cheating on me. So much for being the strong, in control doctor who’s always on top of her game…  
Mistake number two? Knocking on the wrong door.
The door I thought still belonged to my best friend now belongs to his older brother, my obnoxious, overly cocky, gorgeous-as-sin attending physician, Carter Fritz.
The billionaire playboy gives me a place to stay, and a shoulder to cry on. But when he makes me feel seen for the first time in I don’t even know how long, I tell myself I don’t regret what was easily the hottest, most earth-shattering night of my life.
That is until mistake number three comes along…and I’m staring down at a stick with two pink lines.
Having a baby at this stage of my residency could cost me everything I’ve worked so hard to build.
But Carter? He’s undeterred. He doesn’t just want more; he wants it ALL.
Including me.
But what happens if following my heart turns out to be my biggest mistake of all?

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


Dr Mistake - PR Teaser 1


I discovered J. Saman last year, and she’s one author I’ve resolved to keep reading this year. She has a way with words and emotions, that even when the setting is chaotic it makes you feel the depth of feeling she’s trying to convey.

Grace & her attending physician, Carter, have history – she’s best friends with his brother, and have known each other since they were children. Carter has been able to do an unbiased job evaluating her residency for the past year. However, when her engagement ends suddenly, Carter suddenly finds it hard to keep hiding his feelings for her. But Grace doesn’t trust easily, and her insecurities present Carter with an uphill battle.

“There is no one else for me but you.”

I enjoyed this read. I thought I loved Oliver & Amelia, but Carter & Grace have my heart right now. Carter is afraid that Grace would reject him because his feelings are too much, while Grace fears that she isn’t worthy of unconditional love. I loved the way he pursued her, as well as the unconventional methods to get her attention. When Grace finally stopped running, she had absolutely no doubt that Carter did love her.

“My heart doesn’t beat without yours beside it.”

I recommend this read unreservedly and wholeheartedly. It’s sweet, warm, oh so hot and full of secondary characters that have you excited to see where this series will go.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet J. Saman

J. Saman is a USA Today bestselling author who is addicted to Diet Coke, sour candy, and indie rock. She swears way too much (especially after a glass of wine) and has a penchant for sarcasm (or so her husband and children like to tell her).

She’s an admitted lover of second chance romances, love triangles, and the perfect amount of angst. She is best known for writing contemporary romance filled with smart, strong women, and sexy alphas who have a softer side–especially for their women.

Connect with J.
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Release Blitz: The Worst Guy by Kate Canterbary ~ 4.5 stars

The Worst Guy by Kate Canterbary is now live!

Eight weeks of forced proximity is a long time to hate someone you’re trying not to love.

Sebastian Stremmel doesn’t need another headache. He has enough of his own without Sara Shapiro, the noisy new reconstructive surgeon, stomping all around his surgical wing with her chippy, chirpy cheerfulness.

But Sebastian doesn’t usually get what he wants.

No one gets under his skin like Sara – so much so a heated “debate” and an exam room left in shambles later, they land themselves in eight weeks of hospital-mandated conflict resolution counseling. Now they’re forced to fight fair…which quickly leads them to playing dirty when no one’s looking.

They know it’s a mistake.

They promise themselves it will never happen again.

They swear they got it out of their systems.

They didn’t.

Author’s Note: Grumpy/recovering people-pleaser sunshine. Introverts attract. Enemies-to-lovers in the workplace. Banter, bicker, and button-pushing foreplay. Don’t tell the friend group, get jealous when the friend group tries to fix her up.

Heat: rip her clothes off before you get the front door open.

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!



Sebastian & Sara work together at the same hospital. Sebastian is a grump who believes that he is the worst person to be friends with, and to fall in love with. However, there’s something about Sara that makes him wish he weren’t all that difficult, though the two don’t get along. When their latest disagreement lands them together in hospital admin-mandated counseling for eight weeks, their expectations of each other and life in general are put to the test.

I had to keep rereading and rechecking the secondary characters to make sure that I had everyone straight in my mind, but I think I figured it out – mostly. The push and pull between Sebastian & Sara was very captivating, addicting and steamy. I felt that they stayed hating on each other a bit too long, but was it entertaining? Yes. Yes, it was.

I related to Sebastian a lot, and while I liked and understood Sara, he was my favourite. I felt like I really understood him.

“No one… No one will ever love you the way I do.”

I recommend this steamy, enemies-to-lovers workplace romance. I definitely enjoyed it, and intend to read more from this series.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Kate Canterbary

USA Today Bestseller Kate Canterbary writes smart, steamy contemporary romances loaded with heat, heart, and happy ever afters. Kate lives on the New England coast with her husband and daughter.

Connect with Kate
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Release Blitz: Text and Confused by Whitney Dineen & Melanie Summers ~ 4.5 stars

Release Date: December 27

It’s hate at first text. Or is it…?
I’m Toni Capella and I’m a bad-man-o-holic. (Hi, Toni!). If a guy lives on the eastern seaboard, is covered in tattoos, muscles, and motor oil, I’ve probably already dated and dumped him. But it’s a new year and for the first time in my twenty-nine years I’m determined to attract Mr. Right. I’m doing this by changing my type and my look.
So when super-hot contractor Cooper Flint walks into my office, I immediately put him on my ‘no way’ list. He embodies every bad boy trait there is. Besides, my eye is on another new co-worker, Somner Livingston. Handsome, well-heeled, and professional, Somner is nothing like my usual type, which I assume makes him perfect for me.
Determined to take things slowly for once, I insist Somner and I keep our budding relationship separate from work. I even suggest we do our initial courting via text while we get to know each other better. Things are going beautifully and just when I’m starting to think he’s ‘the one,’ I find out there’s been a horrible mix-up. My boss accidentally gave me Cooper’s number, not Somner’s, and I’m falling for Mr. Wrong, again.
Unfortunately, after I break it off with Cooper, I discover that Somner isn’t the good guy he portrays himself to be. When Cooper rescues me from a compromising situation, I belatedly realize I might be been missing out on the man of my dreams.
Have I lost my chance at true happiness or is there someway I can convince Cooper I’m the woman he needs?

*** All books in the series read as standalones.

Grab Your Copy Here!


In a case of mistaken identity, two persons find exactly who and what they were looking for.

Cooper is the black sheep of his family, but underneath it all he wants a wife, home and love to make him as happy as he is with his chosen career path. When he meets Toni when he begins his newest job, he thinks he’s one step closer. But when he finds out that she’s not looking for his type, he wonders how his wires ever got that crossed.

Toni wants true love, but she keeps picking the wrong men. When a miscommunication lands her in a text disaster, she panics, and tries to banish Cooper from her life. But as she attempts to forget him, she soon realises that maybe, she had been texting the right guy all along.

Cooper is a sweetheart, and I loved him immediately. He’s perfect boyfriend material. I loved Toni as a heroine, too. I couldn’t help but relate to her on so many levels. I loved this book’s secondary characters so much! I am definitely going to check out the rest of this series.

I loved the way the story unfolded, and couldn’t help but enjoy the read. I found it hard to stop reading at times. This book will have you laughing and tearing up, while cheering as this couple finds their HEA.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Whitney Dineen

Whitney Dineen is a rock star in her own head. While delusional about her singing abilities, there’s been a plethora of validation that she’s a fairly decent author (AMAZING!!!). 


After winning many writing awards and selling nearly a kabillion books (math may not be her forte, either), she’s decided to let the voices in her head say whatever they want (sorry, Mom). She also won a fourth-place ribbon in a fifth-grade swim meet in backstroke. So, there’s that.


Whitney loves to play with her kids (a.k.a. dazzle them with her amazing flossing abilities), bake stuff, eat stuff, and write books for people who “get” her. She thinks french fries are the perfect food and Mrs. Roper is her spirit animal.


To learn more about Whitney and her books, visit

Meet Melanie Summers 


I got SUPER lucky and my first novel, Break in Two, a steamy contemporary romance cracked the Top 10 Paid on Amazon in both the UK and Canada, and the top 50 Paid in the USA. My Full Hearts Series was then picked up by both Piatkus Entice (a division of Hachette UK) and HarperCollins Canada. 


My first three books have been translated into Czech and Slovak by EuroMedia. Since 2013, I’ve written and published sixteen novels and three novellas (and counting). I’ve sold over a quarter of a million books around the globe, and received two Bronze Medals at the Readers’ Favorite Award in the Chick Lit Category for The Royal Treatment (2018) and Whisked Away (2019), and one Silver Medal at the Readers’ Favorite Awards in the Women’s Fiction Category for The After Wife (2019).


Not bad for a newbie, eh?


I’m from Edmonton, Canada, where I live with my taller half, our three ‘spirited’ children (such a nice word to describe the chaos, no?). We also share our home with the cuddliest no-eyed dog ever, Lucy, and a furry Cuban dictator named Nelson. When I’m not writing, I love reading (obviously), snuggling up on the couch with the gang for movie night (which would not be complete without lots of popcorn and milkshakes), and long walks in the woods near my house.

I also spend a lot more time thinking about doing yoga than actually doing it, which is why any authorized photos of me are taken ‘from above’.


Oh, and I also love shutting down restaurants with my girlfriends. Well, not literally shutting them down, like calling the health inspector or something. More like just staying until they turn the lights off.

To learn more about Melanie and her books, visit
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Release Blitz: Wildcat by Rebecca Jenshak ~ 5 stars

Wildcat by Rebecca Jenshak is now live!

I met my dream girl.

That’s right. She’s stunning and the worst bartender I’ve ever seen.

I should have gone home and gone to sleep—dream girl or not. I had an early morning and the season was starting soon. But when she threatened me with boy band karaoke I couldn’t help myself. I went. The stars aligned.

I have never felt more alive or wanted anyone more than I want her.

When it’s time for me to head on my annual pre-season boys trip, I barely let her go.

It’s been a week and I can’t stop thinking about her.

Except there she is. Right here at the Wildcat’s kickoff party.

And as luck would have it, my dream girl is the coach’s youngest daughter.

But everyone knows the coach’s daughter is off limits. Right?

Wildcat is a full-length sports romance with a hot-as-puck hero, the coach’s daughter, and an unfortunate case of mistaken identity.

The Wildcats are the youngest team in the NHL. On the ice, they’re cocky, determined, and ready to take the league by storm. Off the ice? They’re always up for a wild time.

Download today on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble!


Apple Books:



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I loved this romance.

Leo is a scene-stealer, and totally the kind of man and boyfriend I’d want. Nothing about him seems forced or fake. He’s selfless, humble, considerate and protective. Plus, the dude loves the Backstreet Boys! In short, he’s perfect. I kept swooning every time he called Scarlett his dream girl. Scarlett is loveable, too. She’s super relatable, which scored her major points with me. She’s at the point where she’s just figuring out what she truly wants out of life, and has to face possibly disappointing her parents while searching for her niche. Their romance is just so good! They spark off each other almost immediately, and it is clear that they have something special.

I generally love Jenshak’s sport romances, but I truly feel that this series is going to be awesome in a different, crazy-good way. This entire team of hockey players and secondary characters have me invested, and I cannot wait for all their journeys.

I recommend this read wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Jenshak is a USA Today bestselling author of new adult and sports romance. She writes sexy, feel-good stories with lots of swoon-worthy moments.

Connect with Rebecca





Facebook Group:




Release Blitz: Unexpected Savior by Susana Mohel ~ 4.5 stars

Title: Unexpected Savior
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Susana Mohel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 12, 2021
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
They called me the villain. Homewrecker.
The other woman.
But there’s something dangerous about mistakes. You don’t realize you’re making one until it’s too late…
“You haven’t changed at all,” Bridget said to me that day.
Those words hit me hard. I left, ready to start a new life for me and my daughter.
Now, years later, I’m working hard. Doesn’t matter how complicated it is or if the guilt gets to me.
I’m alive and he’s not.
But life throws me a curve ball when I’m not expecting it.
Intense grey eyes, killer smile, and the determination to tear my walls down. He knows my weakness, and a man like him is never afraid to use it against me. My four-year-old daughter.
I’m rewriting my story, unprepared for him. And I’m not ready for what destiny has in store for us.
Nicolaus Novak just might become my friend, my lover… the man who helps me to discover I deserve a happy ending… my unexpected savior.
Unexpected Savior is an angsty single parent/redemption romance inspired by British Bedmate.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
This story was a well-written one. I found myself unwilling to put it down, even to sleep!

Susana Mohel is a new-to-me author that impressed me. The way the author crafted those twists and turns in the story, showing connections to times and events that had previously seemed innocuous… I definitely know that she will be on my watch list from now on.

I liked that while Gina knew her mistakes were big, costly ones, she was trying to do her best to ensure that her daughter didn’t have to suffer. I loved how patient and sweet Nico was with her, and I loved the way he took to Olivia.

Nico & Gina’s story is heartwarming, inspiring and just an all-round good read. It is more than a story of atonement and second chances. It is a story of forgiveness, self-acceptance and moving on with your life.

I recommend this story unreservedly & wholeheartedly. These three main characters will have you rooting for them from the get-go.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


Susana Mohel is a bilingual, international bestseller, and the author of twenty books published in two languages. In 2016, Susana was chosen as an Amazon Indie Contest finalist.
Married to the Grinch, she’s the mother of a beautiful girl and a fur baby. For her, life is about having fun with her family, crafting, and everything pineapple. She’s a consummated goal digger, who writes heart-wrenching second chances and enemies to lovers sprinkled with fun and sexiness.


Release Blitz & Excerpt Reveal: Resolution by Adriana Locke ~ 4.5 stars


Resolution for Cover Reveal IGFB

TITLE: Resolution
AUTHOR: Adriana Locke
RELEASE DAY: December 10, 2021

BUY LINK: (feel free to substitute yours here)


From USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke comes a workplace romance between a grumpy, alpha architect and his new client—who just so happens to have the blueprint to bring him to his knees.

Romance is not in Wade Mason’s portfolio.

This is tragic. It’s unfair that a man so maddeningly gorgeous—an architect with a deliciously squarish jaw, adorably dimpled chin, and the hottest black glasses that straddle the line between professional and provocative—rebukes all things love.

I knew this well before I walked into his office.

The man is a conundrum—a complicated, steel wall of a puzzle. On the one hand, he brushes against me in the conference room with a broodiness that sets me on fire. He demands in-person meetings about the house we are working on together. I catch him watching me out of the corner of his eye with a look that’s anything but platonic. But any talk of hookups, love, or relationships—even in general? Completely off the table.

I’m determined to peel back his layers until I get to the bottom of the mysterious businessman. But my plan is foiled by a surprise that leaves both of us reeling. Neither of us sees it coming, but it changes everything … forever.




Though all of his siblings are coupled up, Wade has been resisting the plunge into relationships as he fears the lack of control that inevitably occurs when you give someone charge over your heart. Dara Alden is his complete opposite in every way. She challenges his emotional walls, breaches them and burrows her way into his heart. But giving her his entire heart is something he doesn’t think they both deserve.

Dara is struggling with the loss of the only family who truly loved her. Deciding to work on a house with Wade awakens her heart, as well as gives her hope for a love that she has only ever dreamed about. Even though Wade tries hard to put her off, Dara is drawn to him. Will her cheer finally melt his reservations?

I loved how, despite their on-the-surface personality differences, Dara & Mason seemed to fit together well. Her cheery teasing was the perfect foil for his reticence and non-sociability.

I haven’t read all the books in the series, but I am now super curious about everyone’s stories! This is a really good angst-y, steamy, full-of-feels read. I found myself eager to see what next Dara was planning to say to Wade to shock him as much as I looked forward to their budding romance. I also enjoyed the Mason brothers’ interactions.

I wholeheartedly recommend Wade & Dara to you.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.



Much to my surprise and annoyance, she laughs as she walks by me. Her elbow grazes my stomach in a move that I think is intentional. Before I can react, she’s down the hall and standing in front of Eliza.

“That dress is stunning on you,” she tells Eliza as if we weren’t in a strained conversation five seconds ago. “Where did you get it?”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” I grumble as I slam my door. The framed copy of the first building I ever designed shakes against the wall.

I lean against my desk and suck in a deep lungful of air. The scent of coconuts only intensifies my frustration.

I open a window and then sit down.

“Busy men always go through the motions and never have time to be creative. I’m not sure that fits my needs.”

What the hell?

Relational intimacy.

Loads of rubbish, just as it was ten years ago.

Instead of listening to spoiled, silver spoon-fed women who want their ridiculous projects handled, I have real work to do.

