Beautiful Beast by Aubrey Irons – 5 stars

Man, this book was gooood!!! This book is so good, there aren’t enough words to explain how good it is. I have a book hangover that hasn’t gone away since I finished reading this book. I received an ARC of this book.

My Thoughts:

Ms. Irons created the perfect (anti)hero in Bastian Crown. You recognize and understand his pain while at the same time gasping in disdain, shock and horror over the way he’s controlled so much of Ana’s life.

Bastian & Ana’s story is the sort of love story that people write songs about, so it’s ironic that Ana’s a singer/songwriter. Bastian was like a puppet master – playing with Ana’s life behind the scenes, acting like God, if you will. The weird thing about it is that though I found him to be a true psychopath (and a**shole), he’s the type of tortured hero that you can’t help but understand, and therefore, come to love.

Ana is stuck because, well, you always crave the unknown. Especially when the unknown could be your greatest pleasure & love, though you also know it could also be the source of your greatest pain. Ever since she met Bastian, Ana’s been in a sort of vortex where she fluctuates between lusting, fearing and hating him.

The intrigue that was crafted in the story was well done through the flashbacks that were interspersed throughout the book. We get a better understanding of how far Bastian has already sunk to and how low he is prepared to go. We understand, too, how irresistible he has become to Ana – like a drug. Another thing I enjoyed was the banter between the two individuals. Never did I believe that Ana was a pushover. A bit naïve, yes, but never soft.

This book puts a spin on Beauty & the Beast in a way you don’t expect, but enjoy all the same. Definitely get your hands on this!



100 Days: A Billionaire Romance, by Alexis Angel

So, before yesterday, I’d only read Alexis Angel in her Mona Cox books. I enjoyed those, so I thought I’d try her all on her own. The blurb is what drew me in, really. And I got excited to read about the stakes in this 100-day game. I downloaded my ARC from Booksprout.

My overview:

After his rather sizable “love muscle” gets him in deep trouble – 4 billion dollars worth of it – Malcolm Bane is forced to enter a love lottery with hopes of correcting his mistake. After 50 days, he finds himself not attracted to any of the women he was fixed up with.

Athena is the CEO of the love lottery business. Catering to the elite of the elite, it promises true love to all of her customers. If not, they get a payment equal to what the players before have put in. At the point in the story, the pot equals 4 billion dollars – exactly the amount needed by Malcolm to resuscitate his business. Athena herself has been burned by love, but is determined to make Malcolm fall in love, even throwing herself into the challenge, especially after being blackmailed by her ex.

What follows is a series of sexy, hot machinations to avoid falling in love. Athena will lose her company if Malcolm wins the pot, as her ex has incriminating videos that will besmirch her reputation. If Malcolm falls in love, he loses his business, as he will lose out on the 4 billion dollars.

Malcolm is the kind of cocky that initially ticks you off but wets your panties and intrigues you. I enjoyed getting inside his head, hearing his worries, insecurities and frustrations with Athena. Athena herself is a take-charge woman who’s strong and determined. Their chemistry was off the chains, and the sex scenes were AWESOME! I was hot during those scenes, believe me!

I really was pleased how the story turned out and I definitely will be checking out her work in the future. This book is a 5-star read! I’ve included Amazon buy links below – you won’t regret it!!

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Goodreads Challenge

How many of you do the yearly Goodreads Challenge? I started doing it in 2015. I mainly started as a way to put a dent in my overloaded TBR list, but since that pile has only become larger, I’ll have to abandon that line of reasoning.

These days, I read and record on the challenge to make sure that I always leave a review for the authors. I’ve bought books solely based on reviews before, so I know how powerful words can be. A blurb and a sexy cover can only go so far. Reviews are like a bonus for the author after you buy a book. Sure, it affects sales (positively or negatively), but a really good review does wonders for an author’s ego, especially the indies.

The Goodreads Challenge also helps me keep track of the reviews I do for Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of books I read (and I read a lot of those!). Sometimes, an author will give a particular deadline waaay into the future, but because I’m so excited, I read the book almost immediately. Goodreads is one of the sites that allow you to put up reviews on books not yet released. So when the author sends me an email to remind me of the release date for his/her book, or to send in my review link, I can easily look back under the title of the book to find it.

As of right now, I’ve read 199 books in 2017. I started with only 100 as a goal because I anticipated some things in my life to go differently this year. After those plans fell through, I updated it to 150, then when I got to 150, I updated it to 200. A few minutes ago, I updated it to 250. Not sure what will happen when I get to 250 yet 😀

What’s your reason for doing the Goodreads Challenge?