Release Blitz: Love You Like That by Scarlett Cole ~ 4 stars

 Release Date: May 17

Zoe Atkins wanted exactly one thing. To be the world’s greatest percussionist. Instead, she’s on a tour bus engaged in a stupid bet with rock star, Alex King, trying to fill the hole left behind when her dream gave up on her.
The prickly former percussionist wasn’t supposed to steal his heart. With her distrust of lipstick and love of men’s pyjamas, she was everything playboy, Alex, didn’t want in a lover. At least, that’s what he thought when he bet her he could find her a hook up during their tour. Until he’s forced to watch the woman he’s come to desire leave the bar with her perfect guy, taking a piece of his already bruised and battered heart with her.
Now it’s up to the Sad Fridays’ rocker to use his passionate powers of persuasion to convince Zoe he’s more than her wingman. He’s her everything.

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Alex King has everything professionally made – he’s finally playing in sold out venues around London in a band made up of his best friends and family. But he’s lonely; he wants someone to love, but someone who will also understand and love him for who he is – a pansexual. He proposes a bet to Zoe to get her a little out of her shell, but Alex soon realises he wants her for himself.

Zoe is deaf, and has been struggling with the loss of her hearing and what it could mean for her career in music. She’s also fighting against the well-intentioned but suffocating attempts of her loved ones to get her to go back to playing percussion again. A bet with Alex King takes on dimensions she never imagined, as she falls for the man and the rock star. For the first time since her diagnosis, she has someone who sees her, and gives her the space to decide what she’s doing with the rest of her life, while cheering her on.

This book has a high level of emotional depth and feeling that’s packed into it. The dialogue is as real and honest as it could possibly get, in a way that makes you feel as though you’re right there in the room. You can’t help but get swept up in the way that Zoe & Alex get together, especially the way they put each other first.

It was a bit difficult keeping all the names and couples straight, seeing as I haven’t read any of the previous books in the series. However, this book is a very good read. I also loved that it had no over-the-top, unnecessary drama. It was just two people working out their lives together.

I recommend this book.

Meet Scarlett Cole

The tattoo across my right hip says it all really. A Life Less Ordinary. Inked by the amazingly talented Luke Wessman at the Wooster Street Social Club (a.k.a. New York Ink). Why is it important? Well, it sums up my view on life. That we should all aspire to live a life that is less boring, less predictable. Be bold, and do something amazing. I’ve made some crazy choices. I’ve been a car maker, a consultant, and even a senior executive at a large retailer running strategy. 

Born in England, spent time in the U.S. and Japan, before ending up in Canada where I met my own, personal hero – all six and a half feet of him. Both of us are scorpios! Yeah, I know! Should have checked the astrological signs earlier, but somehow it works for us. We have two amazing kids, who I either could never part with or could easily be convinced to sell on e-bay.


I’ve wanted to be a writer for a really long time. Check through my office cupboards or my computer and you’ll find half written stories and character descriptions everywhere. Now I’m getting the chance to follow that dream.


I am represented by Beth Phelan at The Bent Agency, NY.


Connect with Scarlett Cole

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Cover Reveal: Tight Ends & Tiaras by Lex Martin

Title: Tight Ends & Tiaras
Author: Lex Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Qamber Designs
Photo: Perrywinkle Photography
Release Date: July 5, 2022
Football is one hundred percent the focus of my life—until a squawking toddler, with a temper to rival my own, lands in my lap and flips my life upside down.

I’ll never be Dad of the Year. Anyone will tell you that. Except maybe Sienna, my sister’s former roommate, who somehow manages to make my broody ass laugh and sees something in me no one else does.
When Sienna offers to let me and my little princess move in with her, I’m not sure if it’s to help or because she wants revenge on my teammate and long-time rival, who broke her heart.
Either way, I’m game. Because I need to get my ex off my back, and Sienna doesn’t mind pretending to be my girlfriend.
Only neither of us is ready for the sparks that fly between us or the consequences when they do.

What to expect:

Slow burn but steamy!
Single father
Sports romance (football)
Fake dating
Friends to lovers
New adult (seniors in college)
Small town
$3.99 for a limited time!

Lex Martin is the USA Today bestselling author of the Texas Nights series (Reckless/Shameless) and the Dearest series. She writes contemporary romances, the sexy kind with lotsa angst, a whole lotta kissing, and the hot happily ever afters. A former high school English teacher and freelance journalist, she’s lived all over the country but currently resides in her hometown of San Antonio with her husband and twin daughters.


