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She’s tired of being the rebound girl.

The Rebound
Lynn Stevens
Publication date: December 4th 2019
Genres: Romance, Sports, Young Adult


Rachel Westbrook has it all: looks, money, prestige. What she doesn’t have is a good reputation.

She’s tired of being the rebound girl.

When her friend Vicky proposes a blind-ish date with Adam Marshall, Rachel thinks she might actually have a chance to turn things around. Then she sees Adam checking out his ex-girlfriend Heather. She knows how to play this game. She’s played it before.

But Adam doesn’t want Rachel to be just his ruse to get over his ex, he wants to help Rachel change her reputation. They make a deal to fake a relationship until they can both move on.

Now Rachel’s falling for an unavailable guy. She focuses on her three-person basketball team to keep her sane as they prepare for a tournament they need to win. Except Adam’s on her mind more than he should be.

Adam opens up to her, and she’s not sure if it’s authentic or all part of the game. When tragedy strikes, can she turn to him for a shoulder to cry on? Or would that only lead to more heartache?

As Rachel discovers things aren’t always what they seem, she has to figure out if what she has with Adam is legit or if she really is just another rebound.





In the beginning, we meet a seemingly self-absorbed, indifferent Rachel who seems to care more about appearances than anything else. As the book continues, however, we see that Rachel has issues stemming from a lack of parental attention. She’s not a typical rich girl, yet in some ways, she is a typical rich girl, as she tends to use her money and influence to move things along, even when it makes others uncomfortable. Rachel hasn’t made many serious efforts to make friends, as she’s afraid of letting people in if they only plan to leave. Adam, she figures, is only a means to an end. She comforts herself with the fact that he’s also using her. As feelings enter their arrangement, she attempts to shut down, which is her modus operandi. When a personal tragedy upends her world, she’s forced to admit that life without feelings – especially love – would be a waste of time.

So, this book was a little hard to follow at some parts. It was obvious before the first chapter was through that you needed to have read book 1 (I didn’t) to be able to make the necessary connections in book 2. Otherwise, it was a typical teenage/YA novel, with a rocky romantic relationship and adult/child tensions as well as peer issues and rivalries.

I loved that there was a consistent sports theme throughout. I only wished we had gotten inside Adam’s head even if only for a couple chapters, or an extended epilogue. We discover a lot about Rachel, but we never really got to know Adam. Otherwise, the book wasn’t a terrible read at all. It just took a while for the plot to move.

I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book. 

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