Release Blitz: The Bad Wedding Date by Vicki James ~ 5 stars


The Bad Wedding Date by Vicki James

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A stand-alone fake-date romance—available now. Part of Kindle Unlimited.

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“Vicki James has always been a must-read author for me. Her books are addictive, I’ve binge read each one, and I can’t get enough.”

– NYT Bestselling Author Natasha Preston

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Things you need to know:

🥂 Mysterious Man

🥂 Fake Date Deal

🥂 Secrets & Lies

🥂 London High Society

🥂 Revenge & Punishment

🥂 Undeniable Chemistry

🥂 Heat, Angst, & Real Romance


Having to attend my sister’s wedding with a pretend boyfriend had been bad enough, but when that fake date left me stranded an hour before the ceremony, I thought my life was over. No one wore disappointment as poorly as my mother, and I’d already given her a thousand reasons to wish I’d never been born.

Which was why, when a random stranger sat beside me at the bus stop, wearing a crisp suit and a winning smile as though God himself had heard my woeful prayers, I wasted no time in making a rushed deal with the devil:
A night of his time in exchange for money I didn’t have.

It sounded so simple. It sounded easy… if only cash had been what Fraser Scott wanted at the end of the night. A man like him, with his intense grey eyes, hard muscles, and obvious charm didn’t need his wallet filling. He didn’t need anything I was willing to offer freely.

By the time it was all over, what Fraser demanded, in fact, was me…

And it turned out that Fraser wasn’t the kind of man who walked away from a deal without coming out on top.


This is a story that I absolutely adored.

“Some experiences had to be treated like a dream – a well-played trick of the mind that once made you feel alive when really you were fast asleep.”

Fraser & Charlotte’s romance could have easily been a regular fake-relationship-turned-real trope that had a cute ending, but Vicki James made The Bad Wedding Date so much more than a title, bigger than the book’s description, and into a story that made reading it an immense joy.

Charlotte meets Fraser serendipitously, it seems, as she is stood up by her fake date to her sister’s wedding. With Fraser surprising her at every turn, Charlotte must decide whether this new version of herself she is whenever he’s around is one she wants to keep forever, or if her time is supposed to be only a short, sweet memory.

“I promise to be the best mistake you’ve ever made.”

I loved Fraser. He’s all protector on the outside but sweet and considerate on the inside. His tug of war with himself was all the more endearing, since I could tell he only wanted the best for Charlotte. Meeting her has allowed him to focus on something else: truly living life.

“Sometimes, in the middle of chaos lies beauty. Charlotte happened to be mine.”

I liked Charlotte’s quiet, understated and underestimated strength. Unlike the rest of her family, she truly is a good person, with a stubborn sort of determination to be different no matter what it costs. Yet, she is a bit lost. Fraser gives her the confidence to accept herself and find freedom in that acceptance.

This book will shock and enrage you, but still amaze you. I give Vicki James kudos for a book that was very hard to put down; it was thrilling, full of twists and turns, with just that edge of darkness. And underneath it all, sweet and passionate. I recommend it unreservedly and wholeheartedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


Meet the Author

Vicki James is a pseudonym for Victoria L. James, taking her stories from heavy angst to heavy romance and bad boys you can’t help but fall in love with. She is, however, one and the same person so feel free to follow her on any of her platforms, be it Vicki James or Victoria L. James. Most importantly, enjoy the stories she tells, no matter what name she releases under.
Stalk Vicki
Insta: @Victoria_LJames