My heart pumps from the interaction with Dara, and I find myself replaying much of our conversation. It’s not until I get to relational intimacy do I realize how much time I’ve wasted—and am still wasting.

I put my phone on Do Not Disturb and get back to the only thing I ever want to know intimately—my work.


About the Author:

USA Today and Washington Post bestselling author Adriana Locke lives and breathes books. After years of slightly obsessive relationships with the flawed bad boys created by other authors, Adriana has created her own. She resides in the Midwest with her husband, sons, and two dogs. She spends a large amount of time playing with her kids, drinking coffee, and cooking. You can find her outside if the weather’s nice and there’s always a piece of candy in her pocket.

Connect w/Adriana:
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#ReleaseBlitz: Knocked Up by the Rockstar by @HovlandWrites ~ 4.5 stars

 Release Date: December 10

Things just got serious… 
The only thing music publicist Courtney Lincoln dislikes more than knock-off sugary breakfast cereal is the hunky lead singer of her brother’s ridiculously popular band. A band on the rocks, again. Seems like this time it’ll take a miracle to save Dimefront. So when she discovers she’s pregnant following one teeny, tiny, mind-blowing morning with Brennan “Bax” Baxter, the timing is not great. Being a mom wasn’t part of her plan, but her plans just changed.
Following the implosion of his engagement, Bax realizes he doesn’t want to lose Dimefront, too. But he’s finally let his guard down with Courtney in a steamy slip-up that ties them together as unlikely co-parents. The big problem? He broke the cardinal rule of music—don’t knock up the bass player’s little sister. Especially a little sister who sees straight through the façade he’s painstakingly curated. But he’s always wanted a family, and he’s being offered that chance. Plus, Courtney might just be exactly who he needs to keep him grounded.
Even if the band can mend fences, there’s a baby on the way, and Courtney’s questioning everything she once thought. Bax is suddenly a dreamy boyfriend, but she isn’t convinced it’s authentic given all she knows about his rocker past. As the group heads out on what they hope is a reunion tour, Bax and Courtney have to figure out what’s real, what’s not, and if they can learn to finally trust each other…
Grab Your Copy Here:
Amazon | Apple | Nook | Kobo 


This is a great read.

Bax is one of Dimefront’s front men. He’s in the place where he’s not sure what his life is supposed to look like. Courtney is Dimefront’s publicist. Courtney & Bax do not get along. They snipe and gripe at each other all the time. But when Bax’s world implodes, Courtney gets called in to take care of him, and they end up taking care of each other. But when the moment is over they resolve to put things back as they were. But things don’t go back to normal.

Bax & Courtney will make you laugh and cheer their romance on as they figure out parenthood alongside their own version of happily ever after. This low-drama, love/hate read will leave you smiling on the last page.

I recommend this read. I liked the different secondary characters, and the way that the author had me eager to find out what was on the next page. I look forward to more from this series.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC.

Meet Christina Hovland

USA Today Bestselling Author Christina Hovland lives her own version of a fairy tale—an artisan chocolatier by day and romance writer by night. 

Born in Colorado, Christina received a degree in journalism from Colorado State University. Before opening her chocolate company, Christina’s career spanned from the television newsroom to managing an award-winning public relations firm. 


She’s a recovering overachiever and perfectionist with a love of cupcakes and dinner she doesn’t have to cook herself. A 2017 Golden Heart® finalist, she lives in Colorado with her first-boyfriend-turned-husband, four children, and the sweetest dogs around.

Connect with Christina Hovland
Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page | BookBub

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Release Blitz: Jock Romeo by Sara Ney ~ 4.5 stars

Release Date: December 9



Roman Whitaker is every girl’s best friend. An easy going nice guy, Rome is brilliant and funny. At the age of twenty-two, he’s moving out of his parents’ house for the first time and into off-campus housing with two complete strangers.

No more Mister “Playing it Safe.”
Rome may be wicked smart, but math and science will only get him so far, and they certainly won’t land him a first date with the girl of his dreams.
For that, he’ll get a little unwanted help from his friends—and meddling family members.
Lilly Howard is tired of being taken for granted. After breaking up with her philandering boyfriend, she’s giving up guys and learning to love herself again.
She’s sick of playing nice.
When she bumps into Rome, they become instant friends. When he asks her to be his fake girlfriend to keep his family off his back, she agrees—but only if he’ll return the favor…
Grab Your Copy Here:
Free in KU


This story is adorably sweet.

Roman is a shy, introverted nerd who prefers to study instead of party. In his freshman year, he meets a more extroverted and outgoing cheerleader, Lilly. They form a quick, friendly connection, and Lilly is happy to finally be around someone who isn’t tearing down her confidence. But a fake relationship between the two reopens wounds of self-doubt. Will the two get out of their own way?

I enjoyed Roman & Lilly’s romance story. It’s fun – with enjoyable secondary characters – and steamy, with a plot that just grabs you.

I unreservedly recommend this read.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Sara Ney

Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. 

Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced lattes, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British. 
Connect with Sara Ney

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Blog Tour: Come Again by Lauren Blakely ~ 4.5 stars

COME AGAIN by Lauren Blakely

Release Date: December 3rd

COME AGAIN is an ALL-NEW enemies-to lovers romance set in the Big Rock world! Don’t miss this intensely sexy and hilarious all-hero POV stand-alone!

Fall in love with a cocky, charming hero and the heroine who challenges his game!


✦ Amazon ➜

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He is back!!! Sebastian York narrates this hot tamale!

Add to Goodreads:


There are three words most men can’t resist—I dare you.

So as you can see, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I had no choice when my buddies said “I bet you can’t get that brunette beauty to kiss you before the night ends.”

I proved them wrong, and oh how good it felt to be right when I swept the quick-tongued woman into my arms and kissed the breath out of her at the party.

But, I made a slight miscalculation.

Turns out she’s my brand new enemy.

And soon I’m locked in a fierce battle of wits with my sexy-as-sin nemesis. I’m determined to show the whole city that my company is offering the best new path to romance, and she’s dead-set on knocking me down. Publicly.

It’s the hottest game of one-upmanship I’ve ever played, punctuated by fiery kisses, dirty letters, and, after a heated argument, hate s-e-x.

You know what they say. Keep your enemies closer.

I keep her so damn close to my favorite body part.

Everything is fun and games…until I gamble something I can’t afford to lose.

My heart.


✦ Amazon ➜

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He is back!!! Sebastian York narrates this hot tamale!


Bellamy is a podcaster who is in love with love. Easton is a matchmaker… or a facilitator of love matches in New York. He isn’t looking for love. He’s been burned, but has no problem helping others find what he doesn’t want. But after the way Bellamy slips past his heart’s defenses, he’s not so sure about what he believes anymore.

I loved Bellamy. I like that she knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to vocalise it. She loves love, and wants the “neon billboard in Times Square” kind. I especially liked that, cause I’d like it, too. Easton knows romance. He’s just afraid of losing love. When he proposes an “understanding” he’s not trying to take advantage of Bellamy; he was trying to protect his heart.

“…attraction is easy to confess. Hurt is not.”

I liked this read. It delivered everything the prequel promised. While there were really great secondary characters in the book, the couple completely held my attention as I wondered how their romance would play out, page after page.

I recommend this read unreservedly & wholeheartedly. It’s one that all romance lovers would love.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

About Lauren Blakely:

A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible

Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s

sexy, sweet, and witty. She also writes USA Today bestselling LGBTQ romance.

With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York

Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 100 times, with

more than 55 titles on the USA Today Bestsellers list alone. She’s sold more than 4.5 million books. A Brown University graduate, Lauren likes dogs, cake and show tunes and is the vegetarian at your dinner party.

Connect w/Lauren:


NL Signup:




Release Blitz: Washed Away by RC Boldt ~ 5 stars

Title: Washed Away
Author: RC Boldt
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 7, 2021

USA TODAY bestselling author RC Boldt brings us a sizzling romance chock-full of intrigue and deceit in this brand new romantic suspense…
All that’s forgotten isn’t always gone…
I’m at death’s doorstep when my body washes up on shore in Panama.
My memory is a blank slate. I can’t even remember my name. I don’t know who shot me and left me for dead—or why.
Patient and kind, the lone doctor there mends my body while offering me refuge.
But as tiny flashbacks of my past occur, I wonder if there’s anyone I can trust.
It’s up to me to discover whether I’m in danger or a danger to others. Whether I’ve actually found love or if it’s all been a lie.
I need answers to find out who I really am.
If only I could remember…
Sometimes, the drive for revenge leads us to the best times and best people in our lives. After that, it is up to us to decide how much we let it consume us.

In a tale that is a bit reminiscent of Jason Bourne, Dr. Liam King saves the life of a woman who doesn’t remember her name. In doing so, he unwittingly endangers his own. He’s worried about the timing of her arrival and what it could all possibly mean, since he prefers to keep to himself to hide his past, but his greatest worry is his unexpected and very inconvenient attraction to her. When the fragile cords connecting them are revealed, it will literally be the difference between life and death – for them both.

This book had me on the edge of my seat, trying to figure out who was in charge, who was the real villain and how everything was going to go down. This is another suspense-filled page-turner from R.C. Boldt that I absolutely devoured. Though it was a bit sweeter than I expected – I was cheering for Alexandra & Liam to get together – I did enjoy it. There is an undercurrent of hope that winds through the book; intermingled with the need for vengeance is the search for peace, happiness and love.

I recommend this read unreservedly. It’s also perfect for romance lovers looking for that extra bit of action with their steam.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


“Do you know my name?”
Every muscle in my body goes rigid. “Excuse me?”
Her chest heaves, and the movement clearly causes her pain, but her lips flatten stubbornly. “What is my name?” Those blue eyes are troubled now, fear edging in, while distress practically oozes from her voice.
“You don’t…know your name?” I ask slowly, carefully gauging her reaction.
“No.” She swallows audibly, her eyes filling with tears. “I don’t remember anything.”
I scoot my rolling stool closer and take a seat beside her. Peering at her, I try to decipher whether she’s being completely honest.
I’ve learned to be suspicious over the years, especially with living in part of the denser, remote jungle areas bordering the coast.
“Well, what I can tell you is”—I lace my fingers casually—“you’re not pregnant, you have an IUD for birth control, and the panel I ran on you says you’re negative for any sexually transmitted diseases.
“You’re also blood type O, and your X-rays showed some broken bones—both previously incurred and current.
“Two of your ribs on your right side showed current hairline fractures, likely sustained during your…accident.”
I pause for even a flicker of acknowledgment but get nothing. Nothing, that is, except witness her expression bloom with stark terror.
“I removed two bullets from your shoulder and two more from your side near your hip. You also suffered a considerable stab wound.
“The X-rays indicated you most recently broke your index finger on your left hand. It’s since healed.”
She stares down at her hand, now trembling slightly, as if it’s grown a head of its own. I don’t bother informing her of the other bones in her body that indicated a previous break or fracture.
Broken left wrist.
Fracture near the base of her right elbow.
Fractures of most of the small bones in her right foot.
Broken nose.
Fractured jaw.
Straightening her fingers, she wiggles them before her eyes cut to mine. A thread of panic lines her tone. “I should remember something like that, shouldn’t I?”
I scan her features again for evidence of deceit but come up empty.
I’m dealing with a woman who has a severe case of amnesia.

RC Boldt is a USA Today bestselling author currently living in part of the Costa Rican jungle with the love of her life and her mini-me.

Review: My Fake Bad Boyfriend by Sara Whitney ~ 5 stars


We’ve got a surprise release from Award winning Sara Whitney! Kick off the holiday season with My Fake Bad Boyfriend today!

1-click today!


I don’t just need a fake boyfriend. I need the worst fake boyfriend in the world.

Gabe says he’ll pretend to be my boyfriend for the holidays. The perfect guy to get my parents off my back about my perpetually single state.

But what I really need is someone who’ll make my family beg me to never bring anyone home again.

Gabe promised he was up to the task, but he turns out to be a little too good at being bad. We have so much fun with our game, in fact, that I start to forget it’s all for show.

By the time Christmas Eve rolls around, Gabe’s the only thing I want to unwrap. But if I do, I’m afraid he’ll turn out to be a gift I don’t want to return.

My Fake Bad Boyfriend is a hot standalone holiday novella that’s sweet as a candy cane, funny as Elf, and spicy as fireball whiskey in your hot chocolate. Treat yourself to a laugh-out-loud romance this Christmas!


This is such a fun, steamy and sweet read.

Gabe & Darby are perfect for each other, and I enjoyed their romance story very much. Gabe is swoony, even as he attempts to un-charm her family.

This fake relationship romance was well written, and the Christmas touch was the perfect icing on the cake.

I recommend this book unreservedly and wholeheartedly. You’ll be as invested in Gabe & Darby’s HEA as I was.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

About the Author

Sara Whitney

Sara Whitney writes sassy contemporary romance that’s always sunny with a chance of sizzle. A multiple award-winning author, Sara worked as a print journalist and film critic before she earned her Ph.D. and landed in academia. She’s a good pinball player, a great baker, and an expert at shouting her TV opinions to anyone who’ll listen.

Sara lives in Illinois surrounded by books, cats, and half-empty coffee cups. Keep up with her latest news by subscribing to her mailing list at or join her Facebook reader group at

Blog Tour: The Bareback Cowboy by Melanie Munton ~ 4.5 stars

Title: The Bareback Cowboy (Southern Hearts Club, #4)
Author: Melanie Munton
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: November 23, 2021
Cover Designer: L.J. Anderson at Mayhem Cover Creations
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

He might be one of the best riders in the world,

but she’ll give him the buck of his life.

WOULD YOU RATHER… Go through your entire life without ever falling in love?

OR… Have a rough-and-tumble cowboy stomp all over your heart with his sharpened spurs before riding off into the sunset like John f***ing Wayne?

Yeah, that happened. And frankly, I knew better. All cowboys are trouble. I’ve grown up around them my entire life, so I know how they operate. I’ve broken some of the toughest horses in the business. But for some reason, I found this thoroughbred impossible to resist.

A lot of good it did me too. Nothing but tears and comfort eating in the aftermath.

Suddenly, after a year away with no phone calls or texts to show for it, he’s back. He thinks we can pick up where we left off. But I’ve got news for him: His eight seconds with me are already up.

Little do I know, there’s a reason why he’s come back.
And it’s the absolute last thing I expect.



I was so glad to catch up with the ladies of the Southern Hearts Club! I have loved their journeys to love thus far, and this story did not disappoint.

Quinn & Trace’s story is hot and fun. I couldn’t put the book down – their chemistry was sizzling! I liked that Trace exceeded Quinn’s expectations. He was possessive and sweet, with just the right amount of determination so Quinn could give him another chance. Quinn is a strong woman; she’s had setbacks, but she’s conquered them. Love is a different sort of battle than she’s used to dealing with, and Trace isn’t exactly the type of man she’s used to, either.

I really enjoyed this installment. All the rodeo & bronc riding lingo was fascinating. Calli was a bright star, too, and an absolute sweetheart. All the girls of the Southern Hearts club brought their usual fire to the book – especially Gretchen. I totally loved the epilogue. I look forward to more from Melanie Munton.

I recommend this book unreservedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

“You’re not Quinn Prescott.”

My arm drops. I’m not even sure how to react to that, let alone what to say. My inner brilliance comes up with, “I’m not? Then maybe I should call the DMV and tell them they made a mistake on my ID.”

His frown only deepens. “I don’t hire minors. Even if you’re legal to work, wages get muddy with minors and it’s not worth navigating.”


Cut him.

Is he actually serious? Sure, I’m short. Barely 5’1”. And yeah, I’m pretty small and petite. Always have been. I was teased relentlessly about it in grade school because I always looked years younger than everyone else in my class. Among their many nicknames for me, I think their favorite was “Pipsqueak Prescott.”

But a minor?

This dude must be trippin’ off gin and juice.

“I’m twenty-four,” I state very clearly and a little impatiently.

His expression clears…and there it is. However he was struggling to see me before, he’s somehow figured it out and is now looking at me like he suddenly has free rein to do so. As if he’s actually letting himself really look now.

“I’ve heard that Morty and Quinn Prescott are some of the best horse trainers around,” he says dubiously. “And that you, in particular, have tempered some of the most unmanageable mounts. They say you have a gift.”

My chest swells with enormous pride at the compliment and at the knowledge that influential individuals in our field are actually touting our expertise. But it’s the tone with which he says all of it that rankles on my already prickly nerves.