Release Blitz: Fall for Me by J.H. Croix ~ 4 stars

Release Date: February 22

A swoon-worthy firefighter romance from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix!
Problem: My ex is marrying my ex-bestie.
Plan A: Burn the church down?
Plan B: Fake marry my friend.
I haven’t seen Archer since fifth grade. When he shows up in our small hometown and offers to marry me, I don’t ask many questions. I get to salvage my shredded pride and do him a favor.
I only need one thing from him—sell the deal when my ex comes back to town to marry my ex-bestie. Now I’m fake-married to a totally hot guy who needs a wife for *reasons*.
I’m way too cynical to fall for anyone, but Archer’s hard to resist. He keeps telling me we’re just faking it, but trust me when I tell you, there are some things we are not faking.
This was never supposed to be real. Until he whispers, fall for me.
Archer & Phoebe’s story is perfect for readers who love: Marriage of convenience, friends to lovers, slow burn, broody secret billionaire, small town gossip, emotional romance with a dash of angst, plenty of steam and swoon, and a hero with a protective streak a mile wide.
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Two best friends reunite and realise that friendship + love = the best kind of life.

Phoebe & Archer’s romantic relationship begins as a middle finger to her ex who cheated on her with her then best friend, but soon unexpected and strong feelings begin to develop between them. As they figure out how their new feelings affect their renewed relationship, Archer must also lay some of the demons in his past to rest.

I liked that this book was pretty simple, and that there were no extended or elaborate secret-keeping maneuvers. Archer & Phoebe were uncomplicated, easy-to-like characters, too. This slow-burn, yet steamy friends-to-lovers romance is one you’ll enjoy.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet J.H. Croix


USA Today Bestselling Author J. H. Croix lives in a small town in the historical farmlands of Maine with her husband and two spoiled dogs. 


Croix writes steamy contemporary romance with sassy women and rugged alpha men who aren’t afraid to show some emotion. Her love for quirky small-towns and the characters that inhabit them shines through in her writing. 


Take a walk on the wild side of romance with her bestselling novels!

Connect with J.H. Croix
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Teaser Blast: Pinky Promises by Stefanie Jenkins


Pinky Promise by Stefanie Jenkins is coming March 18th! Don’t miss this must read friends to lovers romance!

Here’s what you can expect…

-Childhood best friends 


-A game of truth or dare that will change everything

-Steamy laser tag

-A bachelor auction 


One night. One pinky promise to remember.

Brynn Macallister and Callum “Cal” Murphy have been best friends since before they could walk. His calming touch brings her peace in the stifling society life they’ve grown up in and grounds her like nothing else can.

When that touch turns to more than comfort, it ignites a fire within Brynn she never knew existed. Suddenly the lines of friendship look a little blurry—and neither of them are ready to go back.

But when Cal’s father pushes him toward marriage—to someone else—they’re forced to admit there’s more between them than they’re ready to let go of.

As lies and deceit threaten to unravel them, will they have the strength to overcome it, or will their pinky promises be a thing of the past?

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Release Blitz: Like a Good Roommate by Drea Braddock ~ 3.5 stars

Title: Like a Good Roommate
Series: Oahu Naval Officers Book #3
Author: Drea Braddock
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 13, 2022

A single text blows up my life, destroys the marriage I thought I had, and sends me scrambling to find a safe place for me and my son, far away from my cheating ex.
I need a roof over our heads.
I need a divorce lawyer.
And I need more hours in the day.
What I don’t need is the too-hot-for-his-own-good f*ckboy from the playground befriending my kid and insinuating himself in my life. I’m done relying on other people.
Except that I need a roommate to make ends meet and guess who needs a place to live?
It’s fine. We don’t even need to be friends. And we definitely don’t need to be anything else, regardless of what fantasies I may have in my weaker moments. All I want is to figure out how to stand on my own two feet until my divorce is final and I can get away from this little slice of paradise that has come to represent my own personal hell.
And the pilot with the disarming smile and revolving bevy of girls calling at all hours? He’s a complication, but as long as he can act like a good roommate, I’m sure everything will work out.
Review Graphic

Jamie & Wren become roommates at a time when their individual housing situations change. Jamie bonds with Wren’s son, but Wren has more than a few reservations that have caused her walls to be higher than usual, in spite of her confident-looking exterior.

Jamie & Wren have a good friends to lovers story going on. It’s a slow burn, but I found the pacing of the story realistic, considering what Wren had experienced. We don’t get much about why Jamie suddenly decides to stop being a one-night stand king, but its clear his turnabout was an honest and real one.

The descriptions of Hawaii and the food intrigued me. This is a good read for persons who love their slow burn romances with very little complications.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Drea lives on the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawai’i with her Sailor and their 5 kids. She drinks a lot of coffee, reads a lot of books, has a lot of tattoos, and likes to put people she dreamed up through the emotional wringer before giving them their Happily Ever After.


Cover Reveal: Pinky Promises by Stefanie Jenkins


Are you ready to find out what Brynn and Cal’s pinky promise is?