#ReleaseBlitz: Seductive Scoundrel by @opwrites & @marlo_lanz ~ 4.5 stars

Title: Seductive Scoundrel
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Authors: Olivia Peters & Marlo Lanz
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 6, 2021
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
Dean McCormick
Everything in my life is big from my penthouse to my ego, and I always get what I want. So when a mystery woman at a masquerade party leaves me with only her phone number, I’m annoyed – and intrigued.
Mia is as smart as she is sexy, and she challenges my dominance in ways no one else has dared. But she’s also been lying to me, and a scandal from her past threatens my lucrative deal with the legendary Dex Truitt.
I made a mistake letting her in. I might love her, but I can’t risk trusting her.
Mia Ford
When I fled Kansas for New York, I expected to have a fun, new life. Instead, I’ve become a workaholic with only a tiny apartment to show for it.
Until I get a sext meant for someone else. I play along because what Dean’s after is all I’m willing to give. But as I get to know the man behind the empire, I fall for him – hard.
When my past catches up with me, Dean ends our relationship. But I’ll teach him that my love is his most powerful asset.
I’m not running this time – I’m fighting for my rightful place by his side.
Seductive Scoundrel is a billionaire romance inspired by Mister Moneybags.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Dean plays all his cards close to the vest, especially his emotional ones. He doesn’t feel the desire to settle down, instead opting for casual arrangements. Work has been his priority for a long time, and he has no intention of changing that. When Mia enters his life, he’s struck by how easily his focus shifts, as no other woman before her has come that close to altering his life. But as the secrets she keeps continue blindsiding him, he begins to wonder if letting his guard down was the right call all along.

Mia responds to a text meant for someone else and begins a seductive game of cat and mouse with Dean McCormick. But as she gets to know the man under the expensive suits and cool façade, she finds herself wishing that he could be permanent in her life. Caught up in the fantasy, will Mia be able to convince Dean that her love is real and true, or will she be the villain in her own love story?

I liked the premise and general story arc in this book. Dean & Mia had real chemistry, and I genuinely enjoyed their banter. I loved the emotional undertones that the authors snuck in, too, ensuring that I truly enjoyed the book. I recommend it. It is a great addition to the Cocky Hero Club series.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


Olivia Peters is an executive ghostwriter by day and a romance novelist by night. She’s based in Toronto, Ontario, but spends as much time as possible at her lake house dreaming about her next story.

Olivia writes unapologetically about hot, dirty-talking alpha men, and the strong, sexy women who bring them to their knees. Readers can count on angst, steam and guaranteed happily ever afters.

When Olivia isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her family, enjoying the great outdoors, and cooking up a storm in her cluttered kitchen.

Marlo is a Canadian girl, fond of the rolling prairies and majestic mountains close to her city home. And, of course, hockey, maple syrup and saying ‘eh.’ Working in healthcare, Marlo believes that laughter is the best medicine and tries to put it to good use in her writing and at her day job.

#ReleaseBlitz: Rockstar Rebel by @CBesze ~ 4.5 stars

Title: Rockstar Rebel
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Christine Besze
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 25, 2021
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
My life isn’t perfect, but it’s mine. Writing for an upscale magazine in New York City is a dream come true. Everything is perfect, until it isn’t.
Now, I’m unemployed, single, pushing forty, and living back at home with my parents. Mid-life crisis anyone?
Then he walks through my parents’ front door and it all fades away. Sebastian “Bash” Jagger is grown up and all man. This new version in front of me is as cocksure as they come. Some would even call him a Rock God. And he’s about to turn my world upside down with an offer I can’t refuse.
There’s just one problem. He’s my younger brother’s best friend. My much younger brother.
Fame and fortune; I’ve got it in spades. From the millions of fans screaming my name every night to the awards that line the walls of my mansion, I have it all. It’s a far cry from the dirty orphan who used to sleep on the floor of his best friend’s room.
Still, having everything isn’t enough. Something is still missing.
The second I walk through her parents’ front door and my eyes land on her, I know exactly what that is or rather who that is.
London Ramone has been the star of every wet dream I’ve ever had. The forbidden fruit I couldn’t touch, but was dying to taste. She was beautiful then, but she’s stunning now.
Opportunity is knocking—she needs a job and I have an offer she can’t refuse. If we both end up tangled in my sheets along the way that’s a bonus I can live with because I always get what I want and that won’t stop now.
She thinks I’m too young for her, but I’m going to enjoy proving to her how wrong she is. After all, age is just a number and I have hers.
Rockstar Rebel is a friends to lovers/rock star romance inspired by Park Avenue Player.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Sebastian jumps at the opportunity to finally show his best friend’s older sister that he’s so much more than a pretty rockstar. But London’s insecurities – and someone’s jealousy – could weigh them down before they even complete the first line of what could be a perfect melody.
“London owns me, body and soul. She always has. She always will.”
I liked the chemistry between London & Bash. They really had some hot moments between them! This is one of those books where it was hard to find a favourite secondary character. I loved the entire band, London’s bestie, her cousin and parents. I loved the teasing and banter between the bandmates, too.