I huff, planting my hands on my hips. “What exactly were you expecting? A two-hundred-pound cowhand with a sailor’s mouth and a wad of dip in her lip?”

I immediately realize I shouldn’t have said that. Because he seems to take it as an invitation to conduct a more thorough inspection of my body. From the top of my shoulder-length brown hair and diamond stud nose ring, to the tank top and untucked flannel shirt, to the denim shorts, and finally, to my lace-up, calf-high combat boots.

Despite the fact that I first sat a horse at three years old and have grown up in the rodeo business, cowboy boots have never been my thing. They aren’t a prerequisite to being an expert horsewoman, thank you very much. I just feel more comfortable this way.

“The combat boots were a shock,” he eventually says after his gaze once again finds mine.

The urge to grin hits me, but I instantly quash it. Something still has me on the defensive with this cowboy. Then again, I’m always on the defensive. With almost everyone. I can never seem to turn it off.

And something tells me that with this guy, I’m going to have to keep my back up.

Because if I so much as blink, he might try to get me on my back.

Melanie grew up in a small town in the Midwest. After marrying her husband, she decided she wanted to try coastal life because why not? A few months later, they moved to North Carolina where she discovered her passion for writing, and they never looked back. They are now enjoying life with their beautiful daughter in Savannah, GA and loving every minute with their little Georgia peach.

Melanie’s other passion is traveling and seeing the world. With anthropology degrees under their belts, she and her husband have made it their goal in life to see as many archaeological sites around the world as possible.

She has a horrible food addiction to pasta and candy (not together…ew). And she gets sad when her wine rack is empty.

At the end of the day, she is a true romantic at heart. She loves writing the cheesy and corny of romantic comedies, and the sassy and sexy of suspense. She aims to make her readers swoon, laugh out loud, maybe sweat a little, and above all, fall in love.

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Release Blitz: A Very Grumpy Christmas by Jerica MacMillan ~ 5 stars

A Very Grumpy Christmas by
Jerica MacMillan is now live!

My neighbor is a Grinch. 

Since I run the Christmas Emporium and sometimes moonlight as an elf, that’s kind of a problem for me. 

No surprise, though. When I brought over cookies to welcome him to the neighborhood this summer, he slammed the door in my face.

Until he brings his kid to visit Santa one of the days I’m working as an elf, and I realize there are key parts of their story I’m missing …
• The little girl is his much younger sister, not his daughter.
• He’s her guardian since their parents died in a tragic accident.

Now all of his handsome, broody glares make so much more sense. As one of Santa’s elves, I make it my mission to make this Christmas as special for them as possible. Which somehow includes trespassing on his property to hang Christmas lights and braiding the little girl’s hair regularly. 

Despite his glares and grumpiness, I discover the soft underbelly of the beast. Will this Grinch’s heart grow three sizes as well? And if it does, will it have room for me?

A Very Grumpy Christmas is a standalone, small town, neighbors to lovers romance featuring a grumpy single dad and the sunshiny neighbor who’s determined to make his Christmas better. Full of heat and heart with an HEA guaranteed!


Shane has had a rough few months. Becoming his sister’s guardian, while dealing with both her grief and his hasn’t been easy. Struggling to figure out how to make life – and Christmas – easier for Sophie is complicated. But his neighbour, masquerading as Santa’s helper might help. Thing is, he didn’t realise that unfreezing his heart would be part of the deal.

Sarah knows her neighbour is hot, but he’s also quite unfriendly and unpleasant. Then, she overhears a conversation between his little sister and Santa, and his behaviour suddenly makes sense. Deciding to make Christmas as happy as she can for the duo, she suddenly finds her heart growing attached. But Sarah’s not entirely certain Shane is willing to make up his mind about making space in his life for her.

This is a really enjoyable read. In this opposites attract romance, Jerica MacMillan gives us heartwarming, sweet moments with Christmas at the center of it all. There is plenty of chemistry between Shane & Sarah. I loved the scenes with Shane, Sarah & Sophie together, too. These were sweet and touching. I liked that though there were quite a few characters introduced, the story was easy to follow. I liked the epilogue, and look forward to another read soon from Ms. MacMillan.

I recommend this read wholeheartedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


Meet Jerica MacMillan

Jerica MacMillan has been reading romance since she stumbled into the paperback section of the library as a middle schooler. And it’s been an ongoing love affair ever since!

You can frequently find her sipping coffee out of snarky mugs while dreaming up stories and trying to bring them to life on the page. Join her Book Club at and get a free book!

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Release Blitz: Irresistible Bastard by Diana A. Hicks ~ 5 stars

Title: Irresistible Bastard
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Diana A. Hicks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 7, 2021
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
London’s most eligible bachelor, Ryder Winston Noble is working on a special project at Morgan Financial Holdings in New York City, and I managed to land a job on his team.
For a recent technology grad like me, working alongside the crazy hot, self-made billionaire and computer genius is the opportunity of a lifetime.
But what is it they say about your heroes? Never meet them?
Yeah, Ryder Noble is a bastard with a capital B.
Irresistible Bastard is a steamy single dad/billionaire romance inspired by Stuck-Up Suit.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Ryder Winston Noble’s reputation has preceded him. A hardworking billionaire who plays just as hard, he’s only in New York for a short time to assist his friend Graham Morgan with a security problem he’s having. But his plans get obstructed when he realises his assistant is none other than the woman he’s had a previous unflattering and rather embarrassing encounter with, Bria Venedetta. But in a twist of fate, Bria becomes Ryder’s lifeline at a time he needs help the most, and their relationship changes.

I loved this book. I read it in a matter of hours because I couldn’t put it down. Ryder and Bria’s story drew me in completely. The chemistry, the banter, the twists and turns – everything was just so good! This is my first time reading Diana A. Hicks, and I must say I am impressed. Irresistible Bastard is a great addition to the Cocky Hero Club series.

I wholeheartedly recommend it.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Diana A. Hicks is an award-winning author of dark mafia romance and romantic suspense. Her latest release Big Bad Wolf is out now!
When Diana is not writing, she enjoys kickboxing, traveling, and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate. She lives in Atlanta and loves spending time with her two children and husband. Connect with Diana on social media to stay up to date on her latest releases.

Review Tour: Forever and a Day by O.L. Obonna ~ 4.5 stars


Title: Forever and a Day

Author: O.L. Obonna

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Trope(s): accidental pregnancy, marriage of convenience

Publisher: Love Africa Press

Release Date: 29 October 2021

ISBN: 978-1-914226-11-3


Their forbidden night leads to an inescapable consequence!  

Her mind-blowing encounter with a handsome stranger rocked her to the core! It was a night she would never forget. Then Mma Nwachukwu discovers that the compelling stranger she lost her virginity to was none other than Fuad Danjuma, the younger brother of her new boss! Mma is stunned, especially when she discovers the thrilling and unforgettable night has left them bound for life.  

When Fuad finds out Mma is pregnant, he is determined to do the right thing and claim her as his wife. Unfortunately, he offers her everything except the one thing she wants the most: his heart.  

The trouble is, Mma is determined to wed for love.  











Blitz-wide giveaway (INT)

1 entrant wins a $10 gift card (Amazon or PayPal) or ₦4000 Okadabooks top-up.



Mma is just beginning her first job. Despite her family’s problems, she is determined to be her own woman, and live her own life. A night out with her sisters sees her meeting Fuad and she ends up giving him her virginity. After an unforgettable night, she decides to leave it in the past, but then she finds out she is pregnant, and Fuad demands her hand in marriage so their baby can have a good home. She is hesitant, as she wants her marriage to be a love match.

Fuad hasn’t been able to forget the night he and Mma had. Shocked at her pregnancy, he does what he thinks is right, but warns her that she can never expect love. He is a player and believes that he will always be one. But as they plan the wedding and he gets to know his unwilling wife a little better, his mind just might change.

I enjoyed this romance. It has humor, heart and a bit of steam. It’s the first time that I am reading one like it, and I truly liked the way that the author incorporated a different culture into the story line. I had a fun time Googling the different African words as I read.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


OMO OBONNA was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She holds degrees in Creative Arts/English and Supply Chain Management. For as long as she can remember, she always wanted to tell stories about love and romance by creating and immersing readers in the romantic adventures of fascinating characters. 

Her stories are a peek into her own version of the excitement, allure, and mystery of the age-old sentimental narrative of love, which she so beautifully and intricately weaves together into a truly engrossing read. When she’s not surrounding herself with words or reading a romance novel, you can find her in the kitchen trying out new recipes or painting with her children. In addition, she enjoys writing and recently joined the worlds of bloggers.  

She lives in London and is happily married with three children. 

Connect with Omo

Instagram –

Twitter –



Release Blitz: Sweeper by Amy Daws ~ 5 stars

Release Blitz Banner


Daphney Clarke can’t stand the cocky footballer next door. But after one steamy hallway kiss, Zander is convinced that “neighbors-with-benefits” would be a much better game to play than “neighbor wars”.
Only question is, who will be the winner?
Download now or read in Kindle Unlimited

book info

Author: Amy Daws
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: November 4, 2021
Cover Designer: Amy Daws


full blurb

Sweeper Cover-front copy

The cocky footballer next door has some serious game…luckily, Daphney Clarke knows how to play.

Zander Williams is the hot new American determined to take European football by storm. His head is so big, it barely fits under his backwards hat. And when he’s recruited to one of the biggest up and coming clubs in London, he’s certain to make his name known.

Managing the building where they live is only one of Daphney’s many jobs. It’s why she has zero patience for the obnoxious American on the other side of the wall who makes the most ungodly noises and likes to answer his door in nothing but a pink tea towel.

Tensions build and after one steamy hallway kiss, neighbor wars quickly shifts into neighbors-with-benefits and that’s a battle they both intend to win.

But Daphney doesn’t know the real reason Zander is in London and now she’s stuck in the middle of a game she didn’t even know she was playing.


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bad girl simple

Buy Now


This book was super riveting! Full of steam, sweet moments, and secrets, this book was an enjoyable one.

After a rocky start, Daphney and Zander strike a tentative sort of frenemy-ship that eventually extends to include benefits, but underneath it all are two people who are struggling to trust again after great loss.

Filled with the humor, sarcasm and wit that the Harris Brothers series seems to be famous for, this book fits right in. I liked the lead characters, and the way their relationship developed. I also liked that Zander was in touch with his feelings. He was the right combination of cocky and sweet. I liked Daphney’s upfront, bold attitude. She was no pushover, and it made Zander respect her, as well as pursue her harder. Their banter was something I truly enjoyed. It showcased their chemistry, as well as provided a source of humor.

I recommend this read wholeheartedly. The book not only re-envelops us into the Harrison family, but reminds us that sometimes, good family isn’t necessarily related to you by blood.

“…family isn’t about genetics, or DNA, or even the people who raised you – family is about who you love and who loves you.”

Grab this book today.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


“Boop, boop, boop,” a deep voice echoes much too close to my face, and my eyes fly open in terror as I catch sight of Zander Williams’s finger by my nose.

“What are you doing?” I exclaim, scrambling up off my sofa and standing behind the arm of it to put some space between us. I hold my chunky blanket out in front of me like it’s somehow going to protect me from the psychopath currently standing in my flat.

Zander holds his hands up defensively, his eyes wide. “I didn’t mean to scare you!”

I blink back at him as my sleep-fogged mind clears, and I take in the surroundings of my flat. I reach up and touch my nose. “Did you just touch my nose?”

“I booped it.” An awkward smile spreads across his face as he grips the back of his neck. “You were sleeping so cutely. I thought it’d be a funny way to wake you up.”

“Funny?” I repeat, forking my fingers into my messy bun and glancing down to make sure I wasn’t having another wardrobe malfunction in front of him. “You thought it would be funny to break into my flat and touch me?”

His face falls. “Well, when you put it like that, it sounds creepy.”

Read Now on Amazon or with Kindle Unlimited—>



Check out Amy’s Facebook page for an awesome giveaway!

Paperback giveaway



Football stadium in lights

Even though Sweeper reads great as a standalone, you’re going to want to meet all of the colorful secondaries that pop up in this book! Binge the Harris Brothers Series in Kindle Unlimited or dive right into Sweeper, which reads great as a standalone!


about the author

Amy Daws Head Shot-sizedown

Amy Daws is an Amazon Top 13 bestselling author of sexy, contemporary romance novels. She enjoys writing love stories that take place in America, as well as across the pond in England. When Amy is not writing in a tire shop waiting room, she’s watching Gilmore Girls, or singing karaoke in the living room with her daughter while Daddy smiles awkwardly from a distance. For more of Amy’s work, visit:


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Review Tour: Forget Me, Sloane by Hannah Gray ~ 4 stars







It was supposed to be simple job, an easy way to gain my freedom. Falling for her wasn’t part of the plan.





𝐹𝑜𝓇𝑔𝑒𝓉 𝑀𝑒, 𝒮𝓁𝑜𝒶𝓃𝑒 by Hannah Gray is LIVE! This is a college sports romance full of heat, heart, and an amazing HEA! Download yours today!


Amazon US:

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Signed paperback:

Add it to your TBR:



Five. That’s how old I was when I picked up a ball for the very first time during flag football—something my mom had signed me up for.


Nine. That’s when I decided I’d stop at nothing until I played football at the highest level.


Fifteen. That’s when my father informed me that the only future I had was working at his private investigation firm.


Seventeen. That’s when I tried to escape the future that had been laid out for me. Tried to cut all ties that connected me to my own blood. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work. They still own me.


Eighteen. That’s when I was told if I completed this one job, I’d be cut loose. Free. I’d finally be free. It seemed easy enough.


Then, I meet her. You know, the one who makes you do all kinds of stupid, wacky stuff because you feel things you’ve never felt before. Yeah … that’s the one.


Here’s the real kicker: What happens when the girl you’ve likely already fallen in love with is the one you need to betray in order to leave behind a life you can’t stand?


Well, that’s a damn good question. I’m dying to know myself.


*This is a complete stand alone in the Brooks University series.

Sports Romance


Find more books by Hannah Gray here:



Knox is feeling suffocated. He lives and breathes football, but his father wants different things for him. Forced into agreeing to an ultimatum, Knox plans to execute his plan as quickly as possible. But his heart quickly gets stuck on the mark, Sloane Silvine, and refuses to let go. As what was fake soon becomes all too real, he’s forced with the reality that he may just break the heart of the woman he’s in love with.

Sloane is in a college 2 hours away from home to escape the caged feeling in her home. Armed with a To-Do list, and determined to enjoy herself while getting her degree, she isn’t exactly looking for a boyfriend. So, she is confused, surprised then intrigued that Knox would want to work so hard at getting her attention when she plainly tells him she’s not interested. But as she lowers her guard, she realises that Knox might be the best thing she never knew she needed. The secrets lurking in the background and her own family’s issues are just a few of the obstacles in the way.

I liked this read. Knox & Sloane are funny. They joke and banter with each other in a way that I totally envy. Their chemistry is obvious, even though they try to pretend – especially Sloane – that it’s non-existent. Their story makes me curious about Cole & Ally’s story. Ally seems to be a really good friend. I also loved the boys’ camaraderie and friendship with each other.

This is a good read with lots of heat and tension, and heartwarming moments. The epilogues were totally sweet, too.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Release Blitz: Very Merry Married by M. O’Keefe ~ 5 stars

Very Merry Married by M. O’Keefe is now live!


I’ve got my hands full.

Running for mayor of my home town in Colorado. Trying to save the family business—and doing my damnedest to survive Christmas without murdering my brother. Nowhere on this list is room for Lexie to show up a year after our epic one-night stand.

Vegas show girl, owner of the meanest dog I’ve ever met, and the star of every fantasy I’ve had since I came home. And apparently… my wife? And she wants me to sign divorce papers.

Hell no.


I do not get drunk married. That’s what tourists do in Vegas, not locals. But even I am susceptible to gorgeous eyes and an excellent jaw line.

I was so sure Ethan was different from the jerks I usually fall for, until I woke up married without a groom or a way to get a hold of him. A year later, I finally see him splashed all over the internet—fighting with his brother at a Colorado airport.

So, what’s a showgirl to do? Put on my best heels, put my dog in a hand bag and go find my husband so I can end my sham marriage. But as soon as I arrive in Salt Springs, that plan goes out the window.

Ethan hasn’t forgotten me and the chemistry between us is real and explosive.

