Seducing the Surgeon: Single Daddy Romance


Love isn’t something I care about. Se* is a thing of the past.

I’m attractive, I’m wealthy, and did I mention I’m famous?

As the top surgeon in America, I can have anything I want.

Any house, any car, any woman, anything.

Anything. Except for the se*y new intern at the hospital.

She’s perfect in every way, but she’s off-limits.

Will that stop me?

I’m Royce Berkle – I don’t follow the rules.


Kayla comes out to LA from Chicago to compete in a reality show starring her childhood crush, Dr. Royce Berkle. It is everything she imagined – plus more, until the cost of fame demands full payment.

This story started out pretty well, but as the plot progressed, I found the storyline a bit unbelievable. I rolled my eyes a lot. Also, it was quite the chore to listen to the narrator, as I found her voice to be rather robotic. Overall, it was just an okay listen for me.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this audiobook.

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