This is a really good addition to the Cocky Hero Club series. Christine Besze is a new-to-me author, but I am already intrigued by her work. I am already looking forward to a story about a certain “mystery redhead”. I hope that we get all the stories about the other guys in the Toxic Goats.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


Christine Besze is a writer, reader, mother, wife, and lover of all things wine. She lives in her own world of crazy most days, because the voices inside her head hold some great conversation. When she does have to come back to reality and act like an actual grown-up, she spends her time with her handsome hubby Z, their two gorgeous gingers and their mini-herd of German Shepherds. Born in sunny Southern California, she recently made the big leap with her family to the East Coast and couldn’t be happier. You’ll still find her in flip-flops—with a full glass of wine—all year round.


#ReleaseBlitz: Over the Moon by @KKAllen_Author ~ 4.5 stars

Release Date: April 22

“My secrets have always kept me safe… until he saw my truth.”


Kingston Scott is the most eligible bachelor in professional football, a charming rebel on and off the field. He’s also in desperate need of an attitude adjustment.


After a reckless night on the town puts him behind bars, he’s sentenced to coach football at a sleepaway camp in the middle of nowhere. He’s not sure he’ll survive an entire month of torture… until he sees her. The intoxicating woman with the silver moon eyes, the reserved smile, and the past she’s determined to keep hidden.


Silver Livingston is the resident nurse at Camp Dakota, a beautiful temptress on and off the clock. She’s also a forbidden mystery to all who know her.


After a decade of living in the shadows of the safe haven she’s created, she receives news that threatens her perfect façade. Silver isn’t sure what to do next… and then she sees him. The new arrival with the body of a god, a flashy smile, and evergreen eyes that burn straight through to her core.


Now, Silver isn’t sure which threat to fear most—the irresistible man she knows she must deny or the inevitable head-on collision with her past.


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The book opens on a mysterious note, so we immediately know that Silver is on the run. As the book goes on, we get more of the story, most of it through flashbacks. Silver is unwilling and afraid of what returning to her ‘real’ life will do for her life and mental sanity. She doesn’t count on Kingston Scott turning her carefully crafted life inside out. He makes her wish that her past never existed, but since fairy tales and wishes don’t exist, she is determined to discourage his every advance.

Kingston Scott wishes to be anywhere but at Camp Dakota. But since it may cost him his spot on his football team, he has no choice. When he lays eyes on Nurse Silver for the first time, he thinks he might just pass the time in a better way, but Silver isn’t like the women he’s accustomed to in Seattle. What starts out as a challenge to get the pretty-eyed nurse in his bed for a fling changes to a long term campaign to win her trust and her heart.

I liked this read. It’s a slow burn that keeps you hanging onto every word and every interaction as you get caught up in Kingston & Silver’s world. The chemistry and teasing banter are plentiful, too, with lots of heartfelt moments in-between.

I would love to read more of the Bexley family, and look forward to reading more of K.K. Allen’s work.

I recommend this read. You’ll enjoy it.

Meet K.K. Allen

K.K. Allen is the USA TODAY Bestselling and award-winning contemporary romance author of sweet, sexy, and inspiring stories that evoke emotion at every turn. 
K.K.’s debut romance novel, Up in the Treehouse, was named the Best New Adult Book of the Year by RT Book Reviews, an honor beyond belief. And she continues to take reader’s emotions on an epic ride every single time with real, layered, coming of age romance stories that will make you fall in love over and over again. 
Born in Hawaii, raised in Washington, and currently residing in Florida, K.K. lives for laughs with her little dude, the great outdoors, watching football, dancing the night away, and her eclectic taste in music. 
K.K. also loves connecting with her readers and attends signings when she can! You can find upcoming event dates and other information at:


Connect with K.K. Allen

Newsletter | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads | Instagram 


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#ReleaseTour #ReleaseBlitz: Between Dusk & Dawn by @wwatkinsbooks ~ #4stars

Title: Between Dusk and Dawn
Series: Rosavale Series
Author: Willa Watkins
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 22, 2021
If everything was easy, I’d throw myself in your arms and drown in your kisses.