Now that I’ve found him he doesn’t want to let me go.

Was our wedding a Vegas mistake? Or a Christmas miracle?

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


I loved this read!

Ethan Kringle is a bit overwhelmed. Between his job as City Council president pro tempore and attempting to run for mayor, he’s had to check in with his dad and make sure that he doesn’t hurt himself further, plus wonder about how to keep the Inn afloat. He left his number for a woman he met in Vegas and fell for a year earlier, but she never called back. Now, she’s standing in his family’s inn, claiming to be his wife. Recognising an opportunity to recreate the magic between them, he asks her to stay.

Lexie Platzki is in town only to find the jerk that married her then left the morning after so she can ask for a divorce. She’s doesn’t intend to fall for the charm of the Kringle Inn, or the little town in Colorado or even enjoy her temporary job as the Inn’s front desk girl. Even worse, her husband is just as charming as the night they met, and the chemistry between them hasn’t disappeared. What is a girl to do?

This is such a cute and sweet Christmas read. Lexie is a larger than life character that you just love from the minute you’re introduced. I was in awe, truly, of the way she dealt with life, and her interactions with all the persons she met. I’d definitely want her personality in another life.

This story, unlike the first in the series, feels more complete. The characters are better developed, with much more emotional depth. There’s lots of humor, steam and great dialogue, with a great cast of secondary characters. Despite the trope (drunk, accidental wedding in Vegas), it is a well-done, well-written romance with lots and lots of Christmas magic.

I can’t wait to read book 3.

I unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend this read.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Start the Kringle Family Christmas series today!

Add the series to your TBR:
The Grump Who Stole Christmas:
Very Merry Married:
Jingle Bell Beard:

Meet M. O’Keefe

Molly O’Keefe is the USA Today Bestselling author of over 50 romance novels. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, two kids and the largest heap of dirty laundry in North America. 

Connect with M.
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#ReleaseTour #ReviewTour #ExcerptReveal #BlogTour: Takedown by @WritesEvelyn ~ #5stars

Mellie lives her life risk-free and would do anything to keep her heart safe. But when Adam shows up in Vegas, all her careful plans go right out the window. Mellie and Adam quickly discover that what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Readers who enjoy diverse contemporary romances will devour Takeover by Evelyn Sola, a diverse accidental marriage romance.

Read Now!


I was not a gambler. No way. I’ve built an existence free of risk and adventure. From my career to a small life with my closest family. I was not going to do anything to jeopardize my heart. But when my neighbor and number one menace to my safe plans showed up in Vegas, I did what every adventurous (not!) woman would do. I got drunk and married the man.


What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas. Then, I went and married Mellie Dupree. That woman I’ve been chasing for two years is now my wife. She claims she doesn’t remember our wedding, but I was there, and I know she’s not telling the truth. Then again, neither am I.

Add to Goodreads!


Evelyn Sola is good!

The book begins with all the excitement promised in the blurb: Mellie wakes up married in Vegas, but flees as she believes it to be a giant mistake. However, her new husband, Adam, isn’t about to let her go that easily; after all, he’s been pursing her for two years. As they struggle to figure out love and married life, Mellie’s less than amicable relationship with her mother and Adam’s own complicated issues with his family manage to interfere.

I enjoyed this romance. I was on the fence about liking Mellie initially, but before I even passed 10% of the book, she’d claimed a spot in my heart. Her character is relatable. Her reticence towards Adam stems from her family issues, but it is admirable that she worked hard at attempting to stand up for herself.

Adam was on my “YES!” list from the beginning – I liked his alpha possessive yet sweet and tender attitude toward Mellie. There is no way a woman who has a man like him in her life doesn’t know she is loved.

The book reminds us that most issues are solvable once all parties involved are reasonable, as well as willing to work through them, and prepared to take responsibility where necessary. It also shows that some hurts never fully heal once inflicted because words are powerful.

I recommend this read wholeheartedly and unreservedly. Adam & Mellie will certainly thrill you with their chemistry and relationship origin story. The cast of secondary characters – and a few familiar faces – will also leave you highly entertained.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


Copyright 2021 Evelyn Sola

“Okay.” She takes several deep breaths before coming to stand in front of me. “I’m going to need a little time to find my own place, but in the meantime, I need a small favor from you.” I arch my eyebrows at her declaration. “I need you to let me stay here. At least until Alex has that baby.” I sit on the couch and put my hands behind my head. I school my features so she won’t see how happy I am by her announcement.

“Is that right?” I ask.

“Yes. Do you know why, Adam? Because it’s the least you can do after what you did to me in Vegas. Besides, Jason always folds where our mother is concerned. She drops this bombshell, and he’s too much of a nice guy to tell her to GTFO. So”, she says, sighing deeply, “I guess I can sleep on the couch, but it would be nice if you would let me have the bed.”

“The bed is yours.” I quickly agree to her demand. She stops her pacing, turns to me and narrows her eyes. “But let’s get one thing straight. I didn’t do anything to you in Vegas, so you can stop that lie right the hell now.”

“I’ll pay rent of course,” she says, ignoring my last comment. “Name your price.” I stand up and go stand directly in front of her. She backs away and ends up stuck between my body and the wall. “I’d go stay with Ananda, but she just got married and I don’t want to be a nuisance to her right now, and a hotel would cost too much money and would set me back. Dammit.”

“And you hate being alone, so I’m your next best choice.”

“How do you know I hate being alone?” She crosses her arms and stares.

“You live with your brother and his family. You hardly ever go anywhere by yourself. I bet you never had any intentions of moving out. You only offered to move out knowing they would ask you to stay.” She scoffs and moves away from me. I watch her tight ass pace across my living room, and I will my body not to have its natural reaction.

I reach out, touch her arm, and she stops walking away. When she looks at me again, I see the uncertainty in her eyes. The fire from minutes ago is gone, and the only things left are the vulnerability and unease oozing out of her. It’s the same look she had on New Year’s Eve. I’ve noticed it before, and I’ve always wondered why. Why someone so beautiful, smart and loved by so many people would always have this air of loneliness, but I think I finally got my answer tonight.

About Evelyn Sola

A Boston native, wife, mother, and wine enthusiast. If she’s not writing, thinking about writing, you will find Evelyn with a book in her hands. While a new publisher, she’s been writing for years, and she will continue to write for many years to come.

Evelyn is obsessed with assertive and confident men who will stop at nothing to get their woman. Her stories are filled with love, passion and humor.

She currently lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and two daughters.

Follow: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Reader Group | Goodreads | BookBub | Newsletter | Amazon

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#ReleaseBlitz: April May Fall by @HovlandWrites ~ #5stars

April May Fall by Christina Hovland is now live!

April Davis totally has her life in order. Ha! Not really. Yes, she’s the Calm Mom—a social influencer with a reputation for showing moms how to stay calm and collected through yoga—but behind the scenes, she’s barely holding it all together. Raising tiny humans alone is exhausting, but that’s just the chewed-up cherry on the melted sundae of her life. Her kids aren’t behaving, her husband left her for his skydiving instructor, and her top knot proves she hasn’t showered in days.

Then a live video of the “always calm” April goes viral…and she’s most definitely not. Enter Jack Gibson, April’s contact at the media conglomerate that has purchased April’s brand. The too-sexy-for-his-own-good Jack will help clean up April’s viral mess, and even work with her to expand her influence, but toddler tea parties and a dog with a penchant for peeing on his shoes were definitely not part of the deal.

Now April’s calm has jumped ship quicker than her kids running from their vegetables. Not to mention, the sparks flying between her and Jack have her completely out of her depth. Forget finding her calm—April’s going to need a boatload of margaritas just to find her way back to herself again.

Download today!
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This story is so loveable.

April is struggling to pick up the pieces of her life post-divorce. Her formerly calm life is full of chaos, and one day the entire world gets an intimate look at just how not-together she is. Jack arrives to help her re-brand her yoga and mindfulness blog and social media presence, but as they rework April into a better and more authentic version of herself, Jack stumbles onto a few eye-opening revelations of his own.

I loved the plot as well as the energy running through this book. Jack & April’s story was funny and steamy with large doses of reality and relatability. I loved April. She was struggling to prove to everyone else that her life was perfect, when all she had to do was prove to herself and her children that wherever they were together was the very definition of perfection. Jack helped with a lot of that, but without forcing her into uncomfortable and unreasonable situations.

I’m not a mom myself, but I admire the heck out of all of those who wake up every day and fake it till they make it so their children can be happy, then rinse and repeat each day. I can definitely tell you that April is one mom you’ll enjoy meeting/reading about. I laughed, sniffled and cheered for her as she righted her chaotic world bit by bit.

I recommend this read wholeheartedly and unreservedly. I hope you’ll love April like I did.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Christina Hovland

USA Today Bestselling Author Christina Hovland lives her own version of a fairy tale—an artisan chocolatier by day and romance writer by night. Born in Colorado, Christina received a degree in journalism from Colorado State University. Before opening her chocolate company, Christina’s career spanned from the television newsroom to managing an award-winning public relations firm. She’s a recovering overachiever and perfectionist with a love of cupcakes and dinner she doesn’t have to cook herself. A 2017 Golden Heart® finalist, she lives in Colorado with her first-boyfriend-turned-husband, four children, and the sweetest dogs around.

Connect with Christina
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#BlogTour: Rush by @SMWestAuthor ~ #5stars


The Trojan Series
by S.M. West
Publication Date: October 21, 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Rock Star Romance

Google Play:


Rush – noun: a surging of emotion

My life is falling apart.

Fired from my job.

Blacklisted across NYC.

At odds with my mother.

The only thing good I have to hold on to is the memory of my steamy one-night stand.

Only I had no idea who Eli was…

Or that I’d end up working on his movie set.

The spark between us threatens to reignite every time we’re near each other.

But Eli wants more than just hot sex.

He has a daughter and wants a partner in life.

I’m seeking answers about my past and trying to plan my future.

Commitment is the last thing I want.

Yet, I’m unable to resist his pull and his passion.

His touch eases the turmoil in my life.

His kiss takes me to another place.

And the more time I spend with him and his daughter, 

the harder it becomes to break away.

Though when forced to choose between Eli or a chance at a fresh start, 

I’m not sure I can risk it all for love.


Book 4 in the Trojan series gives us Eli’s story.

As a single father trying to separate his fame from who the man he is, Eli is struggling in the dating department. No woman he meets on his sophisticated dating app seems to fire his blood the way a recent one night stand did. He didn’t get her name, but he can’t forget her face or the way she made him feel. A twist of fate lands them on a movie set together, and into each other’s lives again. But how eager is Prudence to believe that what they have is forever?

“…we’re destined to meet and be together in every one of our lives.”

Prudence aka Pru is flailing about since the company she helped create kicked her out. Blacklisted and in-between jobs, she isn’t exactly eager to work on a movie set. But then she is introduced to one of the main actors and is shell-shocked to realise he was her unforgettable one night stand. With walls high because of her past, Pru is afraid of the life Eli promises.

“There’s a pull between us. Undeniable and electric.”

Pru and Eli’s story moves fast, but their connection is unmistakable and believable. I liked the way Eli did everything possible to give Pru the assurance that he was 100% invested in them. He never gave her any occasion to doubt him. She didn’t stand a chance!

“You can give me your worst, and Pru Edwards, I’ll still be here.”

I enjoyed this book. It’s the right amount of sweet and steamy, wrapping up the series.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.



S.M. West writes romantic suspense and sexy, angsty contemporary romance. She’s a self-professed junkie of wine, chocolate and travel. If she isn’t writing or hanging with her family, she can be found planning her next adventure!

Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Amazon | Bookbub | Pinterest

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#NetGalley #Review: Wild in Captivity by @SamantheBeck1 ~ #5stars #WildInCaptivity

Book Cover

Ambitious L.A. lawyer Isabelle Marcano would rather run a mile in her Manolos than fly off to rustic Captivity, Alaska. But close the client’s sale successfully and her firm will find room on the letterhead for one more name. Still, taking a career detour to a place that doesn’t even have a Starbucks sounds like the seventh level of hell.

Then her best friend points out the town has something stronger on tap than caffeine. Testosterone. With two single men to every single woman, this assignment might just be the best thing to happen to her sex life since the invention of the waterproof Rabbit.

Until her sexy client introduces her as his fiancée to hide what she’s doing in town, and all her aspirations of hot Lumberjack Sex fly out the airplane window.

Though…fiancés do have sex, right? Those who don’t want to answer to small-town busybodies better look like they do, epically, even when the mere prospect plays havoc with her professional responsibilities. And her hormones.

Her firm’s getting antsy to finalize the merger. But the more she learns about Trace, about why he’s selling, the more conflicted she becomes about the deal. Failure to close means losing the partnership she’s always wanted, but the bigger failure might just be kissing Trace goodbye…

Buy Now!!


A lawyer specialising in mergers and acquisitions, Isabelle Marcano is sent to seal a deal in Captivity, Alaska as a stepping stone on her way to making partner. Intending to gorge herself on some much-needed sexy time, she finds herself immediately cock-blocked – by her own client, Trace! Keeping up the ruse of a fake relationship is just one of the problems she faces, as the town, Trace and the deal reveal hidden truths she hasn’t wanted to admit to herself.

Trace Shanahan is looking to offload the business that’s been in his family for decades as quietly and quickly as possible. When the firm he hires to oversee the sale offers to send out an attorney he agrees. But one look at Isabelle and he knows she won’t help at all with his plan to keep the sale under the radar. But announcing their fake engagement just happens to show him what he’s missing in his life, but will he be able to let go of his personal demons in order to keep Isabelle?

I really enjoyed this book. It’s the kind of book that makes you smile (and laugh out loud a few times!). I especially identified with Isabelle – we’re the friend that’s ALWAYS cold! I fell in love with each character, and I can’t wait to see what great things the author will do with the series.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book, via NetGalley.

#ReleaseBlitz: Not Without You by @writerlexiryan ~ #5stars

From New York Times bestseller Lexi Ryan comes a sexy new enemies-to-lovers office romance about two people who never thought to hope for their own happy ending.

Two and a half years ago, I hit rock bottom and lost everything. Since then, I’ve turned my life around—no more booze, no more drugs, no more self-sabotage. With a new business to run and old promises to keep, the last thing I need is smart-mouthed hellcat Veronica Maddox disrupting my world.

Veronica’s as beautiful as she is infuriating. She pushes all my buttons. Maybe that didn’t matter before, but now she’s working for me. She keeps this place running. As a business owner, I appreciate that. As the man she hates and the one who can’t forget our wild night together, I’m slowly losing my mind.  I told myself I could resist her, but we only get along when our hands are doing the talking. Before I know it, our relationship is anything but professional.

As a single mom, Veronica has a difficult past of her own, and when it comes knocking at her door, I find myself feeling inexplicably proprietary. Because no matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise, what started as two enemies looking for release has developed into something neither of us imagined possible. And while Veronica’s a complication I never wanted, she is exactly what I need.

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I teared up more than once reading this book. Colton & Veronica tug at your heart and libido with equal force, grabbing your attention and keeping a tight grip on it until the end. The emotion and steam in this read were well written. When Veronica cried, I felt her pain. When Colton was hurt, I hurt, too. And when they were happy? Oh man! Those were great moments.

Colton & Veronica consider themselves outsiders on the edges of the Jackson family. Both have pasts that they’d rather forget, but yet, have shaped so much of their lives. After one hot, steamy night together, their relationship becomes contentious and filled with barbs and angry words. When they finally give in to the delicious tension between them, they find a contentment – as well as a love – they never thought they’d ever deserve.

“It’s not just about having someone to lean on. It’s about having the right someone.”

This is a great romance. It shows that even when our lives seem complicated, or a hot mess, the right love from the right person can make us feel brave and unstoppable. Second chances, family bonds, and just the right amount of drama and steam make this book the treasure it is.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly & unreservedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Lexi Ryan

Lexi Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of emotional romance that sizzles and the 2018 winner of the Romance Writers of America® RITA®  award for Best Long Contemporary Romance. She considers herself the luckiest girl around to make a living through storytelling. She loves spending time with her kids, weightlifting, ice cream, swoony heroes, and vodka martinis.

Lexi lives in Indiana with her husband, two children, and a spoiled dog.

Connect with Lexi
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#ReleaseBlitz #ReviewBlitz: Doctor Scandalous by @jasamanbooks ~ #5stars

From USA Today bestselling author J. Saman comes a brand new Kindle-melting romance about one of Boston’s most notorious billionaire bachelors and the woman who flips his entire world upside down.