Pinky Promises is book three in The Promises Series by Stefanie Jenkins is coming March 18th!

Preorder today:⁣


One night. One pinky promise to remember.

Brynn Macallister and Callum “Cal” Murphy have been best friends since before they could walk. His calming touch brings her peace in the stifling society life they’ve grown up in and grounds her like nothing else can.

When that touch turns to more than comfort, it ignites a fire within Brynn she never knew existed. Suddenly the lines of friendship look a little blurry—and neither of them are ready to go back.

But when Cal’s father pushes him toward marriage—to someone else—they’re forced to admit there’s more between them than they’re ready to let go of.

As lies and deceit threaten to unravel them, will they have the strength to overcome it, or will their pinky promises be a thing of the past?

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Haven’t met Brynn and Callum yet? Start the series today with Ruined Promises!

Release Blitz: A Chance for Us by Corinne Michaels ~ 4 stars

A Chance for Us by Corinne Michaels is now live!

My marriage started as a lie.

But some lies are worth telling.

My father’s dying wish was to walk me down the aisle, and I’d do anything for him.

Even marry a man I don’t love.

So when my fiancé jilts me only days before the ceremony, I turn to my college friend, Oliver Parkerson, and convince him to marry me.

My family hasn’t met either man, so I’m confident we can pull this off.

But the feelings, our touches, the way my heart beats for him… none of it feels pretend. The way he holds me at night and carries me through loss tells me he’s not acting either.

I didn’t mean to fall for my fake husband, but real love was the one thing I couldn’t predict.

Except, nothing built on lies can last–I know that better than anyone.

But the truth might tear us apart forever.

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Narrated by: Zachary Webber & Vanessa Edwin



Oliver is used to not being a priority in people’s minds. He’s had to settle for second best a lot, even in his relationships. But when his college friend asks him to marry her after her fiancé jilts her, he finds himself agreeing, even knowing she’s in a desperate situation and might not have chosen him otherwise. But when he begins to feel real emotions in his fake marriage, he wonders if he could actually ever have first place in someone’s heart.

Maren is strategic and a known planner. So proposing immediately to a guy she hasn’t seen in years is so not like her. Yet, it feels right, and she feels right when she’s with Oliver. Though he wasn’t who she originally planned on, she can’t see the rest of her life without him, and she may just find that some chances are to be grabbed before thinking or planning too much.

I enjoyed this read. Maren & Oliver’s story is touching, sweet and funny. The Parkersons are reliable, annoyingly supportive and such a fun bunch. I recommend it wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.


Corinne Michaels is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of romance novels. Her stories are chock full of emotion, humor, and unrelenting love, and she enjoys putting her characters through intense heartbreak before finding a way to heal them through their struggles.

Corinne is a former Navy wife and happily married to the man of her dreams. She began her writing career after spending months away from her husband while he was deployed–reading and writing were her escapes from the loneliness. Corinne now lives in Virginia with her husband and is the emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun-loving mom of two beautiful children.

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Release Blitz: Friends with Benefactors by Willow Aster & Laura Pavlov ~ 5 stars

A hot, wealthy playboy. His sexy, down-to-earth best friend. What could possibly go wrong if they kiss?


Having grown up the baby sister to four brothers and with a dude for a best friend, I know how to read men like the back of my hand.

But when I have a sexy make-out session with Beckham, my best friend, all my intuition about men goes out the window.

We never thought we would cross that line, but omg those lips, his scent, his taste–it’s all I can think about … seriously, he could bend me like Beckham, and I would so let him.

So when he offers a solution to my sexual drought with S-E-X, I have to consider it.



Penelope has always been every guy’s fantasy–sexy, witty, and smart as hell. Let me also mention she’s my best friend, and because of that, I vowed to never, EVER go there with her … meaning I will keep my hands and lips and other body parts to myself at all times when it comes to Penelope Layne Taylor.

But lines become blurred when we kiss and it’s the best thing I’ve ever experienced.




And now all I want is Penelope to be more than my best friend.

She’s unsure we can do this, be friends with benefits … but I am here to prove her wrong.

Game on, Penelope Taylor.

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Beckham & Penelope have been best friends since Kindergarten. They’ve been close in a way that almost defies logic. Beck can depend on Pen, and vice versa. But one kiss blurs the lines so remarkably that the pair are suddenly afraid to trust that their new feelings could be a step in the right direction.

Pen & Beck are both afraid that their friendship is all they can ever have. Deep down, Beck has always loved Pen as more than a best friend, but his model of love and family makes him nervous of finding true and real happiness with Penelope. Penelope is unsure whether waiting for Beck to figure out his feelings is a good idea, but knows that losing him as both a friend and lover would hurt her immeasurably.