If everything was easy, I’d hate you now.

But I want you.

You pretend you don’t notice. I’m right next door when you deny me affection.

It makes me miserable.

I want your love without prejudice. Your forbidden desire.

Talon is the youngest of the five Ashford brothers. When thirteen-year-old Navia is adopted and brought into the family, no matter how hard he tries, Talon can’t see her as just a sister.

As the years pass, they succumb to their forbidden desires. But their secret isn’t the only one looming over the Ashford family. An enemy rises from the ashes to bring discord among them.

Amid regrets and guilt, love and hatred, their feelings become more intense and harder to hide.

Will Talon and Navia be able to face all the obstacles and keep the family together while fighting for their love?

Between Dusk & Dawn is a New Adult contemporary romance with high steam and a dash of suspense. It is the first book in the Rosavale Series and can be read as a standalone. It’s advised that you read the books in order to avoid spoilers.

Bookbub Review – “What a way to debut!! Willa Watkins has written a steamy suspenseful romance that is going to suck you in and not let you go.”

Goodreads Review – “Wow this book was so good I was hooked from the first page.”

Made Me Blush Books – “This debut novel from Willa surprised me in the best way. I loved the chemistry between Navia and Talon!”

Review Graphic
Willa Watkins whets the appetite and keeps you hooked, wondering what’s really going on in Rosavale.

Navia & Talon’s relationship from the beginning is different than most of the step-sibling trope books I’ve read. Adopted into the Ashford family at around 13, she and Talon have always seen each other as more than a sibling. But as the years go by, Navia becomes frustrated with Talon’s reluctance to claim her as his, and by the time she is 19, she has decided that he needs to step up or she’s out.

Talon fights his more-than-brotherly affection for Navia hard. But even he can’t deny that he is deeply in love with her, and unhappy without her. Fearing social outcry and familial discord, he struggles to hide his feelings until he realises that Navia could move on without him. But before they can be together freely, Navia’s mysterious past reappears with a vengeance.

With a full cast of diverse characters, this is a book that I couldn’t put down easily. There are lots of secrets and mysterious disappearances, and they seem to all center around Navia. I liked the way the story developed, and it sets the series up wonderfully. While I am not into some of the paraphilia introduced in this book, I am definitely interested in how the rest of the Ashford brothers’ stories will turn out, especially after that ending!

This debut was well done, and I recommend it.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Willa is an author of mature New Adult Contemporary Romance. She is happiest writing her fearless kissing tales with a cup of coffee in hand. Her stories are addictive, suspenseful, and angsty.

Willa also loves connecting with her readers. So don’t hesitate to contact or follow her on social media to stay up to date with her writing:

#ReleaseBlitz: Park Avenue Princess by @LauraMBaird ~ 3.5 stars

Title: Park Avenue Princess
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Laura M. Baird
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 21, 2021
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
All I ever wanted to do was please my parents. But when I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I stopped trying and did as I pleased for the first time in my life.
Was I a spoiled princess? Far from it. But I did take a vacation. And met a stranger I think I fell in love with. Worse, it terrified me and I ran. Like a coward.
Imagine my shock when I learn he’s right here in New York City.
Guy Hamilton is the man I could never stop thinking about, and when our paths cross again, I learn it’s been the same for him.
While we work to uncover a corruption scandal involving both our parents, startling revelations come to light, and our world is turned upside-down.
Will our love be enough to remain unscathed and come out on top together?
** Trigger warning: this book contains explicit sexual scenes and emotional discussion of abortion and suicide attempt.
Park Avenue Princess is an insta-lust/strangers to lovers romance inspired by Park Avenue Player.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Guy & his mystery girl reunite, but immediately find themselves in the middle of some serious family drama.