I’ve been dreading this for a year.
Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve been dreading this reunion since we graduated high school ten years ago.
So why am I here, standing outside the door like the eternal wallflower I am?
I’d say it’s because my younger sister browbeat me into it, but the truth is, I’m tired of being a nobody. Of never taking a risk with myself and my life.
And…well…maybe I’m also hoping to see him.
The tall, insanely gorgeous man walking my way now. Oliver Fritz is regarded as one Boston’s sexiest doctors. I know him as the former god of our school. The one every girl wanted, and every guy wanted to be.
The one as loathsome to be here as I am.
That’s when he makes the proposal I’ve always dreamed of. Only, this one is fake. On bended knee, he places a ring on my finger and proposes we brave this reunion together, with me as his fake fiancée. But when our wild and steamy night ends in scandal, we’re forced to make a deal.
He gives me what I need, and in return I stay his fake fiancée, so he doesn’t lose face with the media who love him or his sick mother. Should be easy, right? Just a few months pretending to be engaged to one of Boston’s most notorious billionaire bachelors. What could go wrong?
Turns out everything.


If you’re a fan of J. Saman’s work (I recently discovered her), then some of the characters in this book will be familiar to you. Oliver Fritz is the charming, sexy playboy we met in the Edge of Temptation, and I fell for him then, even though he wasn’t the hero of that novel. In this book, we meet a more vulnerable, but no less lovable version of the good doctor.

Still smarting due to a heartbreak from 10 years prior, Oliver is dreading going to his high school reunion. When he rescues Amelia, his childhood crush from embarrassment, he sees a way to make their already uncomfortable night into one they’ll enjoy and never forget. Only, as their fake relationship story gains traction, so do their very real feelings.

“I’m home with her. And no matter what comes our way, I’m not letting her go.”

Amelia is accustomed to being a wallflower, so Oliver’s proposition terrifies her as much as it excites her. As they “date”, she realises Oliver seems to bring out the best parts in her, but she’s worried that, as the spotlight on them begins to burn brighter and brighter, it would all fade away, and she’ll be left all alone, as usual.

“When it comes to Oliver Fritz, I have no idea how I’ll make it through these few months with my heart intact.”

This romance is sweet, sexy and altogether lovely. I really loved Oliver & Amelia’s story. Oliver is swoon-worthy – a total sweetheart. He’s so good to Amelia, and I loved how he included her sister. Amelia is a great heroine. She’s been pushed down and around a lot, but she keeps getting up, even when it hurts. I liked her determination and strength, and the bit of fire she had in her.

I recommend this romance unreservedly & wholeheartedly. J. Saman takes you deep into these pages as she crafts a romance within a romance. A do-over with the sweetest of twists. She also ensured that I would be looking forward to more of these Fritz men and their journeys to love.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


Meet J. Saman

J. Saman is a USA Today bestselling author who is addicted to Diet Coke, sour candy, and indie rock. She swears way too much (especially after a glass of wine) and has a penchant for sarcasm (or so her husband and children like to tell her).

She’s an admitted lover of second chance romances, love triangles, and the perfect amount of angst. She is best known for writing contemporary romance filled with smart, strong women, and sexy alphas who have a softer side–especially for their women.

Connect with J.
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#ReleaseBlitz: 907 For Keeps Way by @AuthorALocke ~ #5stars

Things heat up (and take an unexpected turn) when a trainer takes on the local pizza parlor owner. He wants to show her that exercising can be fun. She just wants to exercise with him.

🍒 Opposites attract🍒 Small Town 🍒 Standalone Novella

Don’t miss @authoradrianalocke’s newest release, 907 For Keeps Way, LIVE NOW on Amazon & available in Kindle Unlimited!

Grab it here:


Tired of feeling sorry for herself since her divorce, Kaylee decides that a gym membership is the first step to reinventing herself. But a misread email lands her several days early for her appointment, but just in time for Dane McDaniels, the town’s most eligible bachelor and owner of the gym, to offer her free workout classes. Shocked and intrigued, she agrees.

Dane mostly keeps to himself – people consider him a recluse. He’s hardly impulsive, but when he sees Kaylee in his gym, he seizes his chance to get close to the woman he’s been admiring from afar. As he pushes Kaylee out of her comfort zone, but into a mindset where she’s comfortable with herself, he hopes she’ll make room for him.

This short, sweet, insta-love romance was such a wonderful read. I enjoyed it and found it was the perfect read for me after two intense reads. Dane McDaniels will make you swoon, and you’ll be eager to see how he and Kaylee get together.

I recommend this book unreservedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

About the Author

Adriana Locke

USA Today, Washington Post, and Amazon Charts Bestselling author Adriana Locke lives and breathes books. After years of slightly obsessive relationships with the flawed bad boys created by other authors, Adriana has created her own.

She resides in the Midwest with her husband, four sons, and two dogs. She spends a large amount of time playing with her kids, drinking coffee, and cooking. You can find her outside if the weather’s nice and there’s always a piece of candy in her pocket.

Join the Locke List for exclusive stories, tales of mishaps, behind-the-scene looks, giveaways, what Adriana is reading, what you should be reading, cool recipes, and more:

Adriana loves chatting with readers! Find her all over social media:


Facebook: /authoradrianalocke

Twitter: @AuthorALocke

Pinterest: /authoradrianalo

Instagram: /authoradrianalocke

Goodreads Group: All Locked Up

Facebook Group: Books by Adriana Locke

#ReleaseBlitz #ReviewBlitz: Mr. Park Lane by @louisesbay ~ #5stars

Release Date: September 28


I haven’t seen him in over a decade, but Joshua Luca can still get to me. And I hate it.

At twenty-nine, I’m a doctor and I’ve travelled the world, but just the thought of him has me sliding my sweaty palms down my jeans and wishing I could steady my racing heartbeat.

Joshua was an almost obsession until, at seventeen, he cost me my future. In one night, I grew up and let go of my silly crush.

My infatuation for Joshua is dead and buried. Forever.

It doesn’t matter that he’s my new flat mate.

Or that he still has that same sexy smile.

I barely notice how that, despite his billions, he’s the kindest man I know.

Or that when he touches me, a thousand tiny fireworks explode all over my body.

I’m completely over Joshua Luca.

Grab Your Copy Here!


In a sweet romance, Louise Bay gives us a story of two childhood acquaintances/friends who reconnect via interfering mothers.

Both Joshua & Hartford have emotional scars that become apparent when their relationship changes. Their romance blossoms awkwardly, but segues into the sort that makes you wistful. Their reconnection starts with reforming their friendship and soon, Hartford’s unrequited crush on Joshua has new life, and Joshua is seeing Hartford in a completely new light. But Hartford isn’t sure that Joshua is truly into her, and Joshua worries that he may never be enough for her.

I recommend this read. Though the story is more of a slow-burn, the story is well-paced, and there is no hiding the heated connection between Hartford and Joshua as they build on their old childhood association. The combined character growth by the end had me smiling, with a warm feeling in my chest.

“This was my not-so-fake date. This was an old, never-forgotten crush. This was my best friend.”

I enjoyed this standalone read. The group of friends is intriguing, and this installment, more than ever, has me eager to read the others that came before in the series.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Louise Bay


USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind she likes to read. Her books include the novels Faithful (not currently on sale as undergoing maintenance!), HopefulThe Empire State SeriesThe Nights CollectionThe Royals Collection, and The Gentleman Collection (these are series of stand alone books each following different characters). Louise’s most recent novel is Mr. Mayfair which is available now!

Ruined by romantic mini-series of the eighties, Louise loves all things romantic. There’s not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.


Louise loves the rain, The West Wing, London, days when she doesn’t have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne.


She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!

Connect with Louise Bay

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#ReleaseBlitz: Cocky Counsel by Samantha Baca ~ #5stars

Title: Cocky Counsel
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Samantha Baca
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 26, 2021
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
I’m rarely a man who mixes business with pleasure but when I find myself hypnotized by a beautiful woman at the nightclub, I make the time to enjoy the finer things in life. Like having a quickie in the linen closet. Fast forward two weeks when that same magnificent woman shows up to my office, ready to work for my law firm as our new attorney.
Everything inside me screams I should step back and forget the girl that I haven’t been able to get out of my head, but it’s nearly impossible when she’s working in the office directly across from me. Her professional attitude and sexy attire do nothing to keep the inappropriate thoughts out of my head. But when a sexual harassment lawsuit from a former employee falls into my lap, I’m forced to walk away or risk losing everything I’ve worked so hard for.
Lust isn’t anything to worry about. It’s love you have to watch out for. It’ll bite you in the ass at the least opportune time.
Cocky Counsel is an instalove/office romance inspired by Stuck-Up Suit.
Free in Kindle Unlimited


Ethan & Eva’s story was one I enjoyed immensely. Not only was their chemistry off-the-charts hot, but the couple was close to my age, and that made it really relatable.

From one hot as hell night in a nightclub, to finding out they were to be workmates while trying to keep their hands off each other, Ethan & Eva’s story is nothing short of complicated. But just when feelings start knocking on the door of their not-so-sure-what-it-is relationship, Ethan’s undisclosed past almost manages to throw a wrench in the mix, making things even messier.

Samantha Baca is a new-to-me author, but I was glued to the pages of this story. The strength, sass and feistiness of the heroine combined with Ethan’s forceful yet considerate nature ensured that sparks flew off the page with their every interaction. I enjoyed every bit of this story: the romance, the drama, and the twists and turns. It is a great addition to the Cocky Hero World. If you’re looking for a good office romance, I recommend this one.

I also would love if the author created the stories of Eva’s sisters and best friend.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Samantha lives in the southwest with her husband and two small children after abandoning her childhood dream of living in a cabin in Colorado when she found that she couldn’t afford to live there and was deathly allergic to the woods. When she’s not writing she’s usually spouting off sarcastic remarks while drinking wine out of a coffee mug to look like a functional adult while chasing down her toddlers. She enjoys spending time with her family, watching reruns of Friends, and the 24/7 flow of coffee that can be found in her veins. Be sure to follow her on social media for updates on what she’s working on.

#ReleaseTour: Make Me by @WritesEvelyn ~ #5stars

Falling in love is the last thing single mom Laci Hogan is looking for. Too bad her new neighbor didn’t get the memo. Cooper Stevens isn’t a stranger to hard work and when he wants something, he won’t stop until he gets it. Fall for this hard-working hottie in Make Me by Evelyn Sola, a Widow Romance, the next book in the Blue Collar Romance Series.

Read Now!

Laci Hogan isn’t looking for love when she moves back to Oak Bend. Coming home is all about Laci gaining her independence she once lost. Besides, getting over a rocky past and losing her husband is more than enough for her to juggle while raising her two-year-old daughter but old acquaintance – Cooper Stevens can be persistent when it comes to getting what he wants.

No stranger to hard work, he’s willing to do all it takes to prove to his new neighbor Laci that she doesn’t have to do life alone and that with the right person, a relationship makes life better – oh so much better.

Will Cooper make her see that this could be all the happiness she never knew she was looking for?

Add to Goodreads!


This romance had me glued to its pages.

Laci is the type of heroine who has been knocked around a few times by life. Somehow, she’s found a way to roll with the punches, and her decision to make Oak Bend her home is part of her decision to keep on standing. When she recognises Cooper, her high school crush, is her next door neighbour, she is both thrilled and scared about how it makes her feel. But Cooper is everything she never knew she needed and then some. He’s patient as she figures out her next steps, and really sweet with Ivy. I loved them all! Cooper has never forgotten his crush on Laci, and when she returns to his hometown, he’s excited to finally have a chance to be with her. But Laci’s walls aren’t the only obstacle in his way.

Evelyn Sola is a must-read for me. Her romances have large doses of reality, while giving us the stuff of dreams. Make Me has emotion, witty banter and a really great romance story.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


Copyright 2021 Evelyn Sola

Just as I approach the corner, I’m hit on the shoulder by another body. I’m pushed to the wall, and the mountain of books in my hands crashes to the floor. The red folder holding my English term paper lands on top of the heap.

“Watch where you’re going!” the person who bumped says.

She doesn’t have the decency to stop, but by the sound of her giggles, I know who it is. And there’s no way the school’s most popular senior would give me the time of day. I sigh and drop to the floor to pick up my things. My heart starts to beat erratically because if there’s one thing I know—wherever Candace is, he’s never too far behind.

I’m proven right. A pair of black boots enters my line of vision. Cooper Stevens. Those are his boots. He was wearing them the very first time I saw him, and I remember wanting to be swallowed up by the ground. The only thing that saved me from total embarrassment was the fact that I know someone like him would never notice someone like me.

I hold my breath while he approaches and quickly turn to my books. Please leave. Please leave. Please leave. I busy myself arranging my books. I won’t stand up until he walks past me. Only he doesn’t. He drops down to my level and grabs my red folder. Instead of handing it to me, he opens it and starts to look through the pages.

I finally find the courage to look at him, and our eyes lock. For the first time ever, I notice the hazel flecks around his brown eyes. I look away and drop my head, and because this is the day from hell, my glasses slide off my face and land on the floor.

We reach for them at the same time, and his large hand ends up covering mine. I let out a small sound, and I say a silent prayer that he didn’t hear it. I note the contrast of our skin tones, his white hand covering my brown one before I pull mine away. He lifts my glasses and brings them to my face. I’m as still as a statue while I look down at the linoleum floor. He moves closer and slides the glasses back onto my face. I take a deep breath and bask in the smell of his leather jacket mixed with his fruity shampoo.

When he gets the glasses on my face, he moves his hands behind my ears to make sure they are secure.

“You okay?” he asks. He lifts my chin and forces me to look at him.

Like a deer in headlights, all I can do is stare.

“Be careful next time, Laces,” he whispers.

I lick my dry lips. “Um, my name is—” The words get locked in my throat. I grab my books and finally stand up. He stands right along with me. When we’re both upright, he takes a step closer.

“Your name is what?” he asks. He hands me my folder, and when I take it from him, his fingers touch mine.

“Um, my name is—” I clear my throat and try again. The entire time he stares at me with an expression I can’t interpret. “My name isn’t, um—” I never get a chance to finish my sentence.

“Cooper!” Candace yells in the hallway. She runs over to us and grabs the sleeve of his leather jacket. “Come on! What are you still doing here with her?” She points at me without bothering to look in my direction. “Let’s go. You did your good deed of the day. Maybe you should tell her to run a flat iron through that hair.” The entire time he was being dragged away, his head was turned in my direction, until they turned the corner and he disappeared.

About Evelyn Sola

A Boston native, wife, mother, and wine enthusiast. If she’s not writing, thinking about writing, you will find Evelyn with a book in her hands. While a new publisher, she’s been writing for years, and she will continue to write for many years to come.

Evelyn is obsessed with assertive and confident men who will stop at nothing to get their woman. Her stories are filled with love, passion and humor.

She currently lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and two daughters.

Follow: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Reader Group | Goodreads | BookBub | Newsletter | Amazon

About The Blue Collar Romance Series

Escape to Oak Bend where blue-collar hotties work hard and love even harder.

From broody carpenters to sexy electricians, these eight standalones are packed with small town feels, heat, and heartwarming happily ever afters.

Enjoy your favorite tropes written by an amazing group of authors: Jaymee Jacobs, Alexa Rivers, Evelyn Sola, Kate Carley, Tracy Broemmer, Mila Nicks, Claire Wilder, and Moni Boyce.

Fall head over heels for swoon-worthy book boyfriends who aren’t afraid of a little hard work for that happily ever after.

This promotional event is brought to you by Indie Pen PR

#ReleaseBlitz: There’s Something About Molly by @Hovlandwrites ~ #5stars

There’s Something About Molly by
Christina Hovland is now live!

Keeping it together. Barely.

Molly Princeton hasn’t met the right guy. Yes, she’s a dating coach. But she’s also a single mom with a rocky relationship history. She may be able to help others find love, but she doesn’t really need it in her life. Happiness doesn’t require falling in love. Winning a matchmaker competition however requires being part of a couple. And darn it, she needs to win this one. That’s when she sets her sights on Gavin Frank—the one man she would absolutely never fall in love with.

Gavin is her nemesis, her best friend’s ex, and yeah, okay, he’s sexy as sin. He’s also off limits. But she’s out of other options. Plus Gavin could use a fake relationship to keep his meddling mother from setting up blind dates with every available woman in the Mile High City. There’s no way he’d fall for Molly. None. Nada.