This is my first book in the series, and I had so much fun reading it. The Taylor family seems so awesome and fun to be around. I liked the dynamic between Pen & her brothers, as well as Beck’s relationship with them. Everyone around Pen & Beck think they work well together… except them lol.

I really enjoyed this book, and have added the rest of the series to my TBR!

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Willow Aster is a USA Today Bestselling author and lover of anything book-related. She lives in St. Paul, MN with her husband, kids, and rescue dog.

Connect with Willow





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Laura Pavlov writes sweet and sexy contemporary romance that will make you both laugh and cry. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, mom to two awesome almost-grown kids, and dog-whisperer to one temperamental yorkie and one wild bernedoodle. Laura resides in Las Vegas where she is living her own happily ever after. Be sure to sign up for updates on new releases. Laura loves to hear from readers!

Connect with Laura





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Cover Reveal: Just About Over You by Carrie Aarons

Carrie Aarons has revealed the
cover for Just About Over You!

Releasing January 21, 2022

What’s the worst thing you could hear your best friend, who you’ve always secretly been in love with, say? That would be telling another girl he could envision her being his wife.

I just about died when Gannon Raferty, the boy who used to borrow my pencils in elementary school, said that to the lead of the reality dating show he was cast on. Though he didn’t win her heart, he’s now a bona fide sensation when he returns to our college and moves back into the off-campus house we share.

The torch I carry for him has always been one-sided; I’m head-over-heels, soulmate-level into him while he views me as a lovable kid sister. So I decide this school year will be the one where I move on, where I finally attempt to open my heart to another. After all, if he can make declarations of undying love to someone he just met, but not to me, that’s the biggest wake-up call I could ever receive.

Until one night early on in the semester, when we accidentally sleep together. Because of course he’s going to confess his feelings now, when I was ready to give up on there ever being an us.

But just as Gannon starts admitting exactly what I’ve always wanted to hear, I get devastating news. And suddenly, I don’t want to risk losing him as a best friend. I’ve already lost too many people I love, and am on the brink of adding one more to that list.

If our romance goes south, I don’t how I’ll ever come back from it. Not only the crushing heartbreak, but the fact that we can never go back to how we were again.

Cover Designer: Okay Creations


Meet Carrie Aarons

Author of romance novels such as Fool Me Twice and Love at First Fight, Carrie Aarons writes books that are just as swoon-worthy as they are sarcastic. A former journalist, she prefers the love stories of her imagination, and the athleisure dress code, much better.

When she isn’t writing, Carrie is busy binging reality TV, having a love/hate relationship with cardio, and trying not to burn dinner. She lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with her husband, two children and ninety-pound rescue pup.
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Release Blitz: Destined by Susana Mohel ~ 3 stars

Destined by Susana Mohel is now live!

My brother’s ex-girlfriend is off-limits.
She’s forbidden.
She’s a temptress with a killer set of legs.

Destinee’s here, starting a new life in a city where I’m the king.
I made billions, and now I make the rules. And rule number one is I need to make sure my feelings for her stay hidden.
She needs a friendly hand. I need to keep away.
But one taste of those sweet lips, and I’ll fight like hell to lay the world at her feet. Temptation leads to sin… and sin leads the path down to Hades.
But how could I resist? She’s gorgeous.
She’s fierce.
And I’m going to help her shine.
My brother made a mistake. He let her go.
I won’t make the same one.
It’s destined.

Destined is a forbidden-romance standalone, featuring a panty-melting hero and a lot of spicy scenes.
Binge now!

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!



Destinee is a bit confused and lost. Fresh off a breakup, and in an attempt to move her life forward she moves away from home for a fresh start. Instead, she runs into a bit of her past – her ex-boyfriend’s older brother, Martin. Martin is determined to prove to Destinee that his version of love is the one she needs and deserves, but will their happiness come at a great cost?

I liked the Posada dynamic and the way the family interacted with each other. I also enjoyed the banter and dialogue between characters. I liked that Martin was upfront with his intentions towards Destinee. But, I felt as though Destinee was not in a place to be emotionally ready for a new, healthy relationship. The relationship with her ex – as described and hinted at during the book – had a huge carnival of red flags. Sure, therapy is mentioned, but I am not sure the book fully sold the idea of it being a process she would have to work through in stages in order to be a more mature and mentally fit individual. There were a few plot holes, too, that made some parts seem a bit unrealistic.

I was excited for this book, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. It wasn’t as intriguing, steamy or thrilling as I thought it would be.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.

Meet Susana Mohel

Author, wife, and mother of a girl and a puppy. I love the happily ever after. Believer & dreamer. I live in my own world, sipping Ginger Ale and lime. I’m always plotting my next book, coloring pages and reading.

Connect with Susana
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