The story was intriguing enough for me to finish in one day, but I wasn’t in love with it entirely. It was one of those reads that felt a bit… much. I liked the corruption angle, but felt it was a bit overblown with odd twists.

I liked the way that the author did the flashbacks and connected those events to the present. It was clear that Guy & Lynne had more than a fling going on in their every interaction. They were sweet and filled with the right amount of heat.

It’s a nice read that you’ll definitely enjoy.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


Laura is an award-winning author who is thrilled to be part of the Cocky Hero Club family. Since becoming published in 2017, she has twenty romances to her credit with stories included in two bestselling anthologies, and she has no plans of slowing down.
Her recent retirement as a dental hygienist of twenty-one years will allow her to focus on family and writing. She’s a wife, mother, grandmother, and veteran; often including military aspects and characters in her writing.
She was honored to have a story included in the Happy Holidays-Short Story Anthology, published by Kwarts Publishers out of South Africa. Chosen from hundreds of international submissions, her story, along with thirteen others, benefit The World Literacy Foundation.
When not penning her next adventure, Laura is enjoying time with family in the Pacific Northwest, dreaming of travels with her husband of over thirty years. She loves engaging and encourages you to follow her journey at your favorite social media site. You can sign up for her newsletter through her website, where you’ll receive all the latest, exclusives, free reads, and news on contests.


#CoverReveal: Check Swing by @authorcarriea


The cover for Carrie Aarons’ next Callahan Family book is here, and it’s GORGEOUS! Check Swing releases on March 12, and it’s a sports romance with a surprise baby twist!

This steamy love story brings us back to the world of a small Pennsylvania town that houses a professional baseball team, which has been run by the same family for generations. After being struck by scandal, they’re closing ranks. Drama, romance, familial bonds, sports – this series has it ALL.

Add it to your TBR:


Sinclair Callahan is a trust fund baby.

Born into one of the richest, most notorious families in the country, the black sheep title was stamped on him from an early age. While the rest of his relatives earn their keep at the top tier baseball team they’ve owned for generations, Sin prefers spending his time and money on booze, babes and bad decisions.

Until all three land him in a coma, fighting for his life.

One year later, with a sober chip in his hand, he arrives at spring training ready to turn it all around. But when he meets the only woman who doesn’t recognize just who he is, he can’t help omitting a few important details … like his last name. No stranger to charming women, Sin uses one of his old skillsets to kick off what is sure to be an epic hookup.

But when she shows up five months after their brief Florida fling with a secret that will topple his privileged world, he might just lose everything he’s worked so hard to rebuild. Including a real shot at love with the sassy redhead that he’s been too much of a coward to pursue.

Can he shoulder the responsibility he’s always shrugged off? Or will he balk at the real-life complications and strike out completely?

Francesca Kade is an independent goal-getter.

As one of the only female strength coaches in the league, she’s used to invading the boys’ club. After putting up with being passed over and not promoted for a number of seasons, she’s finally got her shot.

A consummate professional with blinders on, there is no way anything will screw up all she hopes to achieve. Well, except for maybe the new employee with eyes the color of ocean waves and a smirk that’s the definition of sin. When they catch fire in the southern heat, it’s almost impossible to put it out.

Until she finds out that he’s her boss’s boss’s boss.

Burned from the betrayal and panicking with a fresh secret of her own, Frankie is shocked when she lands her ultimate dream job. There is no way she’s turning it down. But when she bumps into Sinclair on day one, all of the old feelings and new problems come hurtling at her like a baseball to the face.

Will she ever be able to trust that he’ll put both her and his responsibilities before his vices? Or will their differences cost them the game?

Pre-order now:

Author Bio

Author of romance novels such as The Tenth Girl and Privileged, Carrie Aarons writes books that are just as swoon-worthy as they are sarcastic. A former journalist, she prefers the love stories of her imagination, and the athleisure dress code, much better.