The two quickly learn there’s a thin line between hate and love, and she finds herself tipping onto the wrong side. For the first time, she doesn’t have all the answers. What the heck is she supposed to do next? Lucky for her, Gavin realizes there’s something about Molly he can’t resist…

Download today!
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You can’t not love this read.

Molly is resolved to stay hating her best friend’s ex-husband, so she’s confused when she suddenly CANNOT find good reasons to keep hating him anymore. When fate literally forces them together over and over, she realises that there might be something about Gavin that she’s only just seeing for the first time.

I laughed at Molly’s internal dialogue and the children’s shenanigans a lot. I also love how supportive Molly’s friend group is, too. Each woman in the group knows that everyone has their back, but they also know that they will tell them the truth, whether they want to hear it or not.

I recommend this read wholeheartedly, and look forward to more in the series.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Christina Hovland

USA Today Bestselling Author Christina Hovland lives her own version of a fairy tale–an artisan chocolatier by day and romance writer by night. Born in Colorado, Christina received a degree in journalism from Colorado State University. Before opening her chocolate company, Christina’s career spanned from the television newsroom to managing an award-winning public relations firm. She’s a recovering overachiever and perfectionist with a love of cupcakes and dinner she doesn’t have to cook herself. A 2017 Golden Heart® finalist, she lives in Colorado with her first-boyfriend-turned-husband, four children, and the sweetest dogs around.

Connect with Christina
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#ReleaseBlitz: Pressure Point by Claire Hastings ~ #5stars

Pressure Point by Claire Hastings is live.
Get your sexy sports romance fix today!


How high does the pressure get inside the friend zone? This goalkeeper is about to find out…

Moving to America forced Liam Daley to leave almost everything behind in Ireland – his family, his team, and his dreams about what might have been. Now on a mission to prove that he’s more than second string as a member of the Atlanta Rising Football Club, there’s only one thing distracting him: the team’s charming and quirky physical therapist, who just happens to be crushing on the hotshot rookie Dash Lazaro.

Avery Houghton is living her dream working for the Atlanta Rising. In fact, life would be perfect if she could just score a date with her dream guy. But overcoming her natural awkwardness is unlikely, and her insecurities aren’t doing her any favors either. She’s desperate for help, and who better to teach her how to attract a football star than another football star?

As Avery’s reluctant partner in crime, Liam hopes to show her that she doesn’t need to change for any man. But simply telling Avery how he really feels seems impossible. While Avery gets closer to everything she thinks she wants, Liam starts to feel the pressure. Will he be forced to pass when he’s finally ready to make a play for her heart?

#releaseblitz #releaseblast #releaseday #newrelease #bookbirthday #availablenow #nowlive #newbooks #romancenovels #romancebooks #contemporaryromance #sportsromance #soccerromance #footballromance #atlantarising #pressurepoint #bookish #booklovers #booknerds #readmoreromance #spicyreads #hotreads


I don’t how Claire Hastings managed it, but this book is both sweet AND hot! With Liam’s quiet charm and Avery’s quirkiness, it was a book that I kept loving more and more as I read it.

Liam has it bad for Avery, but he knows she has it bad for his teammate, Dash. Even as he knows that planning for Avery to catch Dash’s attention would most likely hurt him in the end, he finds himself unable to stay away from her. Will he end up coming in second, as usual?

Avery loves looking at Dash but soon realises she feels more comfortable with Liam. He’s sees her, truly, and she is free to be herself without worry or judgement whether it’s a night out, or a movie night indoors. But will she realise that the one thing she’s been looking for her whole life is within reach before she alienates Liam for good?

I can’t recommend this book enough. Liam & Avery burn up the pages as much as they create soft, mushy feelings. There’s fun, laughter, and lots of steam, as well as great friendship and camaraderie in these pages. You definitely don’t want to miss it!

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

About Claire:
Claire Hastings is a walking, talking awkward moment. She loves Diet Coke, gummi bears, the beach, and books (obvs). When not reading she can usually be found hanging with friends at a soccer match or grabbing food (although she probably still has a book in her purse). She and her husband live in Atlanta with their fur-child Denali.

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#ReleaseBlitz: Shameless Chef by @GwynMcnamee ~ #5stars

Title: Shameless Chef
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Series: Fury Family #3
Author: Gwyn McNamee
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 19, 2021
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
Only one word can describe Chef Jameson Fury…
He parades around with that sexy smirk and those fabulous abs like he’s the king of the kitchen.
Of all the places he could choose to open his new restaurant, why does it have to be right next door to mine?
It’s hard enough trying to get my place up and running without having him hovering around and disrupting my business.
Not to mention the way my body betrays me every time he’s close.
I should despise him.
But with every prank, every act of sabotage we take against each other…
The tension growing between us inches closer to personal and away from professional.
Things are heating up, and not just in our kitchens…
All because of this shameless chef.
Shameless Chef is a rivals to lovers/neighbors romance inspired by Stuck-Up Suit.
Free in Kindle Unlimited


This is an enthralling, hard-to-put-down read. I read it one go – it was that good! No stranger to Gwyn McNamee’s work, I am still internally squealing about how awesome this book is.

Jameson Fury is the baby of the his family. Taking a hard pass at hockey, he fell in love with the culinary arts in childhood and never looked back. His dream is to own his own restaurant, and finally associate his family’s name with something he’s good at. But he encounters Isabella as he begins to get his restaurant ready, and suddenly the path to achieving his goals isn’t as clear as it used to be.

Isabella has had a dream since childhood: to own her own restaurant and make her own version of her grandmother’s recipes for other people to enjoy. She’s not going to let a not-quite-normal life interfere with that dream. Nor a cocky, drool-worthy chef who shamelessly taunts her into fighting to make sure that her dream doesn’t get eclipsed by his fame.

I enjoyed this story so much. Izzy and Jameson’s banter was entertaining and their pranks on each other were hilariously devious. I liked that Isabella never backed down from Jameson; she gave as good as she got – a true fighter.

I recommend this read as an excellent addition to the Cocky Hero Club series, and a fitting end to the Fury family trilogy. Get your copy now and enjoy it!

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Gwyn McNamee is an attorney, writer, wife, and mother (to one human baby and one fur baby). Originally from the Midwest, Gwyn relocated to her husband’s home town of Las Vegas in 2015 and is enjoying her respite from the cold and snow. Gwyn has been writing down her crazy stories and ideas for years and finally decided to share them with the world. She loves to write stories with a bit of suspense and action mingled with romance and heat.
When she isn’t either writing or voraciously devouring any books she can get her hands on, Gwyn is busy adding to her tattoo collection, golfing, and stirring up trouble with her perfect mix of sweetness and sarcasm (usually while wearing heels).
Gwyn is the author of The Hawke Family Series, The Slip Series, The Deadliest Sin Series, The Inland Seas Series, and The Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd (as her alter-ego D.P. Payne), along with several stand-alones.

#ReleaseBlitz #ReviewBlitz: Hendrix by @mjfieldsbooks & @ChelseaCamaron ~ #4stars

The Caldwell Brothers are back and better than ever!

Start your binge with Hendrix for #99cents!


Hendrix Caldwell, the oldest of the Caldwell brothers, is the ever steady voice of reason out of the three Detroit—Rock City’s—wild boys. Focused, determined, and living with a chip on his shoulder, Hendrix is married to his bar, allowing no time for anything more than a casual hook up. Work hard, play harder—that is the Caldwell brothers’ way.

For Olivia Hemmingway, life is nothing except the school of hard knocks. Born as the consequence of a one night stand, Olivia didn’t have the childhood found in movies and books. However, she’s all grown up now and completely on her own. Drowning in debt, she is looking for a small break in life, but the hits just keep on coming.

One night, one charity event, two masks hiding them from the world and each other… Two people let go and share the best of each other in a luxury hotel’s storage closet for one night they both can’t forget. One night they both revisit in their dreams.

What happens when two worlds collide not once, but twice? When they find out who was behind the mask, will sparks fly, or will their past demons keep them apart?


The Caldwell brothers, Hendrix, Morrison & Jagger, are struggling to move past the death of their mother. Raised in a home where she was their only source of love and light, they are not only rough around the edges, but wary of getting close to any female.

When Jagger begs Hendrix to take his place at a Valentine’s Day shindig, no one foresees how that night would change their lives, especially that of Hendrix. After quite possibly the hottest hookup of his life in a janitor’s closet, Hendrix’s mystery lady vanishes. Intrigued, yet bothered by how much he continues to think of her, he doesn’t quite know what to do with his memories of her. When she turns out to be his newest hire while rousing his protective instincts, Hendrix soon realises that love may not be a fairytale, after all.

Olivia is trying to live life on her terms. Deeply scarred by her past, her coping mechanism has carried her thus far, but she is still stuck. A one night stand challenges her view of intimacy, but she is unprepared for the way Hendrix re-enters and occupies her mind, heart and life. When she has to face her past, she soon realises that Hendrix, with his broody, domineering and possessive self is there to stay.

I enjoyed the read for the most part. The authors handled the topic of abuse in a unique way, giving the heroine an odd (very odd!) coping mechanism. There were moments I wondered about how the authors viewed safe sex and contraceptives, but overall, I enjoyed the book. I look forward to reading Morrison & Jagger’s stories, and seeing how love helps heal their grief.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

About the Authors

MJ Fields

MJ Fields

MJ Fields is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and new adult romance novels. She lives in New York with her daughter and smoochie faced Newfie, Theo.

When she’s not locked away in the cave, she enjoys spending time with her family, live music, the theatre, singing off key, dancing to her own beat, listening to audio books, and reading of course.

Forever Steel!

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Chelsea Camaron

Chelsea Camaron

USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Chelsea Camaron is a small-town Carolina girl with a big imagination. She is a wife and mom chasing her dreams. She writes contemporary romance, erotic suspense, and psychological thrillers. She loves to write blue-collar men who have real problems with a fictional twist. From mechanics to bikers to oil riggers to smokejumpers, bar owners, and beyond, she loves a strong hero who works hard and plays harder.

Find more information here:

#ReleaseBlitz: Austin’s Revenge by @authorjaxmckay1 ~ #5stars

Austin’s Revenge by Jax McKay is now live!

I never forgot the one night I had with Violet.
Now she’s my assistant and I’m going to make her mine.

Being forced into early retirement wasn’t all that bad.
After all, now I am running my own MMA promo company.
With my best friends and my brother at my side we can’t fail.

The last thing I expected them to do was hire me an assistant.
And I definitely wasn’t prepared for her to walk in.
Violet Lancaster…

The one night stand I never forgot.

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!



Note: Read Awakening before you read this.

Through a mixture of love and respect for the sport and his desire for revenge, Austin and his friends finally have followed through on Austin’s spontaneous decision to retire from MMA fighting and form his own company. As the group has never had to deal with administration duties on a large scale, they are forced to hire someone. Both Violet & Austin are surprised – they had a one night stand before Austin’s retirement. Though they never forgot each other, they never expected to see each other again. But behind-the-scenes machinations may not have the best of intentions for them.

I liked this read. I loved the mix of suspense, revenge/blackmail and steam. The story also showcases friendship, forgiveness and second chances, which struck the perfect balance. I only take issue with some OW drama that wasn’t resolved, in my opinion. But, I cannot wait to read more from these Ares Falls billionaires.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Jax McKay

Born and raised in Chicago, Jax was a quiet soul who kept to himself but let his personality fly in his writing. He realizes sometimes its easy to write than it is to talk about what you’re going through so he uses his writing to help others relate. When he’s not writing he’s working out embracing a clean eating lifestyle.

Connect with Jax
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#ReleaseBlitz: Great Pretender by @khardinegray1 ~ #5stars

Title: Great Pretender
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Khardine Gray
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 12, 2021
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
He needs a wife so he can get his inheritance.
I’m up to my eyeballs in debt with a sick father who needs treatment.
When he offers me a million dollars to be his fake wife, am I supposed to say no?
Chad Holdsworth is one of the wealthiest football stars in the country.
We’ve been best friends since birth.
So his shenanigans are nothing new to me.
The idea of getting married should have been easy.
Until he kissed me.
We then forgot we were supposed to be pretending.
And broke all the rules.
I know better than to fall for a playboy.
Even if he is my friend.
But I’m so lost in him I can’t see my way back.
With that panty-melting smile and his bedroom baby blues, he could get a nun in trouble.
What chance do I have of resisting?
If you play with fire, you will get burned.
Loving this man might be a mistake I’m not prepared for.
Great Pretender is a friends to lovers/fake fiancée romance inspired by Park Avenue Player.
Free in Kindle Unlimited


Chad & Piper have been best friends since childhood. Only once – in their teens – were they ever concerned that their relationship wasn’t as it should be. But another 12 years passed before anything happens to make them second guess their feelings.

Chad’s professional life hangs in the balance as a result of his private life being splashed across the tabloids. His dad delivers an ultimatum, and in desperation, Chad offers Piper a deal: a million dollars to be his fake wife. He reasons that although Piper isn’t attracted to him like he is to her, he can trust her to not take advantage of him.

Piper is suddenly boyfriend-less as well as homeless. Broke, she accepts Chad’s offer to move in with him. When her dad needs more help than she can give him on her own, she decides to take Chad up on his fake marriage offer. Her plan is simple: fake being attracted to Chad while keeping her own real feelings for him in check.

This story worked so well because Chad & Piper’s love was right there beneath the veneer of close friendship. They had great chemistry, and genuinely cared about each other.

“…all this time, we were masquerading as friends.”

I recommend this read. It’s a quick, but good read. It is a great addition to the Cocky Hero Club series, and I totally recommend it.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Khardine Gray is an USA Today Bestselling author.
She writes contemporary romance, multicultural romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense.
Her books have sexy, drool-worthy heroes who will make you melt, and sassy, fun loving, ambitious heroines.
She simply adores her readers and loves spoiling them.

#ReviewBlitz: Final Draft by @kristie_leigh_ ~ #5stars

Release Date: September 9

To the public, I was known as Camden Freeman, the bad boy of the race world. The one who had it all, including women.

As a driver, I never liked to take things slow, and Lindsay was no exception.

I’d agreed to one night as a favor. But from the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to have her, but it wasn’t until the final draft that I knew it was forever.

I was used to getting everything I wanted, but Lindsay was going to make me earn it every step of the way.


Grab Your Copy Here

Kristie Leigh is celebrating her release with a GIVEAWAY!
Enter to win:
· Freeman Racing hoodie
· Signed paperback of Final Draft
· Final Draft charm bracelet
· $5 Amazon gift card
· Swag pack
To enter visit:


Through friends, Camden & Lindsay end up as each other’s blind date to a charity event. Expecting a slightly awkward & uncomfortable night, both are surprised when they get along well with each other. For two commitment-phobic individuals, the desire to be with each other is more than a bit shocking.

I enjoyed this romance. Camden & Lindsay started out unsure, but as they each got over themselves, their romance unfurled in a really sweet way. Their romance reminds you that love can find you in the strangest ways, and at moments when you least expect it. Camden & Lindsay – even as their relationship hits snags and bumps – were always upfront with each other, and I liked that. There were no crazy, silly secrets between them.

I recommend this read. It has lots of humor, banter, love, steam and romance. You’ll love Lindsay & Camden as individuals, and together. I could hardly put it down.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Kristie Leigh

I’m a feisty redheaded Canadian/American who fell in love with romance novels when my friend Phil bought me a Kindle that hasn’t left my side since.
My favorite books to read are anything taboo and super sick and twisted. I’m not sure I will ever write anything dark, but I would love to give it a shot one day.


I live in South Florida with my high school sweetheart and three kids. I grew up in Burlington, ON, Canada but made the move to South Florida in 2013 and definitely don’t miss the snow.
I’m not sure where this writing journey will take me but either way, I know it will be a fun new adventure, and I’m super excited about it.
Connect with Kristie Leigh
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#BlogTour: On the Rebound by @authorlacotton ~ #5stars

ON THE REBOUND, a brand new enemies-to-lovers sports romance from L A Cotton IS LIVE!

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Read the prequel to Zach and Calli’s story, Trick or Treat, An ‘On the Rebound’ Prequel Story, available FREE here!

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They say your first love leaves a mark.

For Calliope James it didn’t only leave a mark, it tore out her heart and left it bleeding on the ground.

He was her best friend.
Her first kiss.
Her everything.

Until one day, he wasn’t.