​When she isn’t writing, Carrie is busy binging reality TV, having a love/hate relationship with cardio, and trying not to burn dinner. She’s a Jersey girl living in Texas with her husband, daughter, son and Great Dane/Lab rescue.

Author Links Visit Carrie’s website:
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#ReleaseBlitz: Hard to Hold by @KBrombergDriven ~ #5stars

Rush McKenzie is a bad boy soccer player who’s running from a scandal. Lennox Kincade is an ex-beauty queen who’s trying to revamp her reputation.

What starts as a bit of fun, ends with something they never saw coming.

Hard to Hold by K. Bromberg is now live!

New York Times bestselling author, K. Bromberg, is back with a heartfelt, standalone romance
and a new hero to steal your heart . . .
The contract with Major League Soccer was supposed to help repair my damaged reputation.

Then I discovered that I’d made a deal with the devil: the player I’m supposed to recruit is none
other than the bad boy, star Premier League footballer, Rush McKenzie.

British. Tattooed. Sexy. A man currently at the center of a huge scandal.

The goal? To convince him to stay in the States.

But what’s wrong with a little fun in the meantime? No strings. No sweet nothings. Just a way
to pass the time while we’re both struggling to prove our true selves to the world.
If someone found out our relationship was anything more than professional, it would only serve
to prove all our critics right.

I never should have agreed to take the fall.

But I did and I’m a man of my word.

Even if it means risking everything I’ve worked for.

The only bright side is Lennox Kincade.

Gorgeous. Defiant. Rumor-tainted. Totally off-limits.

Sharing a house with the gorgeous sports agent should have been a fun distraction from the
turmoil. Someone to help pass the time while the tensions back home die down.

But what started as nothing, ends up as something I never saw coming.

Download today on Amazon, Apple, Audible, Google Play, Kobo, Books & Noble!





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“How do you know when it’s love?”

Lennox has lost her mojo. And after an overheard conversation wreaks further havoc with her self-confidence, she runs away to LA to lick her wounds and runs right into Rush McKenzie, the beleaguered British football player that’s presently in all the gossip mags. But as Rush & Lennox get closer, so does his departure date. They both thought that sleeping with each other would be a good way to pass time, to scratch an itch, but it turned out into way more than just two bodies meeting. Will the secrets between them prove to be too much for their new, fragile bond to handle?

This was a good romantic read. Full of complicated yet understandable characters, sass, steam and humor, it’s a book I wholeheartedly recommend.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tX0LJNcbq6uif0o09NEHAMbOiviemmg1X3kDuhrnw-PD_1Q84fm-57rqBA2RtvEJTcihQWlPMjY72JnDnxBm5I-pX7jDItSvVWNb-RMQVona0L3Vw_mboMjq1-4ZF7e_tg56-YY_

Meet Kristy

New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg writes contemporary romance novels that contain a mixture of sweet, emotional, a whole lot of sexy, and a little bit of real. She likes to write strong heroines and damaged heroes who we love to hate but can’t help to love.

A mom of three, she plots her novels in between school runs and soccer practices, more often than not with her laptop in tow and her mind scattered in too many different directions.

Since publishing her first book on a whim in 2013, Kristy has sold over one and a half million copies of her books across eighteen different countries and has landed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists over thirty times. Her Driven trilogy (Driven, Fueled, and Crashed) is currently being adapted for film by the streaming platform, Passionflix, with the first movie (Driven) out now.

With her imagination always in overdrive, she is currently scheming, plotting, and swooning over her latest hero. You can find out more about him or chat with Kristy on any of her social media accounts. The easiest way to stay up to date on new releases and upcoming novels is to sign up for her newsletter ( or follow her on Bookbub (

Connect with Kristy





Facebook Group:







Text Kbromberg to 77948 to stay up to date on all things Driven movies and new releases

#ReviewBlitz: Shook by @Sonya_Jesus ~ #3stars

Hate made him famous and fame took his sister in SHOOK, Sonya Jesus’ new romantic suspense. This twisted Cinderella retelling brings to life a killer obsessed by a True Crime Blogger and her internet famous crush. Fans of dark fairytale retellings with a splash of crime will love this new adult romance. Part of the Internet Famous Collection, Shook is now LIVE!

Only on Amazon + Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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Hate made me famous. Fame took my sister.

As of midnight on my twenty-first birthday, I became the wealthiest man in America, and my sister went missing. Given her history, my parents insist on saving face in the cruel world of the filthy rich. They’re betting she’s on a bender with her latest boy-toy, but she’s not.

Nola would never miss my birthday, at least not willingly. Something’s not right, and I don’t give a lick about family rules or distracting myself with the fine print on the morality clause. Locking down a future with some random chick won’t find my sister or give me the answers I want.

Though, I rather those answers not come from Norah, the pain-in-the-ass wannabe blogger who is living in my home and insisting on cleaning up my act. Someone forgot to tell her she’s a maid, not a publicist. But when one of her few True Crime subscribers writes to her about my sister, the clues lead us on a hunt for a killer.

What we find… leaves us shook.


Norah hates the Brighton name and everything it represents. She especially dislikes Ledger. He was once a bit of happiness in her childhood, but ever since his family kicked hers out of their home, he’s been her #1 enemy. But, needing funds to finish school, she accepts a job at the Brighton estate, spurred on by the rumors that one of the Brighton sisters is missing and feared dead. When clues start popping up all over, Ledger & Norah form unlikely allies.

Based very loosely on Cinderella, Shook is a twisted whodunnit that left me wondering if I had forgotten to read a prequel or something. I loved the games and twisted puzzles, but I felt a bit confused, especially near the end. New characters and connections were introduced in a rush, leaving my head spinning for a bit.

I recommend it to mystery/thriller fans who love a good puzzle.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


Copyright 2020 @ Sonya Jesus

Butt-ass naked.

That’s how he opens the damn door, dangling ornaments and all. I pry my eyes away and glance at the pig-sty, he calls a bedroom. Clothes are thrown everywhere, books and magazines all over the floor, every surface has a mug, and it stinks. Considering the whole house looks immaculate, I’m wondering what happened here.

Orin clears his throat, which does little to get Ledger to cover up. “Mr. Ledger, can you please find something suitable to cover up with? Norah has taken anatomy; she doesn’t need a study session.”

Accidentally, I snort aloud and quickly cover it up with a cough when both men’s eyes land on me. Ledger rests against the door frame, not an ounce of shame on his two-hundred-pound muscular body.

“The smell,” I offer as a cover-up, “it got all up in my nostrils.” The last thing I need is a lesson on anything from the Internet’s porn star.

“Ah, yes.” Orin raises his hand in the air, inviting me in without Ledger okaying it. “Mr. Ledger has been having issues dealing with his sister’s supposed disappearance. Nine days, I assume, is enough social isolation.”

“Isolation?” I ask the naked man, who has not budged, without making eye contact. No way in hell am I going inside if he doesn’t move. His massive form takes up most of the space—not in height, because rich people have something against normal-sized doors, but in width.

His wide arms are almost unnatural and yet utterly fascinating this up close and personal. The dips and grooves of his pectorals are magnetic, nearly sinking my jaw to the floor when the future-doctor in me counts each abdominal.

For anatomical purposes, I tell myself. Symmetrical. No malformations anywhere on him. Well, except his personality.

Ledger flicks his gorgeous grayish-blue eyes over me before rolling his head and removing himself from the doorframe, turning his perfectly sculpted ass to me as he strolls over to his bed and picks up a pair of dark denim jeans. “You could leave me alone for another few days, O.”

“To do what? Mope around?” Orin picks up a shirt from a folded pile on the desk and throws it at him.

Ledger expertly catches it in the air, flexing his biceps in the process. “To grieve. To deal with losing a sister,” he spits back.

“She’s not dead,” I pipe up as I come inside. There’s no point in dismissing the opportunity of talking to a source.

Ledger stops midway, one pant leg up at his knee, and glares at me. Orin finds my statement intriguing, or maybe he’s just constipated. He kind of looks like he’s holding in a tank of gas between his butt cheeks, and this place smells like methane and decomposition.