Zachary Messiah will never forget the girl with eyes the color of whiskey. But he’s not that boy anymore.

He’s devoid of emotion.

Their paths were never supposed to cross again. But love doesn’t always play by the rules.

Now he’s the King of Steinbeck University and she’s the new girl on campus … and the pasts they have fought so hard to bury are about to collide.

Only this time, they might not survive the fallout.


“… the deeper the love, the stronger the hate.”

A lot of pain has followed Zach Messiah & Calliope James to Steinbeck U. The two have shared history that they are reluctant to revisit, but as their paths cross repeatedly, they are forced to confront not only the past, but the fact that despite the hate-filled veneer they project, they have never stopped loving each other.

Being each other’s first love has a lasting effect. Though Zach wants to hurt Calli as much as he was hurt by her, he always finds himself back in front of her. Calli desperately wants to move on, but her heart simply wouldn’t let her.

“… my soul still recognized Zach as hers. It always had… It always would.”

As they both deal with their personal issues, and form new friendships & connections, they realise that life is a gift that should be cherished. They also learn that sometimes, the best thing to do is forgive and move on.

I enjoyed this read more than I expected to. The angst, grief and college life drama ensured that I was stuck to the pages of this book. There were many moments that got me all choked up, and then, there were moments that made me smile.

This is a great series debut, and I look forward to the rest of the Scorpions’ exploits.

I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend this read.

About the Author:
Author of over thirty mature young adult and new adult novels, LA COTTON is happiest writing the kind of books she loves to read: addictive stories full of teenage angst, tension, twists and turns.

Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time writer with being a mother/referee to two little people. In her spare time (and when she’s not camped out in front of the laptop) you’ll most likely find LA immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life.

Connect w/L.A. Cotton:
Facebook Group:
NL Signup:

Cover Reveal: HOOPS Shorts by Kennedy Ryan

HOOPS Shorts, a collection of novellas featuring two sexy and poignant sports romances in the critically-acclaimed HOOPS series from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kennedy Ryan is coming June 23rd, and we have the gorgeous cover!

Preorder your copy today!


Amazon Worldwide:

Audiobook (Narrated by Mari, Jacob Morgan, Andi Arndt, Connor Crais):

Listen to an audio sample here:

Paperback: Coming Soon!

Release Tour: Hard Count by S.R. Grey ~ 3 stars

Title: Hard Count
Series: A Men of Fall Novel
Author: S.R. Grey
Genre: Sports Romance/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 24, 2022
Pro footballer Mike Vinceton desperately wants to get away before the Comets’ new season begins.
Lucky for him the tropical destination he chooses turns out to be perfect.
Not only does he find himself rested and refreshed, but he just met the most tantalizing woman. Her name is Lexi, and their connection is insane.
Too bad their time is cut short—before Mike can learn her last name . . . or where she lives.
Alas, such is life.
Resigned that he’ll never see Lexi again, Mike returns to Ohio to head off to training camp. But what he doesn’t know is he’s about to run into her again, in a most unexpected place.
See, Lexi is the Comets’ owner’s daughter. And though her dad would love for her to take more of an interest in the team, that definitely doesn’t include her dating a player.
Hell no!
Cue the sneaking around . . . and Mike and Lexi praying her dad doesn’t find out.
Hard Count is the fifth novel in the bestselling Men of Fall football romance series and can be read as a standalone.
Goodreads Review – “I was riveted from the first to the last chapter….”
Goodreads Review – “It was a true love story.”
Thelma and Louise Book Blog – “This is a captivating read with wonderful characters and it will appeal to a wide range of audiences.”
Review Graphic
Mike & Lexi meet, and awed by their connection spend a few hours together, never expecting to see each other again… Until Lexi & Mike realise that their worlds collide in the best way possible. But their reconnection isn’t without its obstacles.

While it had a decent plot, I found the book a bit rushed, especially near the end. Fans of insta-love, low-drama romances will totally enjoy this.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


S.R. Grey is a USA Today Bestselling Author of the popular Boys of Winter hockey books and Men of Fall football novels. Both series can be read in any order or as standalones. Other New Adult and Romantic Suspense works of hers include the Judge Me Not books, the Promises series, the Inevitability duology, A Harbour Falls Mystery trilogy, and the Laid Bare series of novellas.
When not writing Ms. Grey can be found reading, traveling, running, and cheering for her hometown sports teams. Sometimes all at the same time!










Release Blitz: The Project by R.L. Mathewson ~ 4 stars

Release Date: May 20

From New York Time’s bestselling author of the Neighbor from Hell series comes a heartwarming romantic comedy about the only thing that matters when you’re about to lose everything that you’ve ever wanted. 
The one person that you can’t live without.
She should probably mention that she had no idea what she was doing, but since that would probably result in her new boss, Devyn MacGregor, CEO of Carta Hotels and the incredibly handsome man that didn’t look like he knew how to smile, firing her, Andi Dawson decided that it would be in her best interest to keep that fact to herself. After years of doing a job that had slowly destroyed her will to live, she needed a change, something different, something that gave her a clue about what she was supposed to do with her life, but more importantly, she needed to figure out how she was supposed to keep a secret that could destroy the only thing that mattered to her.
Just. One. More. Time.
Devyn was so close to having everything that he’d ever wanted when everything suddenly went to hell. He should have seen this coming, should have stayed focused, and he really should stop thinking about the small woman that he should probably fire. He had four months to fix this and he had no idea how he was going to do it, but he knew that he was about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

Grab Your Copy Here:

Amazon | Apple | Nook | Kobo


This rom-com was a refreshing read.

Andi has an affinity for numbers, but is tired of being stuck in accounting jobs. She fudges her resume so she can be hired in any other position except one dealing with figures. When she successfully “interviews” with Devyn MacGregor for the position of his assistant, she figures she’s on the road to finally figuring out her life without being surrounded by numbers. But little does she know!

Devyn is stressed – and the little – and very quirky – woman he hired on a whim is both exacerbating and soothing his stress. She can’t assist very well, but she’s been one of the best things to happen to his professional life lately. She rarely ever does what he tells her to, but he’s falling fast for her and all her eccentricities.

I liked Andi & Devyn’s story. It was fun, and had lots of characters that I would definitely like reading about in the future. The suspense angle was pretty good, too, even though I had figured out the main villain almost immediately.

This is my first R.L. Mathewson read, as she’s new to me, but I will definitely be reading more of her work in the future.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet R.L. Mathewson

New York Times Bestselling author, R.L. Mathewson was born in Massachusetts. She’s known for her humor, quick wit, and ability to write relatable characters. She currently has several paranormal and contemporary romance series published including the Neighbor from Hell series.

Growing up, R.L. Mathewson was a painfully shy bookworm. After high school she attended college, worked as a bellhop, fast food cook, and a museum worker until she decided to take an EMT course. Working as an EMT helped her get over her shyness as well as left her with some fond memories and some rather disturbing ones that from time to time show up in one of her books. 


Today, R.L. Mathewson is the single mother of two children that keep her on her toes. She has a bit of a romance novel addiction as well as a major hot chocolate addiction and on a perfect day, she combines the two.

Connect with R.L. Mathewson

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads 

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Release Blitz: Adoring Alejandro by Eve Black ~ 4 stars

Title: Adoring Alejandro
Series: Falling Down #3
Author: Eve Black
Genre: Unrequited Love/Curvy Girl Romance
Release Date: May 19, 2022
Maeve Thomas has always been the one in the background; easily ignored, easily overlooked, easily forgotten. And she hasn’t minded, really. It helps keep the attention off her not-so-attractive attributes. She’s happy hiding…until she comes face to face with a man who makes her wish to finally be seen.
Alejandro Mendez, the sexy co-owner of the company where she works, is looking to kick his playboy ways and finally settle down, but he’s looking everywhere but right in front of him. How do you make the man of your dreams take notice when everything about you is forgettable?
When a clandestine encounter heats things up between them, Maeve is hopeful AJ will see they are perfect together, that his heart should belong to her.
Too bad he gives it to someone else.
Adoring Alejandro is a sexy unrequited love, workplace, BBW romance, and the third book in the steamy, emotional Falling Down series. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and a deliciously gratifying HEA.
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Alejandro is in a relationship with a faceless woman. She stirs his heart and mind in immeasurable ways, but she is hesitant to meet face-to-face. Inexplicably, he has just begun to take notice of his shy, usually withdrawn but competent office manager, Maeve, seeing her with new eyes. How can two women affect him so strongly?

This book’s premise intrigued me and held me captive from the start. I also loved the way the author represented & celebrated Maeve’s curviness. However, I was a bit disappointed with the way the plot flowed in some parts. For instance, in one part of the book, I got a heavy dose of steam when I was expecting a little more warmth and intimacy.

Overall, it’s a book I did enjoy for the most part. I definitely would love to read the preceding books, too.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Eve Black is the sexy contemporary romance-loving alter-ego of a sweet historical romance author…who also writes dark, sexy medieval romance under another name. Eve is one of several personalities in one crazy package. When Eve isn’t writing books, she is editing other people’s books, freelance writing marketing content, or wrangling her children. For fun, Eve loves to read (obviously) sexy contemporary and historical romance books, binge-watch old Supernatural, Burn Notice, Leverage, and Lucifer episodes on Netflix, and play mind-numbing games on her tablet.
Eve lives in an untidy house on a little over an acre in rural Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband of 17 years and their four children, two cats, and one chicken.

Cover Reveal: Last on the List by Amy Daws


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Last On The List-wrap copy

Interior of a gray brick loft cafe, blank wall

Author: Amy Daws
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 16, 2022
Cover Designer: Amy Daws
Cover Photographer: Wander Aguiar
Cover Model:
Tanner Hueter

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Interior of a gray brick loft cafe, blank wall

Last On The List-front copy

Only a bad nanny knows what it’s like to kiss the boss.

CEO millionaire, Max Fletcher is a single dad in desperate need of a nanny.

Cozy Barlow is in the middle of her self-appointed “gap year” and doing everything she can to detach from her past.

But when her sister begs her to interview for the nanny position of a high maintenance client, she doesn’t have a good enough reason to say no.

And when Max locks eyes on the twenty-something in a tie-dye sweatsuit who pitches the idea of daydreaming all summer—he prepares to give this bad nanny the boot.

One problem: Max’s little girl thinks this plus-sized in body and spirit nanny might be her new bestie, so she hires her on the spot.

Now Max is stuck with this bizarre woman who hates everything he represents—corporate greed, money, status, power.

But one stormy night when the power goes out, he discovers Cozy doesn’t hate him. In fact, he’s the leading role in her fantasies.

Fantasies, he would very much like to make a reality.

Interior of a gray brick loft cafe, blank wall

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Interior of a gray brick loft cafe, blank wall

hea with covers

“So that’s really your proposal as the nanny to my daughter for the summer? To do nothing?” I ask dryly, hoping this Cassandra person has a backup response that she’s going to pull out of her back pocket at any moment to save this horrible interview.

Cassandra nods proudly. “We’ll also do a lot of sitting. I’m an expert at sitting,” she deadpans.

“Okay…I think we’ve heard enough, Cassandra.” I move to stand, but she reaches out and touches my arm, halting me in my tracks.

“I said to call me Cozy,” she corrects with a wink.

The teasing look in her eyes causes my skin to tighten. I do my best to shake it off as she refocuses on my daughter to share with her the last book that made her cry. Her hand slides off my arm, and my eyes lock on the way her index finger trails off the fabric of my suit.

I’m left struggling to shake this silvery feeling her delicate touch has left on my arm, so I take a moment to inspect Cassandra a bit closer now that her focus is off me. Her facial features are round, a faint dimple appearing in her cheek as she talks animatedly to my daughter. Her alabaster skin is a stunning contrast to her nearly black hair cropped bluntly just above her shoulders. She has shockingly plump lips slathered in a pale pink gloss that thankfully doesn’t match the orange jumpsuit that looks like something a teenager would wear. Her ample curves indicate she’s very much not a child.

“How old are you?” I blurt out in the middle of my interview with this bizarre potential nanny. I blanch at how unprofessional of a question that is and curse under my breath. “I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer that.”

“I’m twenty-six, Big Daddy,” Cassandra replies with another wink and then immediately dives back into conversation with my daughter.

Big Daddy? I frown at that very unpleasant label. Jesus Christ, she is so unprofessional. No fucking way…over my dead body. This will not work. I click my tongue and bring out my CEO voice. “Cassandra…I thank you for coming in, but I’m afraid—”

“You’re hired!” my daughter bursts out, standing up so she’s eye level with me. She thrusts her hand across my face and reaches for Cassandra’s, mimicking me to a T how I’ve handled many successful boardroom transactions.

My mouth hangs open as I sit frozen, watching Cassandra stand in what feels like slow motion to take Everly’s hand and accept the offer.

“This is so awesome!” Cassandra shakes Everly’s hand so hard, she starts to giggle. “This summer is going to be GOAT!”

“Goats?” I exclaim, finally breaking free of my stunned-stupid response to my daughter taking over this meeting. How is Everly so charmed by this…this…I don’t even know what to call a person like Cassandra. “No one said anything about farm animals.”

Cassandra and Everly burst out laughing like they’ve been buddies their entire life. Everly places her slender fingers on my shoulder in a way that makes me feel like the eleven-year-old in the room. “Dad, GOAT means greatest of all time.”

My shoulders slump. “Oh.”

Everly leans over to Cassandra and whispers loudly, “I’m so glad this worked out. If we didn’t hire someone today, my dad was totally going to get a case of his stress poops again.”

“Everly!” My eyes fly wide when Cassandra turns her green gaze at me. I push a nervous hand through my hair and quickly rush out, “I don’t get stress poops. I don’t know what that kid’s talking about.”

Cassandra reaches out and pats me on the other shoulder. “Hey Mr. Fletcher, no judgment here. Maybe you should try some of that kombucha in the waiting room that you won’t let your staff have? It’s really good for the digestive system.”

I groan and pinch the bridge of my nose. This summer is going to be a disaster.

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Interior of a gray brick loft cafe, blank wall

5 Covers-work-orange

If you’re looking for laughs…this series of waiting room meet cutes is the perfect escape. Binge these standalones in Kindle Unlimited in preparation for April 9 release!

Wait With Me
(optioned for film by Passionflix)

When romance novelist, Kate Smith, finds her long lost writing mojo in the customer waiting area of a tire store, the complimentary coffee isn’t the only things that’s hot. But sexy mechanic, Miles Hudson, is just up for a friendly test-drive of her new book idea. At least, that was the agreement… Read Now:

Next In Line

What happens when the cute mountain man you made out with in an ice fishing shack turns out to be your brother’s best friend? Read Now:

One Moment Please

That awkward moment when your doctor informs you that you’re pregnant…with his baby. Read Now:

Take A Number

Fake dating the cute owner of a bakery Dean is an investor in sounds kind of messy…but messy can be fun. Read Now:

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Interior of a gray brick loft cafe, blank wall

Check out Amy’s Facebook page for an awesome giveaway!


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Interior of a gray brick loft cafe, blank wall

Amy Daws Head Shot-sizedown

Number 1 Amazon Bestselling author Amy Daws writes spicy love stories that take place in America, as well as across the pond. She’s most known for her footy-playing Harris Brothers and writing in a tire shop waiting room. When Amy is not writing, she’s likely making charcuterie boards from her home in South Dakota where she lives with her daughter and husband.

Follow Amy on all social media channels, including Tik Tok under @amydawsauthor

For more of Amy’s work, visit:

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Sneak Peek: He’s A Keeper by Stacy Travis

Drunk-texting a grumpy soccer star?
Best worst decision of my life.

He’s a Keeper, a grumpy sunshine sports romance from Stacy Travis is coming May 24th, and we have your first look inside!

Especially when the player is the sinfully handsome, foul-mouthed Holden Sanders… my new library assistant.

The benched bad boy needed an image makeover, I needed to save my job, and his star status was just what the library ordered to raise awareness for our fundraising campaign. The press can’t get enough of Mr. Growly reading to kids.

It’s win-win and completely platonic.

Until I need a shoulder to cry on after drowning my heartbreak in too many margaritas. I only typed that invitation to his brawny biceps and perfect pectorals for fun–I never meant to hit send. Holden isn’t the kind of guy to care about tears and feelings, least of all mine. He’s made it clear good girls aren’t his type.

But he shows up–with his strapping shoulder, a box of tissues and a supersized bag of Doritos.

That’s when I realize there’s more to him than meets the eye.