“Excuse me?” Ledger clips out, earning me a sympathetic look from the house manager.

“Mr. Ledger—” Orin’s intervention is quickly cut short.

“Has she signed the NDA?”

About Sonya

Sonya’s a nerd—a cool nerd—who loves science, books, make-up and unicorns. She even has unicorn slippers and unicorn plushes adorn her office. It’s not obsession (or so she says), it’s simply an ode to her imaginative side.

She believes in fairytales and in the beautiful things a mind can conjure. She’s a firm believer of empowering the crazy fictional ideas, putting them down on paper (figurative paper because she’s not a fan of writing in notebooks), and letting them flourish into a story. Sometimes that story is about psychos and murders.

Don’t believe me? Ask her in any of her social media. She’s all about those connections.

“There’s so much potential in a dream, not exploring it seems like such a waste of something absolutely beautiful.”

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#ReleaseBlitz: Pretentious Player by M. Piper ~ 4.5 stars

Title: Pretentious Playboy
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: M. Piper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 4, 2020
Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.
When my dad cut me off and locked my bank accounts, my so called life was so called over. Thank god for my uncle Carter who gave me a roof over my head while I figured my shit out. Where does a guy who never worked a day in his life even begin rebuilding? A cheap ass apartment complex, of course. 
Enter Lauren Monroe. We met in an elevator and I felt her hatred immediately…which naturally pulled me in. I latched on to her to teach me the way of the poor, and in doing so I developed something I never felt for a girl before.
Real feelings.
Just when I thought life had thrown me the biggest twist it did, I went and fell for a girl that hated me. But that wasn’t the worst part.
The hardest part was finding out the truth and not being able to do a damn thing about the fallout from it.
Pretentious Playboy is an enemies to lovers romance inspired by Playboy Pilot.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'PRETENTIOUS PLAYBOY The things that PIPER came out of her mouth when I was buried inside of her weren't phrases for Sunday mornings. That's for damn sure. A PIRILLERAN CK HER CLUB PRODUCTION P'

Free in Kindle Unlimited
Image may contain: 1 person, text


Poor rich boy Chris is homeless and penniless in a matter of hours. He can’t quite believe his luck when, on top of finding a new place to live, he has an unforgettable encounter with a woman who seems to despise him on sight alone. Her apparent dislike intrigues rather than repels him, as he finds himself tethered to her in an unexplainable way.

Lauren doesn’t hate Chris – not really. He represents a part of her life she’d rather forget. But as they become closer, she soon realises it will have to be all or nothing at all with him.

A fun, steamy read, Lauren & Chris’ story will keep you entertained and stuck to its pages as they banter back and forth and discover love and life together.

I recommend this book.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Image may contain: 2 people
M. Piper’s love for romance came at a young age when she would steal her mom’s Nora Roberts novels and read them at bedtime. She’s been writing for years and has over twenty romance novels published, as well as a line of co-authored books. Her novels have topped Amazon and iBooks lists in multiple countries. When she’s not pouring her heart into her next novel, she’s playing taxi to her two boys, being a kickass wife to her husband, and trying to keep up on laundry all while holding down a day job teaching tiny ninjas how to read and write. She lives off coffee and smartass remarks twenty-four seven and won’t turn down a good beer or anything that includes Fireball.
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, text that says 'I stared at him then, in that moment, and he wasn't Christopher Collins, playboy millionaire. He was Chris. My poor ass neighbor who happened to fuck better than any of the other guys in Florida. It was in that moment knew was fucked. PRETENTIOUS PLAYBOY M.PIPER'
Image may contain: 6 people, text that says 'COCKY BASTARD STUCK-UP PENEL KEELAND PLAYBOY PILUI STUCK-UP MISTER MONEYBAGS BRITISH PARK AVENUE PLAYER AWARD THBLAEIDERN PRODUCTION Cocky Hero Club A world based on Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward's New York Times Bestselling series THILIEILARN PRODUCTION'