One soulful, smoldering mistake of a kiss has me craving more, and the heat between us quickly builds to a blaze neither of us can control.

But I’m not the only one guarding secrets, and Holden’s might push us to the breaking point.

Even if I’m surrounded by books, I know better than to believe in storybook endings.

And yet, I want to believe… Because I know he’s a keeper.

He’s a Keeper is a standalone sports romance in the San Francisco Strikers series with a HEA.

Reserve your copy today!
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Keep reading for a sneak peek inside He’s a Keeper!


When I reach the glass doors, I expect to see the irritable man outside scrolling on his phone or, if he really doesn’t understand the rules, walking to his car.
But he’s nowhere. Glancing back, I see Seth dutifully walking toward the story area, his shoulders hunched like I’ve sent him to the gallows. Still, he’s going. That gives me a couple minutes to track this man down. I should’ve asked his daughter for his name so I could yell it.
The library is a one-story building on a corner. A small square of grass sits on each side of the front walkway, which leads to the sidewalk where the city hasn’t trimmed the overgrown trees in years. The result is patchy brown areas where the grass doesn’t get enough sun and trees that block out the sky in places.
I head around the side of the building to where the tiny parking lot only has room for a handful of cars. My fugitive stands with a pair of preteen boys each holding a skateboard under one arm. All three stare up at one of the trees.
From my vantage point, I can’t see much except a whisp of what looks like orange fur on a high branch. The boys are doing their best to mask their nerves with a façade of bravado.
“Dude, you do it. I have a basketball tourney this weekend and my dad’ll kill me if I get injured,” one of the boys says, dropping his skateboard and stepping on one end so it flips back into his hand.
The other boy, who has a shock of blond hair, tosses his board onto the grass and cranes his neck toward the ball of fur in the tree. “Nah, he’s really high up. Dude, if he falls and dies, it’s totally your fault for letting him out.”
“I didn’t let him out. He ran out before I saw him.”
“Whatever. You were the one who opened the door.”
“You’re the one with a cat who’s too dumb to stay in the house.”
“Not. Helping,” the man scolds, turning his baseball cap around so the brim hangs over the back of his hair. Now I can see his eyes, though with the way he’s squinting at the tree, I can’t tell their color, just that they sit under aggravated brows.
It’s also crystal clear that my initial take on him was spot on—he’s so good-looking that he uses it as a hall pass to be a jerk. Even his stance, with his arms folded so his biceps pop and his shoulders pull at the fabric of his shirt, shows anyone within viewing distance that he knows what to do with hundred-pound barbells. And he does it.
“I don’t want him to die.” The blond boy wipes his sweaty palms on his jeans and takes a few steps closer to the tree, surveying the climb.
“He’s not going to die. Cats are ninety-five percent tiger. They have eighteen toes. They’re built for climbing,” the man says. “Plus, they have double the neurons in their cerebral cortex as dogs. They’re smart. Your cat’s only climbing as high as it’s safe.”
It’s like dinner theater seeing this brawny dude with the bad attitude rhapsodize about cats. I can’t tear myself away.
Suddenly, he jumps up and grabs the lowest tree branch and executes the most manly pullup, biceps rippling, as he hurls himself vertically, ending up in a squat on top of the fat horizontal branch. The legs of his jeans stretch taut over his thighs, and he balances like some kind of ninja. From there, he reaches for another branch overhead and does the same.
It’s like Tarzan with a zoology degree.
I inch a little closer to get a better view. The boys are fixated on him and don’t notice me until I whisper a question. “Do you know that man?”
“Nah, he’s just some dude who walked out here,” says the blond boy. “I hope he’s got extra toes too.”
“You know an awful lot about cats,” I call up to him.
From the way he flinches, he had no idea I was there. Holding on to a tree branch, he stuffs his other hand into his pocket and looks back at the cat, who’s taken the momentary distraction to scramble higher up the branch. “I almost fucking had it.”
“Hey. Children are present.” I put my hands over my ears to demonstrate, stuck in my library lady persona because, as I said, I’m bad with kids.
“Are you one of them, Mary?” He smirks. It’s not a bad look on him because it slightly looks like a smile. Except that the upturned corner of his mouth makes me want to punch it. And why’s he calling me Mary when I introduced myself to the group right before he left?
“Hardly.” I square my shoulders as though I need to prove to him that I’m not a child, which seems childish and makes me want to punch him again. “Anyhow, you can’t be out here.”
“I have no idea what that means,” he growls, stepping further along the branch, which looks flimsy under his weight.
He’s nearly twenty feet in the air and pretty close to the orange and white cat, which is no bigger than a grapefruit. It sits perched on a high branch meowing like it’s singing opera. Cute little thing.
I don’t have pets. It kind of goes along with my fear-of-kids thing. I worry the responsibility of caring for a pet might be more than I can handle. What if I forget to feed it for a week? What if I let it escape and it ends up in a tree?
But this cat has fate on its side because Tarzan scoops the small thing into his hand and tucks it into his chest. From the way his head is bent toward the cat, I can tell he’s talking to it.
Using his free hand, he deftly slips down to a lower branch and balances on it while he surveys the best path down. Lowering into a squat, he calls out to the boys. “You said you play basketball, yeah?”
“Sure,” one of the boys says.
“You’re going to catch this kitten like it’s a buzzer beater from downtown. You miss, you lose. Ready?”
The boys ready themselves, hands open, squatting like the ballers they want to be. “Ready. I’m open!” the blond boy yells, instantly in game mode.
The man drops the furry, striped body to where the boy grasps it surely in his hands. He scruffs it under the collar and tucks it under one arm while he and his buddy grab their skateboards.
“Thanks, man. You saved my bacon,” the blond one says.
As he swings from the lowest branch and lands in front of the boys, the man is already brushing off their appreciation. “You never have to worry about cats. They’re climbers. He’d have come down on his own, so if he does it again, wait him out. Don’t break a bone. Speaking of that, cats have more bones than people. They’re just small.” He spouts all this information sounding irritable and inconvenienced, as if anyone asked for an encyclopedia entry on cats.
“Cool, good to know.” The boys mount their skateboards and thank him again as he brushes some stray pieces of bark from the sleeves of his shirt.
Then his gaze locks on mine, and I notice the hardness in his steely gray eyes which have dark rims that look like they were drawn with charcoal pencil. They’re pretty but unyielding.
He stares at me like I’m the one who isn’t where I’m supposed to be.
“I need you to come back inside,” I say again. His eyes roam over me from head to toe and back again. He makes no attempt to hide his slow perusal of my form, and I feel a flutter in my belly that irritates me because I don’t want to react to him. I fold my arms over my C-cup chest.
“I’m sorry?” He cocks his head to the side like a dog who only hears words but doesn’t know what they mean.
“You need to stay in the library.”
“I don’t think there’s a law about leaving the library. Aren’t you the one who’s supposed to be inside? Who’s reading to the kids, Mare?”
The kids—as though he isn’t the biggest child among them.
“My name’s not Mary.”
He shrugs.
What he doesn’t know is that I wrangle headstrong, hormonal teenage girls for a living, and if I can get them to work quietly, I can handle one unpleasant man-child. He doesn’t intimidate me. He does, however, beg me to spend a little more time staring at his strong jaw, even though he glares like he’s weighing the odds of murdering me and getting away with it.
I exhale a long breath, prepared to explain the rules, but my mind drifts to a subject that’s more intriguing. It’s not a problem when I’m alone, but when I’m having a conversation with someone, it can lead people to think I have focus issues.
Maybe I have focus issues.
Drifting back, I point at the man accusingly. “How do you know so much about cats? Are you a vet?”
He huffs a disbelieving breath, stuffing his hands deep into his pockets. “I have a cat.” His icy stare makes it seem like he’s unhappy about it.
“You have a cat?”
“I just said I did.”
I shake my head as if to knock the errant words from my ears because I can’t have heard him correctly. In no world does this tightly-wound grump take care of animals, unless he’s skinning them for their pelts. Which makes me worry for the safety of his cat. “You have a cat. As a pet?”
He squints his eyes, which causes the corners of them to crinkle, which seems strange until I realize they’re laugh lines that accompany another smirk. He observes me with his hands on his hips. “As opposed to…?”
“I don’t know, like maybe you’re planning to feed it to some larger animal. Do you also raise coyotes and watch them devour cats for sport?”
He mirrors my stance, and I can’t help but notice the bulge of his biceps when he crosses his arms. He looks sightly menacing, and I worry for a second that I’m poking a beast that’s best left alone. He shakes his head.
“I don’t know what kind of weird shit you’re snacking on behind the reference desk, but no, I’m not into torturing animals. Any other questions about my cat?”
“What’s its name?”
“Huh.” Is it wrong that I expected him to have a male cat? I picture him with a surly tomcat who hunts for mice with him in the dark. “Greta,” I confirm.
“Garbo. She’s a European Shorthair. Swedish. I like old movies.”
A Tetris block drops into place. “The DVDs. You were renting oldies?” It happens that our branch has a big collection of classic films on DVD, and some people come from across the city for them.
His brow furrows. “What?”
“A couple weeks ago. I ran into you?” What’s the use of pointing out that it wasn’t memorable? “Never mind. But if you’re a Garbo fan, I feel compelled to admit I always liked Romance better than Camille. I know that’s controversial.” I glance to the side, thinking about the two movies. When my attention drifts back, he’s studying me like I’m an oddity.
I’m used to that look. Yes, I’m the library lady who likes books—and even movies—more than people.
It’s why I get a perverse thrill at hiding details about my life and letting people assume what they want. If I admitted to a one-night stand here or there, there’d be questions. Assumptions. Maybe even invitations to hang out after work with some of the male faculty at school. Easier to let people assume I’m a sunshiny little hermit on my way to becoming a spinster.
What people think is irrelevant, which is why it surprises me when this guy picks up my conversational tangent like it’s normal. “Camille might be a tad overrated. I agree there. But Romance isn’t my favorite.”
“Which is your favorite?” I’m here for the talk about old movies. I kind of love it.
“The Kiss.” His gray eyes boring into mine until I can’t take the weight of his stare any longer and look away. I feel the heat rise in my cheeks and prickles of warmth crawl up the back of my neck. Must be hot out here.
When I recover my composure and look at him, he’s smirking like he knows the effect he has on me. “Anyhow, I gotta go.” He starts walking toward the parking lot, forcing me to move quickly to keep pace with his long stride.
“Oh. No. No, no, no. We have to go back. You need to stay inside the library.”
“Because it’s a rule. Parents stay.”
We reach the parking lot and he stops by the door of a sleek-looking Porsche. I half expect him to speed away without finishing the conversation, but he doesn’t pop the locks. “I’m not a parent. I’m here with my niece. We’re bonding.” His grimace and the irritated tone of his voice makes bonding sound as much fun as being stapled naked to a tree.
“It doesn’t matter. You’re her guardian. Parents, guardians, nannies, babysitters, uncles—all of those people need to stay if they bring a kid to the library. It’s not daycare.”
“Not my rule.”
Pressing his lips together, he glares at me like I’m a gnat he’d like to flick away. I offer him my most meaningful stare, which is challenging as my traitorous body cranks up the heat again when he looks at me – to say nothing about my pounding heart.
Stop it. He’s just a man. A normal human man.
Okay, he’s not normal. He’s spectacular, gorgeous, stunning—all the adjectives. But still, just a man. The wind chooses this moment to kick up behind me, pushing a bunch of flyaway strands out of my ponytail and into my face like runaway tumbleweeds, so for a moment, I can’t see if he’s decided to make a break for the fancy, fast car.
“Be a better guy than that.”
Something in his eyes shifts, softens, if only slightly. “Fine,” he says, turning back toward the library. “Not like I have any place to be.” I catch the sarcasm in his tone and the view of his broad shoulders as he swaggers back toward the door.
“It’s one hour. I’m sure you’ll manage. It’ll give you more bonding time, and if you really can’t stand it, the place is full of books. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite author.” I can’t help the brightness of my tone. I love books.
“I said it was fine,” he says over his shoulder, but his fierce, sweeping stride makes it clear he dislikes my terms. He walks ahead of me, so I’m forced to keep pace if I want to see his face, which is marked by a resigned lack of enthusiasm.
“What’s your name?” I ask.
I extend my hand, which he grips firmly before dropping it. I swallow hard when I feel an electric zing of pleasure erupt over my skin at his touch. Infuriating, traitorous skin.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Molly.” It’s not particularly nice, but I’m not about to alienate one of the few people at the library. I need about twenty more of him.
“Molly, huh? Given your whole spoonful of sugar vibe, I could’ve sworn it was Mary.”
“Nope, Molly.” I ignore the Mary Poppins reference. He thinks he’s so original.
He stares me down. “Okay, Mare. I mean, Molly.” He says my name slowly like it sticks in his throat. Charmer.

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About Stacy Travis
It’s a rough world out there, and we all sometimes need a good, romantic beach read, even if we can’t make it to the beach. I’ve spent many lazy days walking the streets of Paris and other gorgeous European cities, and if I’m doing it right, I’m bringing you a dash of romance and a vacay fantasy.
I can’t sit still, so when I’m not hiking, biking or running, I’m playing a very average game of tennis. Background music for writing undoubtedly features some U2, Lizzo, Billy Joel, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Led Zeppelin. Not necessarily in that order. And if I could only eat one food group, it would be cheese. Or wine. Or bread. Are those food groups? Whatever.

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Release Blitz: Love You Like That by Scarlett Cole ~ 4 stars

 Release Date: May 17

Zoe Atkins wanted exactly one thing. To be the world’s greatest percussionist. Instead, she’s on a tour bus engaged in a stupid bet with rock star, Alex King, trying to fill the hole left behind when her dream gave up on her.
The prickly former percussionist wasn’t supposed to steal his heart. With her distrust of lipstick and love of men’s pyjamas, she was everything playboy, Alex, didn’t want in a lover. At least, that’s what he thought when he bet her he could find her a hook up during their tour. Until he’s forced to watch the woman he’s come to desire leave the bar with her perfect guy, taking a piece of his already bruised and battered heart with her.
Now it’s up to the Sad Fridays’ rocker to use his passionate powers of persuasion to convince Zoe he’s more than her wingman. He’s her everything.

Grab Your Copy Here:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Kobo | Apple | Nook | Google Play


Alex King has everything professionally made – he’s finally playing in sold out venues around London in a band made up of his best friends and family. But he’s lonely; he wants someone to love, but someone who will also understand and love him for who he is – a pansexual. He proposes a bet to Zoe to get her a little out of her shell, but Alex soon realises he wants her for himself.

Zoe is deaf, and has been struggling with the loss of her hearing and what it could mean for her career in music. She’s also fighting against the well-intentioned but suffocating attempts of her loved ones to get her to go back to playing percussion again. A bet with Alex King takes on dimensions she never imagined, as she falls for the man and the rock star. For the first time since her diagnosis, she has someone who sees her, and gives her the space to decide what she’s doing with the rest of her life, while cheering her on.

This book has a high level of emotional depth and feeling that’s packed into it. The dialogue is as real and honest as it could possibly get, in a way that makes you feel as though you’re right there in the room. You can’t help but get swept up in the way that Zoe & Alex get together, especially the way they put each other first.

It was a bit difficult keeping all the names and couples straight, seeing as I haven’t read any of the previous books in the series. However, this book is a very good read. I also loved that it had no over-the-top, unnecessary drama. It was just two people working out their lives together.

I recommend this book.

Meet Scarlett Cole

The tattoo across my right hip says it all really. A Life Less Ordinary. Inked by the amazingly talented Luke Wessman at the Wooster Street Social Club (a.k.a. New York Ink). Why is it important? Well, it sums up my view on life. That we should all aspire to live a life that is less boring, less predictable. Be bold, and do something amazing. I’ve made some crazy choices. I’ve been a car maker, a consultant, and even a senior executive at a large retailer running strategy. 

Born in England, spent time in the U.S. and Japan, before ending up in Canada where I met my own, personal hero – all six and a half feet of him. Both of us are scorpios! Yeah, I know! Should have checked the astrological signs earlier, but somehow it works for us. We have two amazing kids, who I either could never part with or could easily be convinced to sell on e-bay.


I’ve wanted to be a writer for a really long time. Check through my office cupboards or my computer and you’ll find half written stories and character descriptions everywhere. Now I’m getting the chance to follow that dream.


I am represented by Beth Phelan at The Bent Agency, NY.


Connect with Scarlett Cole

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